I thought Parker would get a lol out of this one!

Thought I better cap this before it gets locked! You KNOW how hush hush trannyland is these days! I cant even be serious about this one, "front hole", LOL! Come on!


is this tranny chris in sock mode?

I must say I find it amusing on one hand and tragic on the other. How many many many men have visited trannyland for the amusing masturbatory rides, only to permanently relocate there to find once completely settled in the theme park has closed.

Oh wait least I forget this prize comment from one such resident.


I'm a girl and I woke up a...GIRL! EEKS!


The constant doubts do not surprise me at all, the fact that some are publically admitting those doubts however, are! For posterities sake I capped the OP and a handful of the comments, in case the public post just happens to go underground.

These fears and doubts are the feelings the trans community does NOT want the world to know/see! I personally only know of a couple of WAY underground places for where the transitioned, admit to detransitioning. Its a very hush hush/no no situation in trannyland, and generally if a trans person realizes their mistakes and as best as they can, depending of course on the length of their transitional phase, converts back to their natural sex, if/when this is brought up in a community or forum said ex-trans person immediately gets attacked and ousted as someone who wasnt "really trans" to begin with by the "open minded" trans communtiy.

Thats the thing with trannyism, even after a trans person comes to the realization that they made a mistake, most are pressured to keep up the lie. Trannyism is a disorder BASED on lies, lying to ones self and lying to others. After years of drug use, butchery, and "I'm this because I say I'm this and I know I'm right", how then does one admit to being wrong? There are the feelings of letting down a community that supported their disorder(because its disordered its self), saving face to friends and family, job/school situations, in many respects its more difficult going back. Which is why we publically hear so little of those who have, NOT because there are so few, BUT because it is sooo difficult. And the all encompassing trans community does nothing to aid those folks and EVERYTHING to distance themselves from those folks as well as shut them the fuck up.


dont delude yourself

The primary reason a person leaves someone who "transitions", has more to do with the pathological narcissism the ensues when one decides to "transition", than the actual physical changes themselves. Many partners go through the "transition" process thinking that process will be over at a certain point in time and that the relationship can begin again, only to realize the process NEVER ends and thats generally when the relationship ends. What the these partners do not realize is the process cannot end or the trans person would be left with nothing to hold onto. The illness is all consuming, the mere thought of the "trans" process ending sends most trans people into severe depression and/or suicide. Transition isnt a process, its a lifelong illness currently without treatment.


babysitting and trannyism

Considering all that you have seen here regarding trannyism; the myriad of additional mental issues displayed, the constant threats of violence from Mt"w"s, the pathological narcissism/obsession, the pathological adherence to the binary etc etc, under any circumstance would you ever let a tranny babysit your child/children?



Even the trannys cant get in! Thats SOME paranoia!


my balls hurt

What amazes me most about this post is not how absolutely retarded it is, its that the dude is fucking serious! He REALLY thinks in his oh so disordered brain he's having PERIOD pains because his STOMACH hurts(shows you just how much time he's spent educating himself about the female body he is now claiming to be in pursuit of OWNING)! Again, the medical establishment prescibed this guy with mind/body/life altering drugs! If I were to comment to him I would have to insist on just how he knows what a period "feels" like if he NEVER had one! Thats akin to me taking a kick to the puss and proclaiming "it feels just like I got kicked in the nuts"!!!!!Ya!


the exception or the rule?

