This is a screencap of an email that I opened this morning from CHRIS (auntysarah) most likely bugged itself. At first I was simply going to ignore this and move on but when my bank called me an hour ago because "someone has tried to illegally access your account miss XXXX",thank GOD I have all my shit on flag due to a fucked up ex. The bank has put a trace on this, but obviously these people are quite technical and crafty. Therefore I'm putting this out there as a warning for anyone dealing with this particular group of individuals: (auntysarah,alicephilippa,cyberspice,zoeimogen,the_local_echo)there may be more, also anyone who considers joining any trans, feminist or genderqueer communities anytime soon.

These are the lengths these KRAZYS will go, just to scare and silence anyone who doesnt completely support or go along with the tranny insanity. Obviously the "bugging" is why CHRIS(auntysarah) deleted his comments yesterday, so LJA couldnt trace anything back to him and he could have a laugh emailing me this info. I laugh back at his flub of thinking some tranny was Parker and banning the dude by mistake, no skin off my back and one less tranny in trannyland! That little LOL aside, please be careful and I'll keep everyone posted if my bank comes up with any names or arrests.


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