The M(ale)tf as...a must read for any lesbian

I want to discuss the preposterousness or should I say, the IDIOCY of the “male” (MALE to female) lesbian. This consists of a biologically born male, handed like all men before him all the bells and whistles that male privilege entitles under patriarchal rule. The privileges of the dominant class, the privilege of yes or no, the privilege to judge women, the privilege of freedom (so far as it exists), the privilege to buy and sell all things woman like a good consumer of capitalist patriarchy, and essentially the privilege to call oneself “woman” if said male chooses to!

The men who choose to call themselves “women” come from all walks of life. Some wealthy, some poor, some abused, some spoiled, and in that respect there is no one formula. What is static is that all these particular males suffer from pathological body dysmorphia. The body dysmorphia is to such a degree that they seek some form of sex reassignment. This can be a full transition or partial. Full being hormone replacement therapy (HRT) including sex reassignment surgery (SRS), partial being primarily HRT. The outcome for both generally is being a male in various states of being, presenting/living as a “woman”.

Here is where I encounter my first real problem with the “male” lesbian. Let us first start with “woman”. As women we know there are us, and “them”. “Them” being “women” as defined by and through men FOR men. These are the “women” we see plastered on the magazine racks and billboards across the world, the “women” we see paraded past us in the media, the “women” that make up the lives and secret fantasies of men! None of them real, none of them us, and not one of them woman!

These “women” are the “women” that make up the Mtf community, performance, mimicry and artifice born through the male gaze. But rather than strictly performing for the larger male audience, they narrow their performance to the mirror and their own male gaze. Which is as much for masturbatory reasons as it is for their body dysmorphia. This “woman” that appears before them is the man made “woman”. She is like all “women” in the eyes of men, for men and for the pleasure of men. Her purpose isn’t to live and freely exist, BUT to serve her male owner in however he chooses. He is god, he created her with his mind and like Adam before him, his body.

These Mtf’s, these “women” are the stuffs of patriarchal consumerism and the patriarchal gaze. The Mtf is in fact an imitation of an imitation. S/he is an imitation the “women” of the billboards, and magazines, the glamorous models and actress’s, the “women” we see selling us make up products and shampoos, telling us to slim down and firm up, on the cover of Vogue and Mademoiselle. All of them less real, less us and certainly less woman!

I was thinking of defining woman here in order to juxtapose her to the male “woman”, but wont. We know who she is and what she is, for we are HER, she is US! We need not justify her to likes of men! We’ve already spent enough time doing that, we are born women, we live as women and the mother earth will swallow us as women!

Let me move on then for a moment to that of sexuality, specifically the Mtf “lesbian” sexuality and its utter nonsense. We’ve established Mtf’s are biologically born/raised males suffering from a serious pathological disorder. Disorder aside, what we have is a biological male whom has chemically and physically altered his body to varying degrees and is now declaring “woman” as his chosen ID. Before his transitioning he had been sexually attracted to females, and during his permanent transitional phase he is still attracted to females. Nothing regarding his (hetero) sexuality has changed. Therefore simply because he now dons the “woman” ID cap doesn’t naturally relegate his life to that of the lesbian!

I say life because a lesbian is something one is, NOT something one does! Lesbianism isn’t performance BUT existence! The lesbian is a life existing mostly parallel to that of woman, and “woman”. She does not exist outside of patriarchal systems and its deep rooted conditioning's; so much as she exists along side of it. What separates her though from both women and “women” is her relation to men (or lack thereof). She isn’t dependent upon men for her existence nor her fruition. She exists politically, economically and ideologically without the heterosexual social contract that is essential to patriarchal systems that continues to shackle women to an inferior class while employing “women” to do so.

A lesbian isn’t a woman or a “woman”, because both woman and “woman” is completely dependent upon their relations to men. Whether that is an external relation or an internal, its essential-isms ARE men! The Mtf has created and now proclaims himself “woman” which is an imitation of woman, and woman isn’t lesbian because of her heterosexual contract with men. Therefore since lesbians are not women and the imitation M(ale)tf “women” isn’t woman and neither of them are lesbians, Mtf’s AS lesbians CANNOT exist!!!


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