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Friday, May 2, 2008

I wanna now be "genderfucked" cuz that "woman" shit is tooo hard!

This is fucking priceless! I'd LOVE to see a realistic stat on how many many many Mt"w"s have untrannified themselves because they found being a "woman" too Its no coincidence when women say "if being a woman were easy men would do it" This also illustrates perfectly my Mt"w" theory! Told ya dirt knew what dirt was talkin 'bout!

The problem these men are experiencing in short is; the idea of "woman" demanded by patriarchal(male) standards/norms which they were/are conditioned with since they sprouted from their mother's vag have now been turned inwards and onto themselves due to their trannification. The patriarchal unattainable "woman" idea is male fantasy at best, but AS men they do not know this and unrealistically struggle daily to reach/measure up to that idea. This OP and comments are what happens when reality begins making itself known, its not pretty, but then again neither are they.



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