The Dirt from Dirt-The Silencing of a Lesbian

A recent tweet alerted me to yet another area of bowdlerization.

STRAIGHTBIAN voices dominate and make up the whole of "lesbian" history; past and present. Trans voices (mostly male) dominate all other areas of recent "queer" histories. All are given free reign in universities, media/media reports and social media (except where they clash with each other). A Lesbian voice? Even a single one, MUST be SILENCED! What is it exactly about us is that that they are so very very afraid?



  1. Unprofessional? Do you even claim to be a (medical) professional? In the few posts of yours I've read, I've never seen you give medical advice. Maybe they believe that you're malicious.

  2. I think the deal is that you'll need to get an SSL certificate for your site. The search engines are blocking ability to go to "non-https" sites. So, HTTP sites won't rank in search engines; and you get "warned off" from "non-secure" sites. It's just another control mechanism, of course. But do look into SSL ... here's a decent link I grabbed (I have no affiliation with it) ...


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