Thursday, March 13, 2008

a case for trannyism

Since I'm a lazy fuck I didnt read this one, when I asked dieks to find me something for this morning, this is what was in my So I guess I'm posting it after all! Upon actually reading it, I see her reasons for singling it out.

Much of it IS classic ft"M"ism. Why ft"M"'s and not general trannysim? Simple, while there is a multitude of ingredients that go into the tranny recipe, like any recipe along with a pinch of this and a dash of that there are primary ingredients. In the case of the general hetero Mt"w" which make up the majority of males who transition, their primary ingredients are quite different than the female transitioner. While both are subject to male gaze issues(arent we all), Mt"w"'s on the other hand are driven by them. The male transitioner's transition revolves around one of the primary male trans ingredients; masturbation. His male gaze informs his patriarchal idea of "woman", all the while masturbating in, on or around "womens" clothing. In laymans terms, female transitioners do not don masculine clothing in order to please their pee pees.

That said on with the OP...The post consists of a handful of scattered memories along with the pathological "shame" surrounding the OP's body from childhood on up. Aside from the obvious sadness that one gleans from the OP's loss of self as she regularly looks back at school pictures, this stands out like a ton of bricks "I finally excepted myself as I was, and not as I felt I had to be". Here is the tranny delusion then, that the after product is confused with being the authentic self, in the end she STILL hasnt excepted herself, but a manufactured idea, based on what she "felt" she "had to be".


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