Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 3

Pardon our long absence, like everything and everyone else Covid-19 has affected our day to day, we will try to complete at least one post a week till this series is finished.

That being said, we remind you that our last post on the Kristin Snyder case/Lost Women mockumentary went to illustrate the VERY questionable, defamatory, and vengeful motives of the person behind/in front of Lost Women-Frank Parlato jr. We will now focus on some of those who chose to co-sign on the Lost Women mockumentary, beginning with Ex NXIVM coach/member Susan Faye Dones.

Some back story on Susan Dones and her NXIVM involvement according to court records

Dones was formerly a high-ranking member of NXIVM. She has a master's degree in psychology and held at various times the titles of "Coach," "Procter," "Trainer" and "Center Head." Dones ran NXIVM's Tacoma Center for more than five years and supervised other NXIVM coaches and trainers. She built up the center with her own time and money. She and her staff taught NXIVM's course materials to hundreds of students. As a Center Head, Dones had special access to NXIVM materials, video DVDs, student and facilitator "notes" and a list of NXIVM students. Kim Woolhouse was a Procter and Trainer and assisted Dones in opening and operating the Tacoma Center. Dones and Woolhouse took educational courses from NXIVM, in addition to their leadership responsibilities.

It is unclear whether or not Dones bought into Keith Raniere's nonsense, but she fully believed she could make a lot of money through Raniere's MLM schemes. Unfortunately Dones and her partner Woolhouse were unable to make a success (I was in over my head, and so I made a decision to file bankruptcy) of their NXIVM center in Washington, and in 2009 they...

both testified that NXIVM was very important to them, that they had spent a substantial amount of time and money to build up the Tacoma Center, and that they were fully dedicated to helping NXIVM spread its message and materials to more people. However, things began to sour in the spring of 2009. Dones and Woolhouse became aware of rumors regarding Raniere's behavior and grew increasingly disenchanted with the direction of the company as well as with NXIVM's management team, corporate strategy and its leaders' behavior.  (and their lack of profit)

In April 2009, Dones and Woolhouse traveled to Albany, New York for a meeting with Raniere and seven other high-ranking NXIVM personnel...Dones attended only the first two days of the meeting; Woolhouse attended all three days. Dones videotaped the meeting with her personal video camera and retains a copy of the video of the meeting in her possession (the "2009 Video"). She later made a short excerpt of the 2009 Video that she circulated to others, as discussed infra.

While Dones and Woolhouse argue the 2009 Video is not subject to their written confidentiality agreements, they both testified at trial that they had, in fact, orally agreed not to disclose the meeting's contents. The Court finds that Dones and Woolhouse entered into an oral agreement with Raniere to keep the April 2009 meeting confidential.

Despite Dones verbally agreeing to confidentiality in an April 2009 meeting with Raniere over staff grievances, when the meeting did not go as Dones and company planned, the "NXIVM 9" as there were later known, emailed an EXTORTION letter to Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman:

we believe we can no longer continue a business relationship with ESP/NXIVM. Therefore, we are requesting the closure of outstanding value exchanges not met as well as the buyout for the Tacoma center for the [email signatories].
We are requesting a response to this letter by 11:59 PM, Saturday, April 25, 2009. We are requesting a written, signed, notarized contract agreement to the below amounts by 11:59 PM, Sunday, April 26, 2009. We are requesting a Cashier's Check for the total amount due of $2,088,000 by Thursday, April 30, 2009. If these requests are not met we will move forward by contacting the Press.

After Dones and company's extortion letter did not pay off, Susan Dones EDITED/isolated a few seconds from one of the videos Dones' girlfriend Kim Woolhouse recorded during the 2009 meeting, making it sound as though Keith Raniere has had people "killed":

the evidence was clear that Dones circulated a link to an excerpt from the 2009 Video despite orally agreeing to keep the 2009 meeting with Raniere confidential. Dones sent an email to multiple individuals on October 21, 2010, which included the link to the video excerpt and stated: "[t]his video is intended for you only and I trust you will keep it's [sic] location safe. Here is the link." She claimed to have been motivated by a fear for her own personal safety, and by a concern that she would be an "accessory after the fact" with respect to NXIVM's alleged crimes. She labeled herself as a "whistleblower" dedicated to exposing the truth about NXIVM. The Court does not find Dones' motivation and justifications credible under the circumstances. The Court also finds there is a risk that Dones would further circulate the 2009 Video if she is not enjoined, her oral agreement notwithstanding.

In Parlato's Lost Women we see this same snippet of video seeming to say Raniere has had people killed, despite court documents a decade before (after seeing a fuller context for Raniere's statement) declaring the video confidential/proprietary and concerned that Dones would continue unjustly/immorally and vengefully circulating the video's out of context snippet, and once Raniere was jailed, Susan Dones did just that, with Frank Parlato's help.

From a sworn deposition by Susan Dones regarding aforementioned video tape:

Question: And what portion of the video tape did you single out for putting on YouTube?

