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Friday, May 9, 2008

a Mtf gets hit on by a guy and its practically RAPE!

Interesting how a "lesbian" Mt"w" gets hit on by a guy and its all of a sudden "harassment"!! What do you wanna bet if some woman approached things the same way, this post would have never happened? Or if he were gay this post would have never happended, even if he wasnt interested in either. Plain old tranny homophobia, and yet this straight guy will call himself a "lesbian"!

Dont mess with snakey!
Typical male privileged response, clueless that women do actually have to hit a man over the head to get through to them they are not interested. Because male privilege still means women do not have the right to say NO!
Another expert on womens experiences I see!
He's a "woman" now, so its DIFFERENT! Before it was just "boys being boys" now its GROSS cause it could happen to HIM! No homophobia there!
Snakey lets him have
Now we go from the OP not even sure if he was harassed(which he wasnt) to RAPE! Again this is because of the homophibic ramifications of the Mtf position.
WOW! Snakey is a goffer at a law firm so she KNOWS harassment and
The "outrage" is the blatant homophobia through this whole fucking post! THATS fucking OUTRAGEOUS!



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