Change Your World-NOT your Body

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"girl shaped" and "boy shaped" what about RETARD shaped!

Qrags is no doubt chock full of retards, but good god this one nearly takes the cake! She cant even say male or female for crying out loud! Thats SOME fucked up! And comments I included are just as fucking retarded!! Oh noez, a school that consist largely of hetero a hetero student body coming up and participating in a hetero game for fun! Quick! Someone call the fucking police!

This is the fucking sicking ass hypocrisy I cannot fathom. I'm a butch lesbian, a minority, I wouldnt for a minute expect if I was attending an average school which would consist of average het kids to suddenly change their natures, cease and desist their boy/girl games to suit me party of one! Flirting is fun, its fun to do, fun to be done to and fun to watch regardless of whose doing it. These fucking refucks think the whole fucking world should bend to THEIR particular retardedness just because they're retarded. Based on what I read in these fucking communities everyday I doubt even if the world did, would they be happy. As dieks would say "they would bitch if you gave them a brick of gold because its "too heavy"!!!



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