Susan Dones: The only-- the only thing that I did put on YouTube, which is under a private link-- the only way anybody would know about that is to have that link. It's not like it is a public video-- is the part where Keith Raniere mentions that people have died for his beliefs and that he has had people killed for his beliefs.

Question: And did you know at the time when he was talking about people dying for him and people being killed for him related to the documentary that  was being filmed in Mexico? 

Susan Dones: My understanding--I didn't know about--I knew about the documentary in Mexico. I'd never seen that, but when he said "I have had people killed for my beliefs," that scared me. 

Question: Well, you were there when he said that; correct?

Susan Dones: No, I wasn't at that meeting.

Question: All right. Did you know that when Mr. Raniere stated that people--that he had people killed because of his beliefs that he was talking about the consequences of a documentary that was filmed in Mexico when a member of the LeBaron family was killed by drug lords in the middle of the documentary by Mark Vicente?

Susan Dones: No, sir.

Question: No. Have you ever--did you know that Mark Vicente was filming a documentary of the LeBaron family in Mexico?

Susan Dones: I knew he was filming a documentary. I didn't know what it was about.

Question: Did you know Benjamin Le Baron was murdered by cartel members in the middle of the documentary?

Susan Dones: No, sir.

Question: Did you know that the documentary documents Keith's apparent advice to the family to avoid paying ransom?

Susan Dones: No, Sir.

Question: And did you know that the documentary says that the family decided not to pay ransom and their son was released, and then the father was killed for not paying ransom?

Susan Dones: No, sir.

Question: You've never heard Keith say something like"And I feel like I'm responsible for that. I've had people killed for my beliefs"?

Susan Dones: No, sir. I spent very little time with Keith in my time in NXIVM. (This is NOT the impression given by Parlato or Dones the in Lost Women, in fact it is a complete contradiction.)

To be clear, we do not side with or support in any way Keith Raniere and company, we are merely shining a spotlight on Susan Dones' shady, unscrupulous and SELF-SERVING behaviour!

When questioned in this same deposition regarding the years Dones opened and ran her Tacoma ESP/NXIVM center Dones answers:

You know, I'm not sure when we opened. Yeah. I don't know our start date. 2003, 2004. It was during the summer, but I don't know for sure what year. It could have been 2005.  I don't really know that. And then we -- then I closed in April of 2009.

When questioned about the years Dones ran the two location centers for ESP/NXIVM in Washington Dones states:

It could have been--it might have been a little bit longer. Five--five years.

Yet at 22:50 mins into the Lost Women video Frank Parlato states:

I'm here to meet up with Susan Dones. For eight years of her life, she was a head trainer for NXIVM in Tacoma, Washington.

Did Parlato pull 8 years out of his ass? Did Dones lie/exaggerate her importance/position within ESP/NXIVM to Parlato? Are Parlato and Dones willful participants in the lies told on Lost Women for their joint personal grievances/agendas against Keith Raniere? Continuing in the Lost Women video after Parlato introduces Susan Dones:

Frank Parlato: Going back to January 2003. She was in Albany. You absolutely saw her.

Susan Dones: Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. And we chatted. She wanted to see the Albany center.

In Dones' 2010 deposition she could not remember 5 years previously when she opened her own ESP/NXIVM center, yet in 2019 (nearly two decades after Kristin Snyder disappeared) we are expected to believe Dones remembers specific details about months, years, places, moods and conversations with a virtual stranger? Moving on in the Lost Women video:

Frank Parlato: Did she ever meet Keith Raniere, and could you've done that, do you think?

Susan Dones: Yeah, absolutely. My suspicion is, is that he might have even had sex with her. The other thing is that Keith did not like women being lesbians.

Frank Parlato: He did not like women being lesbians?

Susan Dones:  No, being gay, period, was an act of defiance, especially if you're a woman, it was an act of defiance, and I think, for him, because he treated women as objects. If you're a lesbian, then you're not available to him. So, could he possibly try to turn her. You know, it's kind of like a notch on his belt. If she was manipulated somehow into having some kind of sexual relationship with him, we know that this is a guy that will do evil things to women.

Before we comment on this, lets take a look back at Susan Dones 2010 deposition regarding lesbians, Dones is asked:

Question: Has Keith ever come on to you?

Susan Dones: He knows I'm a lesbian, so he wouldn't do that.

Question: Has he ever slept with you?

Susan Dones: No.

Question: Has he ever tried to manipulate you sexually?

Susan Dones: No.

By the time, this deposition (2010) was taken, Susan Dones was through working for Keith Raniere, and to public knowledge never worked for Keith Raniere again. So, under a sworn LEGAL statement Dones claimed Keith Raniere would not come on to her BECAUSE he knew she was a lesbian. Yet in 2019 when Raniere is safely behind bars and Dones has no legal perjury threat, Raniere is suddenly a sex starved sadist out to rape all lesbians in his flock (while simultaneously, according to Parlato/Dones, maintaining his celibate monk-like status). But frankly, we really do not care what lies Dones chooses to tell about Raniere, what WE do care about are the LIES Dones has stated and/or co-signed on regarding Kristin Snyder! Dones does not answer Parlato when asked IF Kristin COULD have met Raniere, she merely states Kristin MIGHT have had SEX with him! She might have run for president, she might have walked on the moon, she might have realised LARGE sums of monies were removed from her business! MIGHT, does NOT mean DID!

