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Friday, March 21, 2008

the exception or the rule?

Given that one in four females are molested as children this post isnt at all surprising, sickening yes, but NOT surprising. What I find more sickening is the number of self ID'd ft"M"s who claim to have been molested and are STILL issued drugs and the legal butchery of their bodies by the medical establishment! One simply has to take a 30 second stroll through any ft"M" community here or elsewhere before one comes acrossed a post regarding a member/s having been molested as a girl. One doesnt exactly have to leap in order to conclude that the body dysmorphia has EVERYTHING to do with the females feelings of powerlessness and NOTHING to do with the non sense of being "born in the wrong body". Add to that the perpetuated lies purported by the patriarchy to ensure male power that males rape, males do not get raped and we have a perfect case of ft"M"ism. A female is abused, the female blames herself(blaming male/s equals the risk of losing the male gaze/male approval, a no no under the current patriarchal regime)/body for the abuse, patriarchal society teaches us female equal weak/penetrable, male equals strong/impenetrable/female reasons she can alleviate her fears and mind/body split by changing her sex to that of one society deems strong/impenetrable, male. Is that so difficult for the medical establishment to comprehend and treat accordingly? Or is there more to gain financially from the current "treatment"? Hmmm...



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