Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BF lies, bull and screencaps

Strictly for shits and giggles and to show exactly what you can do if you spend literally less than 10 minutes with a screen cap(insert whatever IP you want).

This is in reference to a comment below regarding a screen cap that half the community is acting as though came down from the mouth of god therefore it MUST be true! Any idiot(even me) can spend a minimum amount of time(10 min) with a cap and a simple photoshot(snagit)program and have it say whatever the fuck they want and then post it as the gods honest truth. I can believe there are morons out there in this day and age that think a cap is unalterable! These must be the same people that think if they read it on teh webz it must be true!

I am glad to see a few folks there make the point that given the cap is true, it is also out of context and we all know context is as important as truth. How do people know miz chris or miz top banana or P chris herself didnt delete rhons shit first and the caps they've so conveniently displayed for the community to see are not actions in retaliation??

see uncapped post here


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