Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIANS-Settling the Record STRAIGHT pt 1

Another disturbing area of STRAIGHTBIANISM (along with being Heterosexual and claiming to be Lesbian) is what we call the Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN, not to be confused with actual pedophiles, but bear with.

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIANS come in primarily two forms, equally sick in their own right.

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A) Internet newsgroups, forums and chat rooms have been overflowing with these types from when the internet was nothing more than bare bones. Every butch-femme (lesbian), BDSM (lesbian) or kink (lesbian) area on the internet past and present is littered with this type of STRAIGHTBIAN. There has been a growing decline in the last dozen or so years tho, as many of these STRAIGHTBIANS have entered into transition and identified as FTM rather than previously identifying as some form of lesbian or gender queer. 

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A's engage in playing in child sexual abuse, whereby one STRAIGHTBIAN will pretend to be a child while the other STRAIGHTBIAN pretends to be the child molester. In the cases of Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A's whom claim to be butch-femme, the butch Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A usually assumes the role of the daddy (child molester) while the femme Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A usually assumes the role of the little girl (victim). Among Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A's who do not identify as butch or femme, the role playing may not be so static, whereby the daddy/girl play maybe just one form of their sex scenes and the players might not always assume the same role.

Before any STRAIGHTBIAN readers yell PRUDES, regardless of the circular mental unhealthiness of these pedoesque games that go nowhere and never lead to any kind of child sexual abuse recovery (because wallowing in CSA isnt cathartic, freeing or enlightening), I nor Mrs Dirt frankly care what two consenting adults do in bed, on the floor, on the ceiling or wherever, but we DO care when they are using LESBIAN to do so!

Sexually abused Heterosexual women who spend their adult lives reenacting child sexual abuse is NOT Lesbian! Sex, no matter what form of sex, between two Heterosexual females does NOT make you Lesbian or turn you Lesbian! But it is precisely these narrow minded harebrained biologically driven Hetsplained explanations for the two dimensional lesbian as they (het society) know it (2 females engaging in something sexual). 

Pedoesque STRAIGHTBIAN A's are yet another area Lesbians desperately must and need to unSTRAIGHTened ourselves from! Medical literature on lesbians for more than a century are replete with linking CSA and Lesbianism, all failing to differentiate between actual biological Lesbians and child sexually abused Het females who engage in sex with other females. (So much easier for Hets to make Lesbian into something that sprang from sickness *sexual abuse* then grew into depravity *rejecting men*, rather than entertain the idea that Homosexuality is a rung up on the evolutionary ladder)

Instead we're suffocating from centuries of lesbian studies (written by Het males/females/STRAIGHTBIANS) stacked to the high heavens babbling Babel that only makes sense to HETEROSEXUALS! A group who unfortunately dominate EVERYTHING due to their sheer numbers alone (intellect optional)! Numbers that invariably decide what we deserve/need based on who we are PERCEIVED to be via incorrect data, ie mentally/emotionally damaged STRAIGHTBIANS (sexually abused straight females)!

In short, what fucked up damaged straight women do in bed with other fucked up damaged straight women who called themselves some form of Lesbian/are labeled some form of Lesbian by other Heterosexuals IS the business of Lesbians BECAUSE their actions/perception of their actions AFFECT Lesbians personally!

Dirt and Mrs Dirt


  1. Thank you for the article. I never heard the term straightbian. I had to click on the article to see what it meant. The first thing that comes to mind is drunk college girls. LOL
    I am hetero. Most of the lesbians I know would fit the category of straightbians. But, I'm pretty sure it would offend them if I actually said so to their faces.
    Where do you draw the line?
    I dunno. I'll have to look more into this, as I have always been under the impression that lesbians, as a whole, are the least "kinky sex" group of people I know. It is possible that I have this impression because gay men and straight couples tend to talk about their kinks pretty often. `
    Anyway. Thanks for the article. Just wanted to acknowledge a random person randomly reading your article.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment!



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