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Thursday, June 12, 2008 crap

Awww I think someone likes me! Lookie who got a high mention by top nanner herself! I wonder if she grouped us (me and dieks-who btw way is still MIA and Bent and AS-who I believe are no longer together) together cuz she views us as the most notorious BF banned couples of all time or because secretly she really misses all of us? Maybe she's worried all this ban talk might make members rethink the banned forever rule.

Also note (I know parker will) her internalized misogyny at work by listing Bent and myself because we're butch and she views butches as men, before dieks and AS who are merely women. Tsk tsk!



  1. I refuse to go back to Fuck them.

    Peach is a power-tripping douche-bag.

    Looks like banana is too.

    I was put on a time out for two weeks too for having the balls to disagree with "Daddy" Rhon sending an email to the entire membership about her art work being banned.

    Which I thought was a misuse of the mailing list.

    I've never gone back and remarkably I've survived just fine.

    I blogged about it too. :)

  2. I think at this point Eve (banana) is a tad more power tripped than Peach ever


  3. F.Y.I.
    They did in fact quietly and unceremoniously ban me.
    For posting in the female butch thread.
    joectigger/boysenberry is such a sad bastard.
    all the interesting people have left the site.

  4. You got banned???? No way! I'll have to check that shit out!



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