I wanna be treated just like a REAL girl

Thats the thing with tranny fags(gay Mtf), they bitch and moan they want to be treated just like any other women, then when they are (fucked and dumped/the guy never calls them/treated like shit/etc) they're STILL bitching and moaning! Ever heard of "careful what you wish for"??

They also bitch about the menz being only interested in them because they are trans, well DUH! Straight men do not date other men regardless of whether or not they are wearing their mothers make up and clothes! Therefore the only men who do date tranny men are waayyyyyyyyy in the closet fags who lead "straight" lives. That way they(closet fags) can maintain in their minds if they are fucking/sucking someone who looks like a "women" their delusional heteroism is still intact and of course this in strictly weekend or away at business shit.

So on one hand you have an Mt"w" whose obviously damaged and disordered and on the other a pathologically closeted fag who is just as fucked up, now tell me trannys do you REALLY think a healthy loving long term relationship is going to miraculously spring forth from that combo????


Pathological Narcissism, crossdressing and the MtFs

I've already written about this before in dealing with the Mt"w" "lesbians" and I do plan on soon writting a paper specifically regarding trannysim as a whole, so I wont go into something long and drawn out here.

I will say unquestionably straight Mt"w"s are men who have sexually pathologized dressing in "womens" clothes to the point of trannification. The internet is full of these men, mostly white, mostly middle or upper middle class secretly taking picture after(pathological narcissistic behaviour) picture of themselves in hotel rooms dressed in womens attire with cumrag in hand. The picture taking has as much to do with narcissistic symptoms of their disorder as it does in aiding them in whack off material when they feel they cannot get their "fix".

The ironic thing is, for those cross dresser who completely trannify, the masturbatory reason surrounding their disorder literally get removed when the Mt"w"s have their peens butchered beyond function. As we have seen by the countless posts made by the OP himself. This then creates a whole list of other problems/issues, some clinical some not. Any way you slice it, it makes for a VERY unhappy, unhealthy and very screwed up life with sadly no REAL help in sight.


My Doctor is an IDIOT! or not!

The level of unreality is sooooooo extreem with trannys, logic literally either does not exist or does not compute. I think majority wise its the latter, severe cases the former. I'm sure its by sheer luck this girl has a doctor who will not willy nilly prescribe her drugs that no studies exist for regarding women taking T. I've seen FAR FAR too many doctors who are much more interested in making a buck than questioning how other drugs relate to the HRTs tranny are on.


Canz girlz getz prostate TRANSplantz???

I'm not really sure what I find more scary, given the net for all intents and purposes regarding info is one's oyster. Is it more disturbing that there are maladjusted folks so mentally ill as to actually believing they are someone else, or with the wealth of info at ones fingers tips these same people are asking whether or not its possible to get a prostate TRANSplant?? You be the judge!


I think Tranzutopia is back!

Too much to highlight, too much to comment on and too lazy to do it at the moment so I'll just leave you with yet another nutter tranny post! And folks this one is a doozie! I'm really thinking its seriously fucking Tranz! (note the mafia crap, molestation crap and akin to famous people crap, all Tranz signs)

A few of the comments, its pretty bad when even the other nutters think ur NUTTZ!


ps if ya never had the pleasure of knwoing Tranz utopia, he had ED cred!

The difference between virtue and pornography

Plato begins his dialogue Meno with Meno questioning Socrates as to how one goes about acquiring virtue. Through a few questions and answers and a bit of playing dumb Socrates says to Meno that before the answer to Meno's first question regarding how one obtains virtue, they surely must define exactly what virtue is. Socrates continues with his playing dumb ploy and says to Meno that he doesnt know and could Meno define virtue for them both.

Meno believes he can define virtue and sets about giving Socrates various examples of what he believes virtue to be. Meno believes there are different virtues for different people such as virtue being different for a man as opposed to a women or people of different ages or a master or a slave. Socrates counters this by juxtaposing Meno's "swarm"(23) of virtue examples with something else which swarms; the bee. Socrates utilizes the bee metaphor leading Meno to agree that this swarm of seemingly different virtues are similar to the swarm of bees which really are not all that different. Socrates then asks of Meno what exactly is it that these different virtues share?

