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Saturday, June 7, 2008

BF drama carried over

A friend tuned me into this bit of drama. Seems some of the crew from arent too pleased with Rhon's new website This seriously has to be the worst attempt at trouble making I've seen in ages! I'm of the opinion this looper may be partially tardedo. She started a whole slew of trouble regarding another members(BFD) icon which she claims caused several people to have a

I know its on the warning lable of large screen TVs not to play video games on them because in the rare retard it may (better chance at winning the lotto) cause said tard to have a fit, but a fucking ICON???? I wanna see some stats on that shit!

Any fucking moron (me included) can spy from a mile away this was nothing but drama mongering by this bitch and her woman. One has to wonder if the Mz Chris posse has been put up to it by Mz Chris herself, it really wouldnt surprise me. She's so fucking bitter over the BFmatchmaker thing its Still I have a feeling in the end Rhons going to lose her ass completely over all that shit.



  1. was started, and is owned by Terrie, a femme. She is not just a moderator. She is the webmistress and owner. Rhon actually has nothing to do with

  2. Well thank you for clearing that up. The drama mongering from BF reamins though.



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