Given that one in four females are molested as children this post isnt at all surprising, sickening yes, but NOT surprising. What I find more sickening is the number of self ID'd ft"M"s who claim to have been molested and are STILL issued drugs and the legal butchery of their bodies by the medical establishment! One simply has to take a 30 second stroll through any ft"M" community here or elsewhere before one comes acrossed a post regarding a member/s having been molested as a girl. One doesnt exactly have to leap in order to conclude that the body dysmorphia has EVERYTHING to do with the females feelings of powerlessness and NOTHING to do with the non sense of being "born in the wrong body". Add to that the perpetuated lies purported by the patriarchy to ensure male power that males rape, males do not get raped and we have a perfect case of ft"M"ism. A female is abused, the female blames herself(blaming male/s equals the risk of losing the male gaze/male approval, a no no under the current patriarchal regime)/body for the abuse, patriarchal society teaches us female equal weak/penetrable, male equals strong/impenetrable/female reasons she can alleviate her fears and mind/body split by changing her sex to that of one society deems strong/impenetrable, male. Is that so difficult for the medical establishment to comprehend and treat accordingly? Or is there more to gain financially from the current "treatment"? Hmmm...


ft"m"s and their female privilege

Let me get this out of the way first before I get into my main point for this post. Why is the medical establishment doling out drugs and cosmetic surgery to individuals who dont even know the most rudimentary aspects of the sex they are choosing to alter themselves?

Now on with the points! There are enough documented cases where the trans community (so far as that can actually exist given the pathological narcissism that pervades trannyism) has shown its poorly applied make-up face at the 12th hour unrealistically expecting/demanding their disordered voice to be heard. Is it a sheer coincidence that politically the trans community is always too little too late? Then the minute something doesnt go their perceived way, since they have attached themselves to the GLB, they instantly BLAME the GL for not properly representing them and their particular issues!

The issues surrounding the armed forces that have had gays and lesbians fighting for over half a century should have an interesting impact on the trans community in the very near future. This is one you will NOT see the trans community involving itself in at that late hour, or any hour for that matter. Despite gayism being banished over 30 years ago from the DSM the Pentagon still classifies gayism as a mental disease in order to keep gays and lesbians out of the military(its not working btw). Which in effect has much more to do with misogyny than gayism itself, but thats another day. Mental defect (and they would be right on this one) is also the reasoning behind the militarys policy against allowing trannys into the military as well.

Considering how far gays and lesbians have come personally and politically in the last 10 years alone, I think its safe to say within the next 10 years legal marriage and legal status in the military (especially since DADT has not only failed but wasted an absorbent amount tax dollars) are a given. While legal marriage will have some federal impact, legal military status will have a much GREATER federal impact that will trickle down to state laws and policies that will effect the average gay and lesbian in the street (for the better).

How will this effect the trannified? Simple, since the T attached itself to the GLB, once military policy has changed regarding the LGB, the T will also be affected with the same legal standings. Which means ft"M"s who legally change their F status to a legal M status will be forced by US law to sign up for SS from ages 18-25 like any other male, and if by some horrific circumstance the draft is enacted like the men they claim to be, they too will be eligible. When this happens watch the huge tide of ft"m"s waiting until they are 26 to legally change their sex status! You KNOW I'm right!

To the OP and all self ID'd ft"M"s, if you are not willing to be a male in everything that entails and willing to stand up and fight for everything that entails, good, bad and ugly, then shut your fucking pies holes about how ur a "guy" like any bio guy! Aside from the fact that that will ALWAYS remain a natural impossibility, even superficially you still conveniently run back to your natural sex when difficulties that males have to deal with arise. That my dears, is female privilege, something men do not have, ie; ur not men!


a sample of how helpful trannyland is

This is the end of an intro to an ft"M" community, notice how helpful they are to a someone who isnt on drugs and isnt interested in transitioning.


Parker? You can field this one...lol

All I have to say is should the medical establishment be doling out MAJOR butcheries to individuals who have no clue of the ins and outs of what said butchery involves? If you have to ask LJ for medical advice, you srsly do NOT have the mental stability to receive said butchering!


a case for trannyism

Since I'm a lazy fuck I didnt read this one, when I asked dieks to find me something for this morning, this is what was in my mailbox...lol So I guess I'm posting it after all! Upon actually reading it, I see her reasons for singling it out.

