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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another STRAIGHT ftM!

This came to me by way of mail today, I'm only posting a snippet of it that I feel is pertinent to trannyism/ft"M"ism. In context its an explanation of why this couple broke up, I'll leave the OP's name out of it. The ft"M" in question was going by the name colinftm the last I knew, although she could have changed that by now. Dieks and I encounted her about 3 years ago online and pegged her as a straight chick back then. A self described victim of child sexual abuse, it was simple enough to see conversing with her regularly how she went from CSA to trannysville. She went the route of many CSA victims and decided (note NOT born) she was a "lesbian". When that didnt work for her, she changed course and decided the couple of lesbian relationships she had failed because she's REALLY "trans"! Still denying her heterosexualism she was in this particular relationship when she started taking T. Obviously the T boost to her sex drive drove her back as it does to many ft"M"s right smack into the arms cocks of men! It seems with many (straight) ft"M" CSA victims rather than deal with their past issues, confront their feelings of powerlessness its easier to try and find equality with males by attempting to become one.



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