fuck a butch up 101

If your a fucked in bean straight bitch who DESPISES women but refuses to date men, then butch-femme.com is the place for you!

I read putrid shit this morning in a thread at BF.com regarding "how butch" femmes like their butches. I know. Horrific! But this is the typical "femme" who inhabits that site. The het privilege is sickening, she obviosuly has no issues with joining/participating in what normally would be lesbian space (butch/femme) even while claiming she isnt a lesbian and isnt turned on by women(of which butch go figure happen to be). And she's dating a woman exactly why? Oh so she can mold her into the "man" her girlfriend was "born to be"! WHAT?????

This is why I warn butches about these fucked up straight bitches, they will fuck a butch up everytime in order to appease their narcissistic hetero inclinations. The butch doesnt matter, she is a means to these womens ends, no more, no less. These women are generally worse misogynists than most men, hands down. Its very likely they take a certain pleasure in destroying the butch as woman/lesbian, most usually are quite homophobic as well, such as this particular woman exemplifies.

Butches? If a "femme" has an issue with your being female in any fashion run for the fucking hills! If she cannot address you as a female, view you as a female or has no sexual desire for you as a female, she isnt femme and very likely isnt gay either.


Dirt wanna be? Dirt Poser? Troublemaker? All of the above?

The above was in my yahoo email box when I got up yesterday. Its one of those activation responses you get when you sign up for a site, only I didnt sign up for this site. From the way my name was typed (the DWB in caps), the time this was sent (after midnight-I was well on my way to dreamland, and as most of you know my pc gets turned off early evening, every day) and the fact that I didnt sign up to be a member there, its obvious someone dirt obsessed fruitcake is trying to fuck with the dirtster (good luck), and by using my actual email account wants me to know it (the shit people do to get me to feature them).

I saved the email because I was going to ask dieks and parker what they thought of it, then plum forgot about it. Then this morning while making my net rounds, I see this at that site: I quickly capped that bitch which was smart because a second later some new person joined. So it seems miss fruitcups applied there again using my name but this time used an email account she can access.

The moral of the story? If you happen to see anything on that site posted under that name or any name resembling mine, in those immortal words of bobbie dylan: IT AINT ME BABE!


WOW! Me, Lucy Ball and Joan of arc are TRANS!

This info is from a recent hand out and a tranny "pride" event. According to this info my granny herself was a tranny, and pretty much every women in family, past, present and future.

I believe this is a combo of a legitimacy tactic and a product of the trannyism disorder. So one the one hand if you can expand a tranny definition to include just about everyone under the sun, trannys then are just like everyone else, sans their disorder and their drugged/mutilated bodies. And on the other hand these ideas/definitions were created through the haze of a severe mental disorder.

Note the extremism in the tranny idea of the "classic men/women". Strictly speaking to the "classic woman" model, there is no question this was written by a male, as the entire list is nothing more than the typical IDEA(male gazed) of "woman", which in reality has little to with actual women. We can also say the same of the "classic man" list.

Its precisely these IDEAS that help to create the tranny disorder in the first place. It is no different for the anorexic who struggles to live up to the current male gaze demands of female thinness, it simple cannot be done. Not without the development of serious pathological body dysphoria.

But until the medical establishment begins challenging the trannyism patient with the reality dosage that the ME does a part of its treatment for most current ED centers, little in the way of actual help/cure will be available for those under the trannyism cloud.


if this person getz banned? its lol I'm sorry!

How many many people have been banned cuz others have mistaken them for me? Ah I wonder...lol

That aside, this comment is from another butch/femme community which mimics BF.com to the point of identical twins, twins included. I've more or less followed it since its creation, you know, journal fodder. Thus far this is the only thing I have found to be journal worthy.

The OP is quoted in the comment, dress here obviously thinks this fruitcake is me. I asure you (my devoted fans) and Dressy (seemingly a devoted fan herself) it is not me.

If in doubt dressy, my IP is, and when using a proxy I use hidemyass, now simply have that checked out with the proper people running the site if my word isnt good enough these days.

I know it must be ever so difficult for you, dressy, to concieve of a butch feeling good/normal/natural about being a female who has one of those nasty gashes between their legs, it must come as an even GREATER shock to find there are more than one of us out there! SCARY!

I'm sure reading this you must feel a bit like henny penny right about now, but that little BF vacuum you exist(by the skin of ur teeth) in isnt an actual butch barometer. So while the sky outside my window will notice nothing, how sad is it that the knowledge of butches enjoying their perfect female bodies may cuz your personal sky to fall.

