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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hairlip Logic -101

This srsly might be the MOST retardedest thing I've read thought up by a trannyland memeber. In other words: THIS TAKES THE FUCKING CAKE! I actually think its hairlip trying to make an out for herself, since she's one of the many many many "trans online".
Let me get this straight, a person can be not only "born in the wrong body(male/female)but you concede can also be born in the wrong body to be "TRANS"???...LOL Hello? 911? Can you send a padded wagon over to 7879 Hairlip Ave and STAT!
Cris? A little heads up, EVERY tranny "romanticizes" the IDEA of being trans! If they didnt, the reality would supercede the idea and no one would trannify.
Hairlip? When Catty is making more sense than you, its time to let go.

Nice way to respect anothers ID there hairlip! What a model tranny you
BURN! Btw, I think I've found hairlips vids, so I'll be posting that shit!
WOW! Thats SOME anger issues you got going there hair! Even thought about anger management? Although you'd probably have to lose to the T. Oh scratch that, ur only a tranny online. Good thing then your not on that shit, you'd likely murder someone. Maybe yoga?

I'm wondering too what she's sooooo fucked up. This sounds like a classic mommy didnt breast feed me case!

Its interesting hairlip concludes all john needs to do is eat a sammy and all will be well, meanwhile the very same thing can be said regarding her BDD/GID. Well hair, if were that simple everyone would be doing it.

The entire thread is nothing more than a tranny trainwreck per usual, with exception to hairlips attacks on poor john and her ED. Its interesting to see how they show thier asses over and over then have the gall to claim "I'm not fucked up"! The proof is in the puddin, and this is Jello city baby! Here is a link to the OP for full comments...



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