Much of it IS classic ft"M"ism. Why ft"M"'s and not general trannysim? Simple, while there is a multitude of ingredients that go into the tranny recipe, like any recipe along with a pinch of this and a dash of that there are primary ingredients. In the case of the general hetero Mt"w" which make up the majority of males who transition, their primary ingredients are quite different than the female transitioner. While both are subject to male gaze issues(arent we all), Mt"w"'s on the other hand are driven by them. The male transitioner's transition revolves around one of the primary male trans ingredients; masturbation. His male gaze informs his patriarchal idea of "woman", all the while masturbating in, on or around "womens" clothing. In laymans terms, female transitioners do not don masculine clothing in order to please their pee pees.

That said on with the OP...The post consists of a handful of scattered memories along with the pathological "shame" surrounding the OP's body from childhood on up. Aside from the obvious sadness that one gleans from the OP's loss of self as she regularly looks back at school pictures, this stands out like a ton of bricks "I finally excepted myself as I was, and not as I felt I had to be". Here is the tranny delusion then, that the after product is confused with being the authentic self, in the end she STILL hasnt excepted herself, but a manufactured idea, based on what she "felt" she "had to be".


And the trans community is alone why?

This is a great example of the paranoia and insanity of the tranny disorder. Even when people are accepting, interested, polite, the trans person views this as transphobic, hateful, threatening etc. This also clearly emphasis's the Mt"w"'s obsession with looking as close as he can to the masturbatory "woman" of the male gaze, rather than actual women themselves.


How did I miss this litttle gemmer

Not sure how I missed this fucktardness, but the always pleasant Tiff Seattle makes this simple post giving trannyland a heads up about a show featuring an Mt"w" exec who transitioned on the job. But since up is down and left is right in trannyland, of course there's going to be some tardfuck bitching about "why them and not me", "I'm a tranny, I'm fabulous and glamorous", "I'm an excec"....umm yeah, ur a woman too...lolSpoken like to true MAN!
Since his exec skillz are ignored he comes back bitching to poor Tiff, about how dare she post something on the interwebs thats american made because not everyone is from america or speaks american. Maybe the MOD's at transgender need to srsly get involved here because the english are having such a difficult time understanding american. "Ummm MOD's can we get an american to english TRANSlator in here stat"!!!!! Sheesh! Can you be more USphobic!


and do we really have to ask why people develop trannyism?

Sometime yesterday and I'm too lazy to check, some young lezbo made a rant about the Lword and tranny crap, this ended up at stupid free because the heteros KNOW soooo much about the tranny's didnt ya know! This later ends up with this convo at sf_drama about what is a women, which its a no brainer that none of them could come with anything resembling an intelligent answer. Sadly no lulz follow because the retardedness and ignorance are too sickening to lol at, it does however lend volumes of credit to everything I write regarding why trannyism develops.
You wouldnt believe how many moronic fucks thought this was a "great quote"! WHAT? You've got to be fucking kidding me right??? I seriously hope this person isnt paying for that shit! If this idiot said that shit to me, the first thing out of my mouth would have been "and WHO determains THAT"! HELLO!
I'd fucking LOVE to see this prize order themselves a bigmac and mcD's and see what they say when they get a fish sandwich instead! "sir sir I ordered a big mac", "we're out of big macs but we have plenty of fish sandwich's"..."I dont want a fish sandwich"..."big mac, fish, they're just words"! WORDS represent specific things, they are NOT arbitrary! Without the mutual cohesiveness and understaning with which we use words to communicate, we'd be living in fucking Babel. Also with this comment note the het privilege.
And the as-close-as-you-can-get-to-a-mongoloid-mentally award goes to! If someone isnt *insert word here*, than explain to me how exactly would someone KNOW what *insert word here* "feels" like! I seriously feel like a jesus christ, woot, now pray to me fuckers cuz I'm JESUS!
Thank GOD we have the left over neanderthals to educate us on what makes one "girly"! *note to self take back all bath products purchase for brother's upcoming bday, cleanliness equals "girly"!
Ummm no you got lucky that your mind/body matches society!
Interesting, not only is she adopting the ever misogynistic "cis" bullshit but she is saying she "presents" as a butch loving feminine lesbian. WHAT?
Here's a doozie, this is the inernalization of the male gaze to the ten power! She admit to being nothing more than a vessel for the pleasures of men. Not a woman, not a man, not even a human!