And since you asked UC believing it to be me "what's it to you if Femmes don't want to fuck a "pussy"?" the me that is me will answer. Because those very same "femmes"(and I'm using that term very loosely here) are the "femmes" seeking to date butches. Butches who due to the sea of misogyny we're all swimming/sinking in already feel unsure, insecure, ashamed and exhausted at having to daily juggle masculinity with femaleness in a world that HATES women. The last thing butches need is to be hooked up in a relationship with another woman who will do nothing but reinforce all those negative feelings/ideas patriarchal heteronormative society has pummeled them with then entire lives!

Home should be a safe haven, not another set of hands holding their head under the sea of misogyny.

As to the "dick" remark, seems a nerve was struck, as you seriously misunderstood my points. Try again.


Sexy BF pics!

A little puppet sent me this link last nightObviously trying to scare the daylights out of me! Personally though I can deal with Evie providing she keeps her trap shut for dual purposes.

I actually found some other photos there much much more frightening! Say like this one:
Keep in mind this is the woman (and I use that term loosely) who ID's as I swear to fuck "HIGH FEMME"!!! Holy H Christ she isnt even LOW femme!

Then there's this bitI seriously dont know which one is worse, granny on top thinking cuz she sprouted a few chinny chin chin hairs (gran? srly shave that shit) after going through "the change" she's a man, or Heart on the bottom thinking nobody knows he's not a man! HELLO! I always had my suspicions about Heart, (even battered women dont hate men that much) but that pic clinches it for me! If Heart isnt a fucking bio male I'll eat someones hat!(dirt doesnt do hats-that pesky ear sticking out issue)

Maybe most interesting though were the pics of Mz Chris's home...

Someone seems to have moved on pretty well! She be living large and I'm not just talking about her ass! Do ya think Daddy's doing as well??? I noticed Chris took down any links to BF-Matchmaker from BF.com, thats gotta smart!

butch-femme.com nutterfuckness

I read a bit of this thread early on, but the misogyny and butch hatred got just a tad too much for the dirtster to stomach. I skimmed through it today and came acrossed this shit. And shit is the only word for it!

Its sickening enough at butch-femme.com that a butch cant simply say/be butch and butch actually mean what it actually means (masculine born female lesbian). No, what kind of butch has to be specified because nearly all butches there who ID as butch demand to be called and treat as men. Mind you we all know 9 out of 10 of them dont practice such non sense in the real world. Hell 9 out of 10 of them arent even butch! But thats another story...lol

Anywhy, the majority of posters to this thread are various ID's of femme, ftM's and stone "male" butches with a slight sprinkling of butches who are being drowned out from the misogyny! So is it a surprise a "female ID'd" butch (do I REALLY need to spell that out?) gets a time out/ban???

This site has ALWAYS been more concerned with numbers(numbers equals money in the pocket) than it has with creating a place for butch/femme women. Hence the rampant perpetuation of internal/external misogyny that daily flourishes there like a cancer flower.

Butch-femme.com was a sad site when I was a regular there several years ago, but in that short time it has because a site aimed at mo' money, mo' money, mo' money even if that means letting men in (which they have/do), perpetuating misogyny (which they have/do), abetting a MAJOR mental disorder (which they have/do) and removing anyone who questions these policies by living/being/writing and thinking there as a true butch/femme (which they do regularly) even though its to the detriment of the actual butches and femmes that make up (our NOT their) community.

But when you put money above people (should they be any different?), something has to go, and go the butches and femmes have.

Special Snowflake Syndrome (SSS)

I wanted to post this because you will see this often in trans communities everywhere. The degree with which the trans person goes in order to try and make themselves into that special snowflake that mommy/daddy didnt, is literally pathological.

Interestingly the trans personage is the first to gripe about labels, lack of labels, too many labels etc yet through their disordered haze most generally will use AMPLE labelage to label themselves! Thats where the pathology of their illness rears its ugly head. In believing they can MAKE themselves special through the use of a myriad of labels/descriptors rather than just BEING special because each and every one of us are, BECAUSE we ARE. Another part of the illness STILL not being addressed by the ME.


Trannyism and its excessive discontent and inconsistencies within trannyland

The constant infighting, discontent, myriad discrepancies and over all inconsistencies within/by the trans community is something exhaustively kept hidden by trans community activists from the medical community as well as the general public.

Despite or perhaps because of their disorder, trans activists routinely scramble to hide these issues for fear of losing any legitimacy trannyism currently has. I think its VERY important to bring what we can only call insanity not only to light, but to the general public/readers. For ultimately it is they (joan Q public) who will eventually stop the ME as it did in the past with Freeman and his mental butchering/murders of the mentally ill. Sadly just as it happened 60-70 years ago, many, FAR too many will come under the knife and the little studied irreversible effects of drugs before the current barbarism is called into question and ceased.

But its coming...


