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Thursday, March 20, 2008

ft"m"s and their female privilege

Let me get this out of the way first before I get into my main point for this post. Why is the medical establishment doling out drugs and cosmetic surgery to individuals who dont even know the most rudimentary aspects of the sex they are choosing to alter themselves?

Now on with the points! There are enough documented cases where the trans community (so far as that can actually exist given the pathological narcissism that pervades trannyism) has shown its poorly applied make-up face at the 12th hour unrealistically expecting/demanding their disordered voice to be heard. Is it a sheer coincidence that politically the trans community is always too little too late? Then the minute something doesnt go their perceived way, since they have attached themselves to the GLB, they instantly BLAME the GL for not properly representing them and their particular issues!

The issues surrounding the armed forces that have had gays and lesbians fighting for over half a century should have an interesting impact on the trans community in the very near future. This is one you will NOT see the trans community involving itself in at that late hour, or any hour for that matter. Despite gayism being banished over 30 years ago from the DSM the Pentagon still classifies gayism as a mental disease in order to keep gays and lesbians out of the military(its not working btw). Which in effect has much more to do with misogyny than gayism itself, but thats another day. Mental defect (and they would be right on this one) is also the reasoning behind the militarys policy against allowing trannys into the military as well.

Considering how far gays and lesbians have come personally and politically in the last 10 years alone, I think its safe to say within the next 10 years legal marriage and legal status in the military (especially since DADT has not only failed but wasted an absorbent amount tax dollars) are a given. While legal marriage will have some federal impact, legal military status will have a much GREATER federal impact that will trickle down to state laws and policies that will effect the average gay and lesbian in the street (for the better).

How will this effect the trannified? Simple, since the T attached itself to the GLB, once military policy has changed regarding the LGB, the T will also be affected with the same legal standings. Which means ft"M"s who legally change their F status to a legal M status will be forced by US law to sign up for SS from ages 18-25 like any other male, and if by some horrific circumstance the draft is enacted like the men they claim to be, they too will be eligible. When this happens watch the huge tide of ft"m"s waiting until they are 26 to legally change their sex status! You KNOW I'm right!

To the OP and all self ID'd ft"M"s, if you are not willing to be a male in everything that entails and willing to stand up and fight for everything that entails, good, bad and ugly, then shut your fucking pies holes about how ur a "guy" like any bio guy! Aside from the fact that that will ALWAYS remain a natural impossibility, even superficially you still conveniently run back to your natural sex when difficulties that males have to deal with arise. That my dears, is female privilege, something men do not have, ie; ur not men!



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