Before continuing let's take a step back to what Dones tells Parlato in the Lost Women video, she says:

"...being gay, period, was an act of defiance, especially if you're a woman"

While this may read like Radical Feminism 101, keep in mind this is not Kate Millet talking, this is not Sheila Jeffreys talking (although it might as well be), it is Susan Dones! The Susan Dones who is Frank Parlato's resident LESBIAN expert, for whom Homosexuality is something you DO rather than something you innately ARE, and something Kristin Snyder most CERTAINLY was. Dones then states:

"If you're a lesbian, then you're not available to him."

Is Dones suggesting that by taking an ESP course, class participants must avow sexual availability to Keith Raniere? Dones says in her deposition that Keith had sex with many of the women in his inner circle, but that Keith never made sexual advances toward her BECAUSE she is a lesbian. Parlato has tried to claim Raniere touted himself as a sexless god/guru/monk, although Keith Raniere has stated in interviews that he was "honest about the fact that he was polyamorous"; it is through that claim that Frank Parlato cites as a reason Raniere might (there’s that word again) have wanted to murder Kristin Snyder. According to Parlato's delusional drivel, Raniere might have wanted to cover up Kristin's alleged pregnancy in effort to maintain the Parlato-imagined celibate monk facade.

If you missed the Lost Women video, per Parlato: Kristin flew from Alaska to Albany (which we have discovered is NOT entirely true). Kristin meets her dream man Keith. Keith then beds (rapes?) Kristin. Kristin becomes pregnant. Kristin flies back to Anchorage with her pregnant self and takes her second ESP class (after being coerced at best or raped at worst, why not give your rapist $6000 more dollars or more of your hard-earned money). CATHOLIC, pregnant, cheating, lesbian Kristin cannot keep her shit together and flips out once back at home with her lesbian lover Heidi, and then many times being literally thrown out/drug out of the ESP class she had taken with lesbian lover Heidi. CATHOLIC, pregnant, cheating, lesbian Kristin was yelling at the top of her lungs that she was pregnant with Keith's baby. Evidently these ESP people could not keep CATHOLIC, pregnant, cheating, lesbian Kristin out of their private rented hotel room! Have they never heard of SECURITY! CATHOLIC, pregnant, cheating, lesbian Kristin then gets fed up, leaves at varying times from the class (depending on which version of the story is being told), and at some point in a fit of a psychotic break, drives several hours in the dark wearing what amounts to clown attire (per Heidi), STEALS a kayak and paddles into oblivion, or alternatively (depending on which version of the story Frank is telling), is somehow kidnapped/murdered by a sex cult! All because, according to Parlato, CATHOLIC, pregnant, cheating, lesbian Kristin would never have an abortion due to her deep Catholicism. Despite the fact that Kristin was an agnostic leaning heavily toward atheism, married to another woman, and was a Gold Star!

We want also to address this piece of the Parlato/Dones Lost Women exchange:

Dones claims Kristin Snyder (who took only a couple ESP classes) could certainly have met AND bedded Raniere in Albany NY. Parlato specifies the month he claims Kristin was in Albany NY:

Per Heidi Clifford from a 2004 interview she stated that:
"Kristin Snyder visited ESP headquarters in Halfmoon for several days in January 2003"
In the Lost Women interview Heidi Clifford states:
"I think if she came home from New York in December or January" (Apparently she had no idea where her wife was for several months-why???)
Kristin's parents state in 2004 that
"Kristin Snyder visited the family's 300-acre cotton farm a few weeks after her first intensive"
in November 2002, which would be about the second or third week in December.

Frank Parlato stated in a 2017 blog post that:
"Snyder visited her parents, Robert and Jonnie Snyder, at their farm in Dillon, S.C. for Christmas".
Clearly there are some serious discrepancies in the varying accounts of the last few months prior to Kristin's disappearance, specifically by those who actually saw Kristin and LIVED with Kristin! As this post is meant to focus on the lavish lies and inordinately inconsistent narratives of Susan Dones, we will refrain from including the particulars of Kristin's last weeks which clearly dispel the shit the Parlato/Dones duo shoveled in Lost Women and elsewhere. Susan Dones made no bones about her unhinged vengeful anger (I love that we are a bug up their ass) toward Raniere. Dones, like Parlato, is not interested in what actually happened to Kris/or correcting the distorted lies about Kris's character, Susan Dones is ONLY invested in getting back at Keith Raniere! 
In the meantime, if anyone has any information or would like to join myself, Mrs Dirt and our small but growing network invested in seeking truth and justice for Kristin Snyder, please email us at Justice4Kristin@mail.com

Until next time...

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