Andrea Dworkin-InterCourse-an Interpretive Dance (Ch 7-9)

Sorry for the long delay in finishing Miss Dworkin's Inter-course review, this post will conclude the rest of the book!

Chapter 7 of Inter-course leaves one feeling almost steamrolled! The chapter begins:
Occupation and collaboration, clearly meaning that for as much as women are occupied (with men/by men) they equally collaborate with men to be occupied. I guess sometimes the obvious must be stated! And the bit about "dry bottoms"? Brilliant! Moving on:
Intercourse as an abusive religion? What?! Is she for real reel?! You bet! And proclaiming that if women's God does not exist then women's bodies cannot exist? Powerful stuff man! You go girrl!
Miss Dworkin continues:
Freedom for women, Miss Dworkin seems to be saying, can only be found through fucking/intercourse. Thats a profoundly enlightened position to posit, but none the less there it is!
I was also floored by the last line on this page, a unique way telling women do not forget what you just read! She steps on the gas and doesnt look back as the chapter ends:
Intercourse can be sexual equality, think about that for a minute! Is Miss Dworkin saying that equality between women and men will be found in the battlefields of the sexual arena?

Hold your breath, chapter 8 up next!

More intercourse insights!

Then a left turn into sodomy, oh my!
This feels a bit homophobic to me, but or butt, that may be because I'm associating ass fucking with homo men. The poem that follows on the next page is absoFUCKINGlutely brilliant! Read on!
I didnt know whether to laugh or take it seriously, but butt between us I loled! And the final page of chapter 8, umm well...I'm speechless!
How will this book end and will a blue-footed booby be involved?! The rest of the book is in over drive speeding toward a road that dead ends off a cliff! Hold on to your hats!
Hope you enjoyed the review, Miss Dworkin's book will surely go down in the anal's of history!

Dirt and Mrs Dirt

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