Meno then suggests to Socrates that virtue is the ability to rule over people. Socrates counters this with reminding Meno that earlier he had said that virtue is different for different peoples, men, women, children, slaves etc, and that surely it cannot be virtuous for slaves or children to rule as well as virtue requires justice and not all rulers are just. At this point Meno tells Socrates that virtue is justice. After a little more leading by Socrates, Meno believes that justice is merely "a virtue"(24) rather than virtue itself.

I feel Socrates' dismantlings of Meno's virtue claims are fair and spot on. From Socrates' conclusions regarding virtue's inability to be precisely pinned down, perhaps Socrates could agree with my juxtaposing virtue with pornography in that I might not be able to define it, but I know it when I see it!

Descartes: from doubt to existence

In Descartes' first Meditation he utilizes hyperbolic doubt aka the method of doubt in efforts to bring him from doubt to true belief. This method of doubt is ultimately the primer for his second Meditation where his famous "I think, therefore I am" derived.

Through this doubting in Meditations I, Descartes suspends sagacity regarding all beliefs which he feels might contain even the slightest bit of doubt. He readily admits though that this suspension does not apply to every specific thing that pops into his head as that would be impossible. Instead he suspends his beliefs regarding broad classes of knowledge such as the senses or arithmetic.

Descartes uses as an example of his doubting senses by use of the optical illusion of a reed in a pond appearing bent, yet if we pull the reed from the water we find it to be straight as an arrow. How can the senses be trusted when they decieved us thus so? He also employs the doubt he believes to be false from the insane who believe what they see/think to be true; such as the insane believing themselves to be "kings"(47) or that the insane has a "pumpkin"(47) for a head etc. He then throws into doubt whether or not he is sleeping or awake, since he believes he has had dreams which are similar to what he belives is his waking life, therefore how does he distinguish one from the other, awake or dreaming??? He further tosses a wrench into the mix by doubting God's existence and pondering whether some "evil genius"(48) has deceived him and all he holds to be real/true "the earth, colours, figures, sound"(48) to be illusions.

This method of doubt is Descartes jumping off point for the second Meditation. Descartes is reminded of Archimedes when he stated he could move the entire earth if he had simply a single fixed point with which to start. Descartes wishes to accomplish the same with regards to having one fixed certainty. He ponders if through the sheer act of doubting he has fixed a certainty regarding his existence. He then speculates whether some god or other has placed all these doubts(meditation I) in his mind in order to deceive him. He concludes that even if this were true, his being deceived assures him that for deceiving to occur he must be something, he must exist, of that he has no doubt. He says "that after having reflected well and carefully examined all things, we must come to the definate conclusion that this proposition: I am, I exist, is necessarily true each time that I pronounce it, or that I mentally conceive it". In the end we are to understand that according to Descartes Meditations I and II everything we know we know through the mind first, and the thing itself second, therefore we cannot know anything better than we know our minds.

Descartes reasonings for such a conclusion is not very convincing. A doubt of our own we can bring up is why was Descartes so sure HE was sane? The only examples of insanity he gives us are of extremes. Because he can think therefore be, doesnt at all convince that there isnt a diaphanous curtain from floor to ceiling between himself and himself and/or between himself and that which is outside of himself. Function doesnt necessitate sanity or a clear unclounded mind. Descartes does not go about proving his lucidity (and we've all seen enough Twilight Zone reruns to know the near impossibility of that) and having no proof or examples of proof of the thing that thought "I am, I exist", I'm of the opinion that Descartes Meditations could go the way of the baby/bathwater.

Eeny Meno, miny Plato (ignore)

Meno is an early Socratic dialogue written by Plato. The dialogue consist of four characters; Meno, Socrates, Meno's slave boy and Anytus. Plato employs the Meno character to create a philosophical paradox and in turn employs the Socrates character to disprove Meno's conundrum aka Meno's Paradox or the Paradox of Inquiry.

In short the Paradox of Inquiry is this: Can we know that which we do not know? If we do not know, how can we begin to know because we do not know, therefore we have no jumping off point for the beginnings inquiry? And if we know already, there is no need to know.