Ran acrossed this at lesbian

Is this hilarious or what! I mean the girl has the banning things fucked up, but other than that...lol! Funny thing is I was scrolling through my flist and I just get tired of seeing these idiot post made at lesbian, I was thinking I should delete that community. Then I see this post!

Really the only reason I've stayed on it, which is good that I had, was because that retarded straight cock sucking "I LOVE THE COCK" MOD likes to try and blame me for shit SHE'S done because she's too fucking retarded to think some of us actually pay the fuck attention to shit! She got her ass shut the fuck up last time she tried that bullshit!

Its been 2 years though and its nice to know a few peepers still miss/remember me!


boys dont cry, trannys do!

Besides the absolute nonsense of the OP's issues with the clerk and what the OP presumes to be the clerks ignorance of Teena Brandon, the irony is the OP seemingly knows even LESS!

Its interesting how the trans community claimed Teena Brandon as one of their own, even giving her the name "brandon teena", which according friends and family Teena NEVER once used to ID herself as! She's used:

Ruth Laudenschlager
Doris Brandon
Sara Gapp
Christopher Holland
Gina Bartu
Carrie Gross

but no Brandon Teena. This fake name was created by trans activists in order to create a fictional sob story character with which to use in order to gain sympathy for themselves.

Teena Brandon's story has been kept out of the public eye by trans activists because her story actually refutes trannyism, rather than justifies it!

What do we really know of Teena's story as facts? We know she was sexually abused as a small girl for many years, we know she was raped as a teenager, we know she frequently robbed and stole, we know she externalized her previous sexual abuse towards young teen/pre-teen girls once she was an adult(became a child predator herself), we know once she saw her first shrink her internized homophobia (due to homophobia AND to the lesbian couple who adopted her sister's child) was diagnosed by said shrink as GID, we know her shrink NEVER investigated/helped Teena feel good about her lesbianism or make peace with her feelings about her sexual abuse, we know her lies led not only to her untimely death, but the death of several innocents, one being the mother of an infant! We never hear about this woman, a woman who even after Teena stole from her, after discovering Teena's lies, this young mother took Teena in, sympathized with her, empathized with her and ultimaltely died for or perhaps because of her. Yet where's her story? Whats her name? Seems the trans community cannot be bothered with such details of the "cis-privileged"!

Most of the things I mentioned above were and continue to be hidden, ignored and deleted from the general public about Teena Brandon. Unsavory characters dont make for great trans heroines. Her story real or fictionized IS a tragic one.

But not once, NOT ONCE since the trans community hiked her bloody corpse up on its shoulders and trundled 'round with it has the misogyny that abused her has a young girl, raped her as a teenage girl and murdered her and a young women EVER been brought up!

THAT my friends is the REAL fucking tragedy!


Some of the reasons Berkeley uses to defend his ideas of idealism are the tree falling in the forest bit. Berkeley claims if a tree falls in a forest and there are ears to hear the falling tree, the falling tree doesnt utter a sound. In the same vein Berkeley believed if one was observing say a table, the table ceases to exist. In order to get around what most would consider wack thinking on his part, he uses GOD (the all percieving) to explain away why the table doest pop in and out of existence. How convenient!

Berkeley criticizes Locke's distinction between primary and secondary qualities by stating there is no distinction between the two. That primary qualities are as subjective to our perceptions as secondary qualities.

Berkeley tells us that sensory ideas are derived from a universal mind (God). Which for him explains how different people can basically percieve the world similarly despite the subjectivity created through the lens of primary and secondary qualities.

I dont agree with Berkely's perceptions when those perceptions are challenged he default to the God position which explains and justifies nothing. I can easily imagine Berkeley were he alive today on the forefront of the ID (intelligent design) movement.


Hume's origin of idea's says that ideas are nothing more than copies of impressions. According to Hume all our thoughts are ideas or impressions. Impressions are sensations, and ideas are memories or imaginings. All of our ideas come to us from previous impressions we've had. Ideas are dim and blurred, but impressions are vivid.

One of the ways Hume distinguished between impressions and ideas was by claiming impressions can be innate, while ideas cannot. He also claimed we can distinguish between the two by the difference of the intensity between both. Such as ideas of memory are more vivid than those of the imagination.

The Copy Principle basically says that every idea is a copy of some prior impression and every impression is copied by some idea is something we can observe. Hume defends this assertion saying that the fact that the impression comes first decides the issue: its the cause and the idea is the effect. One reason for the causal dependence of an idea on impression is that people without the use of one of their senses can never have an idea to that sense. Someone who cant see cant form an idea of red, for example. The belief that impressions cause the existence of ideas was taken by Hume to be central to his treatment of the understanding. "The full examination of this question is the subject of the present treatise" (Book I, Part 1, Section 1).

