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Saturday, June 21, 2008

boys dont cry, trannys do!

Besides the absolute nonsense of the OP's issues with the clerk and what the OP presumes to be the clerks ignorance of Teena Brandon, the irony is the OP seemingly knows even LESS!

Its interesting how the trans community claimed Teena Brandon as one of their own, even giving her the name "brandon teena", which according friends and family Teena NEVER once used to ID herself as! She's used:

Ruth Laudenschlager
Doris Brandon
Sara Gapp
Christopher Holland
Gina Bartu
Carrie Gross

but no Brandon Teena. This fake name was created by trans activists in order to create a fictional sob story character with which to use in order to gain sympathy for themselves.

Teena Brandon's story has been kept out of the public eye by trans activists because her story actually refutes trannyism, rather than justifies it!

What do we really know of Teena's story as facts? We know she was sexually abused as a small girl for many years, we know she was raped as a teenager, we know she frequently robbed and stole, we know she externalized her previous sexual abuse towards young teen/pre-teen girls once she was an adult(became a child predator herself), we know once she saw her first shrink her internized homophobia (due to homophobia AND to the lesbian couple who adopted her sister's child) was diagnosed by said shrink as GID, we know her shrink NEVER investigated/helped Teena feel good about her lesbianism or make peace with her feelings about her sexual abuse, we know her lies led not only to her untimely death, but the death of several innocents, one being the mother of an infant! We never hear about this woman, a woman who even after Teena stole from her, after discovering Teena's lies, this young mother took Teena in, sympathized with her, empathized with her and ultimaltely died for or perhaps because of her. Yet where's her story? Whats her name? Seems the trans community cannot be bothered with such details of the "cis-privileged"!

Most of the things I mentioned above were and continue to be hidden, ignored and deleted from the general public about Teena Brandon. Unsavory characters dont make for great trans heroines. Her story real or fictionized IS a tragic one.

But not once, NOT ONCE since the trans community hiked her bloody corpse up on its shoulders and trundled 'round with it has the misogyny that abused her has a young girl, raped her as a teenage girl and murdered her and a young women EVER been brought up!

THAT my friends is the REAL fucking tragedy!


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  1. You are cruel.

    Yes, Brandon's story is a complicated one, and Brandon was a complicated person, but to dismiss his gender identity as mere internalized homophobia is callous and, by all accounts, misinformed.

    First, your apparent confusion with Brandon's acquired names shows your shoddy research. He did use the name Brandon, as interviews with past girlfriends and many others verify. Also, Gina Bartu, was one of his girlfriends. Many actually believe that she was his best love. Besides your amateur mix-up with Gina, Sara Gapp was a good friend of Brandon's from Lincoln, not one of his aliases.

    Why are you blaming the death of Lisa on Brandon? Did he shoot her in the stomach and the eye, or did John Lotter and Tom Niessan? The blame you place on Brandon is reprehensible. Yes, he suffered from horrible things in his life, and he did quite a few bad things himself, but that doesn't refute or prove the validity of his gender identity.

    You have the nerve to refute misogyny in one breath and support transphobia in the next? What is transphobia but a consequence of misogyny and patriarchy? Isn't the aim of patriarchy to solidify the power of the male (often rich and white) over the other (women, minorities, sexual others)? What is trangenderism, if not the expression of individual identity, in spite of the powers that be? Patriarchy wants to suppress the transgender community as much as it wants to suppress women and lesbians. Transgender identity blurs the lines; it denies the superiority of any kind (white, black, asian, man, woman, straight, gay, lesbian, asexual, etc.). A truly insightful person would understand that misogyny and transphobia are the culprits in this story, and everyone is the victim. When these tragedies happen, we see that anyone who does not fit into the misogynistic norms is in danger, and that camaraderie between feminists and every group that represents the "other" is needed, including the transgender community.


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