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Monday, April 7, 2008

and it keeps getting better and better!

What does any of this mean? These are screen caps of dieks old account at, as well as mine and parkers. These were capped last night, so the "yesterday" indicates saturday. Now dieks and I have been banned from there with no access for over 3 years now, and Parker by happenstance realized she wasnt banned when she tried to log in and was able to. Hence the HILARIOUS post she made in that gadfly thread. Note Parker made that post at 5:03pm, note the time on this cap of when she last accessed her account there: 9:35pm! She was banned immediately after making that sole post at 5:03pm. All three of our accounts where logged into (probably by GUMS) and EVERY post/comment the three of us EVER made, GONE! DELETED!

This is a warning to ANY member on that site or any person thinking of joining that site, it doesnt matter if you go against the "TOS", what matters is if you go against the queen and her current cronies(cuz that changes too...HI Dress!)!!!


ps I was thinking about after they banned parker(which I get), they also banned some other member. Now they (and by they I mean GUMS) said they banned her/hym not for going against the "TOS" but because what sounds like to me, they thought she/hy was parker as well. This is the person that posted the link I posted earlier today about brainyfemme, which clearly shows GUMS is in fact a bitter bitch, favorites are given free passes, and none of the "cool kids" give a fuck about community etc etc. I bet because this other person was nosing around, they thread stalked her/hym and were concerned she/hy would post more incriminating shit! Its obvious from reading over some of the silence thread this morning, the croud did get riled again! Cant have that, BANNED!


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