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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm a girl and I woke up a...GIRL! EEKS!

The constant doubts do not surprise me at all, the fact that some are publically admitting those doubts however, are! For posterities sake I capped the OP and a handful of the comments, in case the public post just happens to go underground.

These fears and doubts are the feelings the trans community does NOT want the world to know/see! I personally only know of a couple of WAY underground places for where the transitioned, admit to detransitioning. Its a very hush hush/no no situation in trannyland, and generally if a trans person realizes their mistakes and as best as they can, depending of course on the length of their transitional phase, converts back to their natural sex, if/when this is brought up in a community or forum said ex-trans person immediately gets attacked and ousted as someone who wasnt "really trans" to begin with by the "open minded" trans communtiy.

Thats the thing with trannyism, even after a trans person comes to the realization that they made a mistake, most are pressured to keep up the lie. Trannyism is a disorder BASED on lies, lying to ones self and lying to others. After years of drug use, butchery, and "I'm this because I say I'm this and I know I'm right", how then does one admit to being wrong? There are the feelings of letting down a community that supported their disorder(because its disordered its self), saving face to friends and family, job/school situations, in many respects its more difficult going back. Which is why we publically hear so little of those who have, NOT because there are so few, BUT because it is sooo difficult. And the all encompassing trans community does nothing to aid those folks and EVERYTHING to distance themselves from those folks as well as shut them the fuck up.



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