This is a screencap of an email that I opened this morning from CHRIS (auntysarah) most likely bugged itself. At first I was simply going to ignore this and move on but when my bank called me an hour ago because "someone has tried to illegally access your account miss XXXX",thank GOD I have all my shit on flag due to a fucked up ex. The bank has put a trace on this, but obviously these people are quite technical and crafty. Therefore I'm putting this out there as a warning for anyone dealing with this particular group of individuals: (auntysarah,alicephilippa,cyberspice,zoeimogen,the_local_echo)there may be more, also anyone who considers joining any trans, feminist or genderqueer communities anytime soon.

These are the lengths these KRAZYS will go, just to scare and silence anyone who doesnt completely support or go along with the tranny insanity. Obviously the "bugging" is why CHRIS(auntysarah) deleted his comments yesterday, so LJA couldnt trace anything back to him and he could have a laugh emailing me this info. I laugh back at his flub of thinking some tranny was Parker and banning the dude by mistake, no skin off my back and one less tranny in trannyland! That little LOL aside, please be careful and I'll keep everyone posted if my bank comes up with any names or arrests.


To T or not to T, THAT is the question

One would think this a simple enough straight forward post and would receive some simple straight forward answers and in most communities thats exactly what would happen, but in trannyland?

Of course this turns into a trainwreck when the batshit crazy catamorphism gets involved!

If you're a tran, when in doubt perpetrate violence!

Leave it to our dear KRAZY cat to go on T so she can attain a "manly brain" (has she been hanging out with Summers)! Seriously though, I would wager HUGE bucks that I dont have to bet she LIED (there's that word again when discussing trans issues) to her doctors about her reasons for wanting "T". As fucked up as the medical establishment is, I dont believe even they are crazy enough to dole out "T" in order to aid a woman in ganing a "manly bean". Heaven help us all if they did!


Things REALLY are not THAT complicated

Your a girl, she's a girl, you like girls, equals lezbo, taking drugs doesnt change that. Although...lemme check...*takes two aspirin*...nope, still a lez!

So now FEMALEt"m"'s shouldnt be privy to the "lesbian" label because its "trans-misoginistic" to the MALEt"w"'s????? Priceless! There isnt anything men will not rape and pillage from women, FOR themselves!

From the ever confused snakey who is soooooo disordered she's not sure if straight men and lesbians are the same thing or not! I swear that one is her own special kind of fucked up!

This one pretty much speaks for its self doesnt it!

Again with the shear homophobia among Malet"w"'s! UGH!



I was sent a few links earlier from a woman's personal LJ, for her privacy's sake I wont include any names. I do however feel this is HIGHLY important to put out there so people can see just a little of what goes on behind the closed doors of trannysville.

This post was made about a year ago, wonder how she's doing today with all this? Lets see...

This post was written a few months ago, things obviously have went from bad to worse!
This bullshit REEKS from the stench of male privilege! Because she's a woman she was expected to sacrifice EVERYTHING for her hubby's happiness regardless of where that put her AND their children! If she had an issue with his transition she's labeled "transphobic" and "unsupportive". WHAT???

All the more reason I pity anyone involved with those suffering from this disorder!


apples and oranges

Is there some warped tranny mess philosophies of Descartes being taught in some underground bunker in trannyland that we dont know about? The "I think therefore it is" philosophy? WTF? If you say you're butch you're butch?...lol Sheesh!

1) Whats the diff between an ft"M" and a butch? Butches are born masculine female lesbians. While ft"M"s are majority-wise hetero born non masculine females who internalize misogyny and sex roles to the point of disorder.

2) Are butches an endangered species? Nope. Butches rarely seek trannydom.


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