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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dismantling the assumptions

Regular readers probably get tired of seeing these sorts of post but as a butch lesbian I feel it is important to put them out there. There is a HUGE assumption that ft"M"s began as masculine female lesbians and simply made a "natural" transition to "man" territory. As if masculinity itself is owned by males and therefore we as masculine women cannot be both female AND masculine, we most certainly "should" transition and be the "true" men we were "supposed" to be.

Hence the reason for these posts by an actual masculine female lesbian, which together equals BUTCH, NOT ft"m"! To further clarify being butch isnt something dreamed up in a lab and created by drugs and the hacking off of healthy body parts! One is born butch; masculine, female and lesbian.

The ft"M" community isnt at all primarily made up of ex-butches, it is however made up primarily of non butch(dykey)lesbians(some of which wrongly ID'd as butch) and non masculine straight women. But as long as there are assumptions that it IS made up of ex-butches, you will see me making post after post after post illuminating a reality which begs to differ, until those assumptions are no more.



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