Sunday, June 15, 2008

The authenticity of the unauthentic

A good example of a common mistake/delusion(?) made by the trannyism sufferer, masculinity/femininity as performative(doing), rather than masculinity/femininity as they REALLY are; BEING. Also many good examples in the comments (and I didnt post them all) of another tranny delusion, whereby authenticity can be attained through/by unauthentic means/practices/living.

Femininity and masculinity is what we are when we're naked and standing still, not the clothes we wear on our backs, the shoes we place on our feet, the show we're watching on tv, the company we keep, the jobs we work etc.

The OP also seems to have not only many stereotypical idea's of men, BUT very negative ideas, such as the general male is cold/unfeeling/unemotional, rough and tough as well as violent. Based on her wishes to trannify away from her femaleness and based on her specific choices of male stereotypical examples we dont have to look to far to see why she's developed this disorder.


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