Plato begins Meno's journey towards this paradox by inquiring Socrates to tell him through what method virtue is obtained. Can virtue be taught/learned? Is virtue obtained through practice? Can one be born virtuous? Or does man incur virtue through other means?

Socrates playing the fool tells Meno he does not know the answer to how one aquires virtue or what virtue is. He then asks Meno if he knows, to which Meno generously provides him with several examples. Then through a series of pointed leading questions (socratic method) Socrates picks apart every example Meno provides bringing Meno full circle from a place of believed knowledge to a place of Meno admiting his also knows not what virtue is. Socrates then suggests to Meno that seeing how they now both seem to be in the same boat, that perhaps they should travel together inquiring after virtue. Meno takes this opportunity to pose an aporia (his paradox of inquiry) into Socrates' suggestion of inquiring further.

To answer or perhaps defy Meno's paradox, Socrates applies his theory of anamnesis. Anamnesis according to Socrates states that every soul being immortal/eternal naturally gains knowledge through the experiences of a lifetime only to forget this knowledge from one life to next because each and every new life begins with a tabula rasa. But by the right questions being asked, we can recollect from a past life/past knowledge that which we believed ourselves not to know in this life.

Socrates then uses Meno's slave boy to illustate just how one can know that which one doesnt know. Socrates elicits through specific questions to the slave boy, the boy's geometric knowledge of a square despite Meno's assertion that the boy had no such knowledge or teachings of geometry.

Socrates concludes that virtue, like knowledge comes to us from eternal truths. I dont feel his conclusion acceptable, because he merely employed other worldly means(that which cannot be questioned) as a way to side step Meno's Paradox.

Whether we realise it or not, all of us deal with Meno's paradox daily. There is a knock on our door and for a brief moment we wonder that which we do not know (whose knocking?), and we solve this riddle by answering the door. Probably one of the most important aspects of our civil society that employs the socratic method to a meno paradox is our police force. They daily question witnesses and potential witnesses drawing out that which they (thought) they did not know. At first question a potential witness to a crime may say "I saw nothing". But after a series of pointed questions, they find they knew the color or make of the get-away car, the ethnicity of the perp, what the perp was wearing etc. The knowledge with which we answer the riddles of our daily lives may not come to us through eternal truths/souls, but like Meno's slave boy through questions and answers.

Dismantling the assumptions

Regular readers probably get tired of seeing these sorts of post but as a butch lesbian I feel it is important to put them out there. There is a HUGE assumption that ft"M"s began as masculine female lesbians and simply made a "natural" transition to "man" territory. As if masculinity itself is owned by males and therefore we as masculine women cannot be both female AND masculine, we most certainly "should" transition and be the "true" men we were "supposed" to be.

Hence the reason for these posts by an actual masculine female lesbian, which together equals BUTCH, NOT ft"m"! To further clarify being butch isnt something dreamed up in a lab and created by drugs and the hacking off of healthy body parts! One is born butch; masculine, female and lesbian.

The ft"M" community isnt at all primarily made up of ex-butches, it is however made up primarily of non butch(dykey)lesbians(some of which wrongly ID'd as butch) and non masculine straight women. But as long as there are assumptions that it IS made up of ex-butches, you will see me making post after post after post illuminating a reality which begs to differ, until those assumptions are no more.


Snappy shmappy

I just recieved this in an email. The party in question believes they're talking about me, which they could be. If in fact they are, its hilarious! Why hilarious you ask the dirtster?

Cuz once upon a time ulibuli use to date this shmappy chick, shmapps even lived with ulibuli for a spell. Little shmapps got a tad jealous when ulibuli developed a small crush on the dirtster. (who can blame her right?) I believe said crush also had a smidge to do with their breaking up. All in all though shmapps seemed like an okay gal who never had a thing to worry about regarding me recipricating ulibuli's crush. And not to be a dick or anything but come on, me date someone 10 years younger and 3 1/2 foot taller when I'm 5'7" as it is???? Not too likely. But we were friends or so I thought for a bit, had a few laughs and some cheap leo's dinner food till I found out through dieks ulibuli had a gapping hole in her lip. And we all know "loose lips sink ships", friendships that is.