The missing shade of blue was a story created by Hume to illustrate that its possible for the mind to create an idea without first being exposed to direct sensory experience. If we have a group of colors with a shade missing Hume believes we can form an idea of the missing color by the ideas we already of of the existing colors.

The missing shade of blue is more or less a couter example to Hume's copy principle because in the copy principle if ideas are arsing from impressions, and we have no impression of say the missing shade of blue, how can we fill in that missing shade?

I would agree that Hume's shade of blue is a fair counter example. Our own life experiences informs us that it is possible to fill in that missing shade. We regularly in our daily lives draw conclusions from what we know first hand and then make accurate assumptions about that which we do not seemingly have any knowledge/experience of. If I have worked in a computer related job for a dozen years, then leave that job for a new job still in the computer field, I may not know EXACTLY what that job will entail, but juxtaposing it with my previous experience, I'll have a pretty good IDEA!


This is HILARIOUS! Sometimes I swear I just fucking slay myself!

I sit down yesterday morn, coffee in hand and begin my morning surf. As of late BF is usually my 3 or 4 stop for LJ fodder and lols. I get there, and I see this thread that had been there a few days that I was debating on whether to level or not. It was a thread about "high femme" which anyone but the retarded knows is usually a term straight women who date lesbians use in order to place themselves (can we say straight privielge?) above lesbians. As if their performative (still performing for the male gaze) femininity could possible be degreed over another womens (lesbian).

Anyways, instead I thought I'll make a post there (knowing these idiots would ban the name whether they figured it was me or not) as a butch using similar performative (butch/masculine) exaggerations and watch and lol.(which I did btw)!

Dieks calls me maybe 5 minutes after I posted there. Now in case you didnt know dieks tries whenever possible to be that little voice most people have in their heads (that I dont) that say when doing something stupid, silly, crazy..."DONT DO IT"! At this point it was obviously too late, but when I told dieks and read to her the post she was in fucking stitches!

She HATES HATES HATES that bullshit high femme fake ass non lesbian crap. After we loled, the first thing I told dieks was, "mark my words, by days end as ridiculous as my post is I'll have femme after femme after fucking femme doing/saying anything in an attempt to get my attention aka throw themselves at me"! She agreed!

And sure enough, 99% of the comments were made by single/straight "femmes"! Trying to play those sad, tired old ass boy/girl games with me. You know the "chase me chase me" crap...lol Yeah thats goig to happen...lol

The whole thing has lead me to one conclusion though, the dirtster REALLY is a MAGNUM fucking butch!!! See butches, Plath wasnt exaggerating when she wrote "every women adores a fascist, the boot in the face"!!!

Here's my post....

Here's the last post closing the thread....lol
No doubt had this post not been closed I would have had a whole slew more of "femmes" throwing themselves at my BIG hammer...lol


ftM "success" "top" surgeries

Here are a few samples of the medical establishments "top" surgery success'. What they call surgery, I call by its true name, BUTCHERY plain and simple. The "doctors" performing these butcheries are getting paid anywhere from $5000-$9500 dollars for their talents.

If asked these doctors will say these butcheries were the patients choice, but let me ask you this, if any other person suffering from any other mental disorder in the DSM were to ask a doctor to do thisto them, said patient would be sent by said doctor to the nearest psyche ward. So why is it then "trans" patients are butchered to pieces rather than treated????

The pics I chose here happen to be some of the better more healed pics I've run acrossed. Others are so butchered as to make one stomach turn. And yet these few pic I did choose, are full of horrific scarring, misplaced/mismatched nipples, terrible puckering as well as obvious remaining breast tissues peeping out. As if to say to us pleadingly "I'm still here, I havent been erased, surely you can see me, someone please SEE me"!!!

But through the haze of this disorder these victims see only what they want to see while the doctors butchering them only see dollar signs!

a disgusted dirt

The authenticity of the unauthentic

A good example of a common mistake/delusion(?) made by the trannyism sufferer, masculinity/femininity as performative(doing), rather than masculinity/femininity as they REALLY are; BEING. Also many good examples in the comments (and I didnt post them all) of another tranny delusion, whereby authenticity can be attained through/by unauthentic means/practices/living.

Femininity and masculinity is what we are when we're naked and standing still, not the clothes we wear on our backs, the shoes we place on our feet, the show we're watching on tv, the company we keep, the jobs we work etc.

The OP also seems to have not only many stereotypical idea's of men, BUT very negative ideas, such as the general male is cold/unfeeling/unemotional, rough and tough as well as violent. Based on her wishes to trannify away from her femaleness and based on her specific choices of male stereotypical examples we dont have to look to far to see why she's developed this disorder.


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