I am Not Radical-I am Homosexual

In a recent video chat I did with CherryBlossomLife, one of her questions for me sprang from another Radical Feminist. The question basically was, how did I become “radical/radicalized“. I wanted to address the question a little more thoroughly in a post.

The very notion that Radical Feminists and other women see/view me as some sort of radical, goes to the swell of ongoing data that Mrs Dirt and I are slowly compiling concerning the mass biological differences between Heterosexual women and Homosexual females.

The question alone, accompanied by nothing else, is all the data required to know the person asking the question is a Heterosexual female AND know the questioner herself does not know Homosexual females. How you may ask can one ascertain that kind of info from just a simple question?

Lets look first at the term radical and its basic meaning:
Far beyond the norm. Whose norm? General society’s. Particularly general Heterosexual society! The society that Radical Feminists claim to “eschew” for varying reasons.

But what happens when you are born far beyond the norm? Can one be born a radical? Probably not. And I did not personally have a hand in choosing which of my father’s sperm cells were to meet a particular egg in waiting of my mother’s. Pure chance. Or timing, which is also chance.

But thats how Homosexuality works. Some might say its bad luck. Some might say it is great luck. And others might say it is a mistake. But no one says it is radical. Until or unless biology is removed from the equation.

  • Was it radical that I was a captain and/or first or second picked among all boys for sport games or games that required athletic abilities?
  • Was it radical that males were always/are my nearest peer group?
  • Was it radical that as a female I was treated by children/adults according to my behaviour rather than my sex?
  • Was it radical when on the girls track and field team in high school I refused to wear the (straight) girl’s uniform? And when confronted by the entire team and both coaches to wear the uniform, I walked away.
  • Was it radical that even in my 20’s I was still called to play (tackle) football with adult males? And was physically up to the challenge with every take down.

  • Is it radical that I communicate directly? Requiring few words to convey lofty messages.
  • Is it radical to be repeatedly believed to be or mistaken to be a man online for how I communicate?
  • Is it radical that when slandered by thousands I remain unflustered, do not have a melt down nor go into hysterics?
  • Is it radical to carve out the truth despite the constant rain of Radical Feminist storms trying to silence my every word?
  • Is it radical to simply say NO? To have self determination in the presence of men. To think for oneself. Act for oneself. To not lay blame on an imagined culprit like “patriarchy” for example, for one’s personal fears or failures. Basically, to own your own shit!
My norms, from my earliest memories until now have always seemed radical by Heterosexuals, particularly Het women. Because they judge my NORMAL behaviour based on their NORMAL behaviour, NOT on our different biology. My experiences as being perceived as some sort of radical or dissident by straight society is not unusual nor very different than it is for any biological homosexual female.

And it is through knowing ourselves, our innate biological differences from that of Heterosexuals that I and my wife CAN tell biology through a computer screen. Together we have spent a little over a century between us utterly surrounded by Heterosexuals and all things Heterosexual.

Believe me when I tell you, we know you better than you dare to know yourselves! 

So while these innate biological differences may make my normal Homo behaviour seem radical, I’m merely a normal biological Homosexual female being and behaving according to my biology. I am not special. I am simply NOT Heterosexual.


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