quick lock the gates dirt's back in town

In the last couple of weeks there has been a rash of insane paranoia, closing gates, barring windows and barricading behind doors in trannyland. What gives you ask? Because I've linked, screencapped and discussed the myriad of issues that plague the sufferer's of trannyism. This then is deemed "transphobic" and "trollish" all in effort to dismiss me and anything I write regardless of its validity. Which lends itself even more to the accuracy of my points rather than trannyland's insistance that these privacy measures have been enacted to provide a "safe space" for tranny discussion. One merely has to peruse the last few days of general tranny discussion to know thats false as they themselves have been viciously fighting amongst each other about what qualifies as trans and dismissing various trans members opinions by labeling them "transphobic" when they do not correspond with the general trans consensus.

What it boils down to is a few simple questions, what is there to hide, why are they hiding it, is it worth hiding?


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