Add to that(which I had forgiven) both ulibuli and dressy found out I was chatting up dieks, well that was that! I was then the enemy of both and have been ever since...lol Hmmm guess ulibuli wasnt the only one crushing! The REALLY funny thing though, right towards the end of ulibuli's and my friendship, right before her or dressy knew I was dating dieks, she made a complete break with shmapps. Guess who was the FIRST femme at BF that shampps hits on in a private message????? Go on I said, guess! DEIKS!!!!!!!!...lol

Obviously shmapps is out of traction and back in action at BF! Good luck to her, cuz the choice of good femme there is NIL! Personally I think I snagged the last one! And fuck, she hangs up on me at least twice a week!


Hung like a Snuffleupagus

More idiots taking drugs who have no clue what effects said drugs actually cause. And the medical establishment is doling these drugs out to idiots why?


Trannyism aka A Special Kind of Stupid

While a great deal can be attrubuted to their (trannys) disorder/s one can seriously only give so much leeway before one concludes: STUPID!

The world that surrounds every single child is teaming with sex/role cues and like the tiny little sponges that they are, they absorb. Note, I said absorb, NOT process, after all they are children.

I have a handful of small nieces and nephews, who call me "aunt lynn" on the one hand yet use "he/him" pronouns on the other, despite corrections from adults. When Nash asked Mad why she calls me "he" she said cuz "he has short hair like daddy". These (hair/dress)the simple cues children use to assess others sex with. Its strictly about stereotypes and majorities, in time as they mature, that may change or it may not. I think for familys that have masculine women and feminine men in them, it changes.

But simply because this little boy called this fruitcake "uncle" doesnt at all mean he viewed said fruitcake AS a male. I would wager she was/is addressed as "uncle so and so" by the mother and others in front of the boy, he is then is to take that cue given by adults and go with it. Obviously as he is maturing he is seeing/sensing miss fruitpie as the female she actually is, and not the role she is portraying.

The real stupid for me though is her use of this boys purported "gender issues" as reason why he's addressing her actual sex. Infuckingsane! Given the ignorance this mother has of this disorder(trannyism) one can only pray this boy isnt trannified by the parents as sadly is becoming the case for some children. Its obvious miss fruitpie is just as ignorant of trannyism in males because she's assuming because he likes dolls or feminine things he may be "trans". When any moron knows statistically male trannys are rarely feminine and generally grow up as typcial boys with typcial boy behaviors.


BF lies, bull and screencaps

Strictly for shits and giggles and to show exactly what you can do if you spend literally less than 10 minutes with a screen cap(insert whatever IP you want).

This is in reference to a comment below regarding a screen cap that half the community is acting as though came down from the mouth of god therefore it MUST be true! Any idiot(even me) can spend a minimum amount of time(10 min) with a cap and a simple photoshot(snagit)program and have it say whatever the fuck they want and then post it as the gods honest truth. I can believe there are morons out there in this day and age that think a cap is unalterable! These must be the same people that think if they read it on teh webz it must be true!

I am glad to see a few folks there make the point that given the cap is true, it is also out of context and we all know context is as important as truth. How do people know miz chris or miz top banana or P chris herself didnt delete rhons shit first and the caps they've so conveniently displayed for the community to see are not actions in retaliation??

see uncapped post here


BF bish in urgant need of a wahmbulance!

While its nice to see 4 years later I'm still being talked about with a really sweet emotional high mention by whiney..errr...Toughy, the "racist" fucking remark is a tad much. Its never been a goal of mine to win friends and influence people (although I am often do both), if you dont like me fine, I dont sweat it. If ya think I'm an asshole, 9 times out of 10 ur probably right, but dont blatantly fucking lie as to why you dont like me or why you think I should/have been banned!

I'm mean for crying out loud, ME? Racist? NEVER! Good god not only am I dating a fucking wetback, I have black friends!!!!!! Sheesh! Oh and toughy? In the real world where people actually have a sense of humour, thats called a JOKE!


