Wednesday, May 14, 2008

males, privilege and the lengths of denial

This is a partial post, I didnt wanna bore you with capping lame pics of this fruitfly as a fucking kid. That said, I am so fucking sick and tired of these Mt"w"s denying they never had and do not have after trannification, MALE PRIVILEGE. This fruitcake thinks because he went to a womens music fest and took a class or two in womens studies, no only does he NOT have male privilege, BUT he understands what it means to be a woman now! Guy? I got news for ya, if you were born with a peener, you gots da privilege, and that privilege doesnt suddently disappear with trannification. Thats about as likely if I put black face on, sported some FUBUs and declared I no longer have white privilege. Once a man, ALWAYS a man, once a whitie, ALWAYS a whitie, at least have the common curtesy to call yourself on your own shit!


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