and do we really have to ask why people develop trannyism?

Sometime yesterday and I'm too lazy to check, some young lezbo made a rant about the Lword and tranny crap, this ended up at stupid free because the heteros KNOW soooo much about the tranny's didnt ya know! This later ends up with this convo at sf_drama about what is a women, which its a no brainer that none of them could come with anything resembling an intelligent answer. Sadly no lulz follow because the retardedness and ignorance are too sickening to lol at, it does however lend volumes of credit to everything I write regarding why trannyism develops.
You wouldnt believe how many moronic fucks thought this was a "great quote"! WHAT? You've got to be fucking kidding me right??? I seriously hope this person isnt paying for that shit! If this idiot said that shit to me, the first thing out of my mouth would have been "and WHO determains THAT"! HELLO!
I'd fucking LOVE to see this prize order themselves a bigmac and mcD's and see what they say when they get a fish sandwich instead! "sir sir I ordered a big mac", "we're out of big macs but we have plenty of fish sandwich's"..."I dont want a fish sandwich"..."big mac, fish, they're just words"! WORDS represent specific things, they are NOT arbitrary! Without the mutual cohesiveness and understaning with which we use words to communicate, we'd be living in fucking Babel. Also with this comment note the het privilege.
And the as-close-as-you-can-get-to-a-mongoloid-mentally award goes to! If someone isnt *insert word here*, than explain to me how exactly would someone KNOW what *insert word here* "feels" like! I seriously feel like a jesus christ, woot, now pray to me fuckers cuz I'm JESUS!
Thank GOD we have the left over neanderthals to educate us on what makes one "girly"! *note to self take back all bath products purchase for brother's upcoming bday, cleanliness equals "girly"!
Ummm no you got lucky that your mind/body matches society!
Interesting, not only is she adopting the ever misogynistic "cis" bullshit but she is saying she "presents" as a butch loving feminine lesbian. WHAT?
Here's a doozie, this is the inernalization of the male gaze to the ten power! She admit to being nothing more than a vessel for the pleasures of men. Not a woman, not a man, not even a human!


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