Mtf "transmisogyny" wankage!

Largely this is yet another Mt"w"s oblique attack on the MWMF, by attacking a regular MWMF performer. Mt"w"s merely use the patriarchal derived "transmisogyny" term because it is their way to reclaim some of the external losses of some of their male privileges. Their anger over this manifest itself like the anger of most men in attacking/abusing/threatening/questioning women(misogyny). In this case it is by demanding rights as bio men who are performing the male gaze idea of "women" as justification to the entry into womens spaces.

Given that even within the patriarchal idea of "women" physical violence is frowned upon, (not that it isnt often threatened), Mt"w"s will use attacking tactics such as getting in the faces of women patrons, pulling their cocks out and waving them at women patrons, threatening women patrons with physical violence and/or rape, playing loud hate music in hopes of drowning out women performer, questioning womens rights to have rights, in short any means possible they can use without actually getting physical in order to sabotage the performer/s/show/s.

In a nut shell that exist within patriarchy, some old song and dance. Men EVERYTHING, women nothing.


aki flips his shit!

Mr fruitcup here loses what little he has of his mind, because I made an accurate comment regarding his g/f, under a friends sock. So he whines to the MOD of the community to make a post about "trasphobia", then makes a bunch of wild accusations about me (none of which he nor anyone else can corroborate) in a comment. Can we say BUTTHURT!


Mtf retard

Mt"w" male privileged bullshit! This guy is unhappy with his g/f because she as a typical het woman attracted to typcial het guys, has a problem with her b/f for trannifying, how dare she! SHE should be the one change for her man and screw that bitch if she doesnt! Uhhh right. I love the convenience Mt"w"s take to employ their male privilege. They're are all about how much they're just like any other woman, until the patriarchal powers they were born with is threatend, then the dress comes flying off at record speed!

Well as a woman, a masculine woman even, I have to say it must be nice to not only have that convenience, but expect it too.


More "am I trans enough" whine

These have to be the LAMEST out of all trannyland posts, the "am I trans enough" wank. It really makes no difference what a person does to themselves, you cannot change your birth sex, its really that simple. So having your peen and ball sack mutilated into a hairy body cavity isnt going to change that. Just saying.


ps I've quite upset that someone stole aki's icon, I think he should report this to a MOD...lol

Insanity aka tranny lojic

Since I've previously written on the whole Mt"w" lesbian thing, I wont go into it here and simply leave you with the comments I've made on the posts themselves.


I think Johnny might have some competition!

More from the "Trans...the new Goth"!

Personally I could give a fly fig if this goofy eyed chick wants to fuck around with her clothes, ID, sexuality even, she's young and most young people go through a few years of this shit in some way shape or form. BUT, yes there's a BUT, BUT when a greedy heterocentric white misogynistic patriarchal medical establishment doles(for a price) out drugs and butcheries to these young people I have a real fucking problem with it!

Yet this is precisely what is happening all acrossed 1st world countries, ESPECIALLY in those who have national health service where the medical establishment can bill and bill and bill and bill tax payers for the lifetime(HRT) of every trans person there! Its no surprise there is a larger population of trans "treated" in NHS countries.

Thats at least a plus in the US, especially where the young are concerned. Gives them a chance to go full circle from experimenting with their young identities in a healthy way without the horrors of mind/body altering drugs and permanent disfigurements due to an ignorant uncaring and money hungry medical establishment.


Doing my part!

Dear Fruitcup,

Since the dirtster gets quite a few regular readers (who knows, maybe ur parents too), I'll be ever so kind and post ur OP here and save you all that trouble of "coming out"(more gay/lesbian co-option)! Now you dont have to slink around the house sport those knickers you skammed from your mothers undie draw, you can wear those babys OUT and PROUD! Ur a BIG BOY now, lets act like it!


nipples on ribcage!

Sine no one really answered the OP, howz about I give it a shot. You're a dude, unless you're a hoss or wind up a hoss all ur getting from HRT is nipples on ribcage. Hope that helps! And remember any more foolish tranny questions feel from to ask the dirtster!


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...