Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIANS-Settling the Record STRAIGHT pt 2

In this part two of Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIANS, we will be discussing Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B types.

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B pathology functions, in a sense, closer to that of what we think of as pedophiles, without actually crossing the legal/moral lines of pedophilia. Meaning these particular STRAIGHTBIANS are older adults who prey on younger adults. Legal, but most definitely Creepy with a capital C!

Any Het female with a Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B pathology has most certainly been the victim of child sexual abuse which may have begun early, but definitely ceased around puberty. Depending on when the child sexual abuse stops, the maturity level of Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's will peak and linger around the time the abuse ended. Meaning if the child sexual abuse ends around 12-14 lets say, then no matter the age of the abuse victim reaches, puberty-100 lets say, the maturity level will remain around ages 12-14 (puberty).

Teen romances/sexual experiences post child sexual abuse obviously do not appear problematic, because these relationships fall within what appears to be normal age brackets. But as Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's age, their attractions/romances/sexual relationships continue to be for younger females. Most Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's do not embark on relationships with female teen youths, although there are exceptions (Teena Brandon *Boys Don't Cry* for example:a sexually abused child rape victim multiple times over who turned her anger toward her own sex, by coincidence of a wrong phone call, molested several young teen girls while she was in her early twenties). Most Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's will date/romance other STRAIGHTBIANS whose maturity and/or age are often decades younger.

Again, while STRAIGHTBIANS B's are in their twenties lets say, dating another twenty-something STRAIGHTBIAN may look to a casual observer as innocent, but closer inspection magnifies the differences in maturity ages. What I mean by this is a Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B with a maturity level of a 12-14 year old will be attracted to a STRAIGHTBIAN whose maturity level is that of say an 8-10 year old girl. As Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's age into their 30's and 40's, we find a growing gap into (not just maturity level) the actual years/decades between them at their current soulmate.

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's are unable (what 14 year can) to sustain any serious or long term relationship. Like teen youths, once the freshness and fun is over, its time to move on to greener pastures! They can only impress a much younger woman with coffee dates, social media love pleas and song dedications from their youth before boredom sets in. Even with gay marriage's short legal rights, most Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's have already been through at least one marriage and divorce. Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's are ALWAYS the dominant in the relationship, but unlike Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A's, they do not fetishise their lead role, they just require it!

Other ways Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's differ from A's is in the dynamic of their relationships.
Older PSB's seek out younger STRAIGHTBIANS who may possess a similar maturity, but their drastic age difference helps to ensure Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's are looked up to, maybe even idolized as an older role model or community leader. In fact, Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B types will work to gain positions that have power/hierarchy because these types of fields/jobs have the potential to impress younger STRAIGHTBIANS. Academia is FILLED with Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B types! Radical Feminism has long been a kind of vanguard for Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B's. LGBT community jobs possess many Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B types as well. But any doctor, lawyer, mental health management, particularly if these positions intersect with LGBT rights etc, all are havens for Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B types. With higher paying careers comes larger salaries, all go to impress/ensnare/buy young, damaged and impressionable younger STRAIGHTBIANS.

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN B types are another rancid sect of STRAIGHTBIANS rotting the core of perceived Lesbian. Unfortunately for real Lesbians, they are another noxious weed choking out our flowering at the root.

Dirt and Mrs Dirt

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  1. Dr Jessica Taylor with her young bride is a perfect example of this.


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