Time For Another Pop Quiz: Logic 101

Attention: Straight Females: 

Regarding the widespread myth that the only criteria for any female to “magically become a Lesbian” is to have sex with another female, let’s take a quick quiz to test the “logic” of this ridiculous (yet shockingly prevalent) theory:

1). If you have sex with a male, do you magically become a male?

2). If you have sex with someone of another race, do you magically become that race?

3). If you have sex with someone of another nationality, do you magically become that nationality?

4). If you have sex with someone who is (fill-in-the-blank: short, tall, young, old,  middle-aged, fat, thin, athletic, clumsy, disabled, non-disabled, etc.), do you magically become that attribute?

5). If you are a perverted, sicko, disgusting freak, and have sex with a sheep, do you magically become a sheep?

As anyone with an IQ higher than fruitcake will quickly ascertain, the CORRECT answer to ALL of the above questions is a definitive “NO”.

Now, let’s do one last question to test the “logic” of our central question:

6). If you have sex with another female, do you magically “become a Lesbian”?

And the answer to #6 is another quite hearty “NO”!

Think about it. Seriously, really THINK about it.

Forget all of the ridiculous radfem rhetoric you have read that supposedly “empowers” women (by encouraging them to be something that they are not — which is not actually very “empowering” after all, now is it?).

Forget all of the salacious soundbites (“Lesbian Murders Lover’s Husband!”; “Lesbian Vampires Kill 2 in Bloodbath!”).

Forget the punchlines of sitcoms, forget the “Lesbian kiss” between 2 straight characters, forget the “Lesbian” TV series written by Straightbians — forget forget forget forget.

Seriously, just forget it all, forget all of the complete nonsense ever perpetuated about “Lesbians”, forget it, if even for just a moment, and please just THINK. THINK. THINK.

Can you really change your innate orientation? Can you really become something you are not?
The answer is “NO”. Nobody can. Not me, not you, not anybody. We are what we are; and wherever we go, there we are.

Lesbians cannot “become straight”, and straight females cannot “become Lesbians”.

It’s really quite simple, folks:

Do whatever you want, love whoever you want.

But please don’t call yourself “Lesbian” unless you are, in fact, AN ACTUAL LESBIAN.

I have learned the hard way that appealing to any inherent sense of logic, decency, or fairness is a completely lost cause with Straightbians. Straightbians’ deep-seated pathology, their entitled privilege, their barely-under-the-surface desperation, their narcissistic egocentrism, always trumps any sort of ethical principles.

So, Straightbians, don’t do the right thing for me, nor for any other Lesbians, since you obviously don’t give a crap about us (if you did, you wouldn’t be appropriating our lives with your lies) — no, instead, tell the truth for yourself:

Here’s the thing: If you are a straight female who is claiming to be a “Lesbian”, you are not being brave, nor radical, nor feminist: instead, you are a coward and a liar. You can never be your true self by denying the truth about yourself. Straightbian lives are a fragile house of cards, build on the flimsy foundation of an outright lie that they are “Lesbians”. Telling the truth about who you really are is the first step of rebuilding a life based on authenticity rather than unethical lies. It’s way past time for Straightbians of all varieties to stop using “Lesbian” as a shield, as a camouflage, as a costume, as a suit of armor, as a money-maker, as an attention-grabber, as a ticket to internet fame, and as a vehicle for your anger.

Mrs Dirt and Dirt


  1. What about women who are confused? Where does this fit experience fit in? I do believe a lot of women do KNOW what they are and are playing games or have other issues around it, but I also think a lot of women are genuinely confused. Not everyone has a strong sense of self right away and add in the mix bisexual or asexual behaviours and its a recipe for being perpetually confused. In (old) LGBT there used to be space for someone to be "questioning" which seems to have been all but destroyed and erased with the rise of "queer". Which is a shame because its something that needs to be talked about. Internet searches for teens that might be confused of "am i gay" provide horrible vague and obfuscating material like "you just know" and the "Kinsey scale" with no real guides how to understand your sexual orientation.

    1. I really don't buy the "confused" thing. Maybe you can be confused as an adolescent, but as an adult? I would say the feelings closeted gay adults experience are more akin to shame and repression than confusion. "Horrible vague obfuscating material like 'you just know'" are in fact an accurate description - because you DO "just know", often from early childhood and often without having a word or definition for it.
      These supposedly confused women are just bisexual. Which is completely fine obviously, but does not give them the right to speak on behalf of lesbians or work out their emotional/psychological issues at our expense.

    2. Hi, this is Mrs. Dirt signed in as Dirt. I agree with Anon 11/18 at 5:16 pm. Although some lesbians may not come out immediately for various reasons,lesbians DO know, often from a very young age. Those who remain genuinely confused are not lesbians.

    3. apparently there are late bloomer lesbians though and in many cases, those seem more genuinely lesbian to me than some of the people who pose on social media. they don't make it their identity, they just realize late i believe.

      if I'm not mistaken, they are women who simply didn't think a lot about their own personal sexual attraction /didn't have the words for them and then decoded all those experiences much later because of misconceptions they had previously about what "lesbian" meant.

      I remember seeing that post on twitter about r/straightbloomerlesbians where a woman got harassed and went after because she stated in her post that she talked to her sister about not being attracted to seeing dick at all and finding it weird & disgusting and apparently the responses all went after her (probably transbians) for talking negatively about dick as a lesbian.

      i hate to say this, but among other things, one of the reasons why het women hate dick pics that we don't like talking about openly is that they give us unwanted sexual arousal and with this i think i finally get why some men get upset about seeing boobs/nipples in public, if it has a similar effect as dick pics do on straight women, it's actually insidious.

      I am fascinated by the frankness of this blog, a lot of lesbians on twitter are mostly so polite to, for example, call women who date transwomen, bisexual.

      funny, I started researching lgbt issues on an endeavour too be in a better position to write fiction that includes gay people's experiences (because it's very hip right now in the writing community to write about lgbt issues, although I'm not sure how many of them really do their homework) and I'm not sure at all if my journey to finally understanding how things really work was worth it, because I don't think I will ever by able anymore to write those kinds of lgbt-fiction that would land really popularly within the current queer community. the ones they all want, none of which actually become popular because none of the ways they expect them to be written like would be true to human nature. living in a fantasy land was nice while it lasted.

      apologies for the detour from the issue at hand, but reading this blog has been revealing to me.

    4. Sorry for long delay, unfortunately COVID-19 has affected normal life.

      Due to how overwhelming it would be to update this blog, I may start something similar in future, and I prefer to see my growth of understanding by leaving things here intact.

      That said, there are no late in life homosexuals, straightbians/lesbians? Yes.

      At this juncture I would use straightbian/lesbian synonymous, as lesbian was a term created by heterosexuals to define same sex attractions etc between damaged straight females or post menopausal straight females. Lesbian has never rang any truth for homo females.

      Homo females aren't defined by our attraction, that's too simple. Biology goes far beyond crushes, sex or relationships. It defines how vastly different we process information than Hets regardless of who they date and how differently the Het world interprets us.

      Obviously I would elaborate more on this in a new blog!

      Thanks for your comments! I'm on Twitter under thedirtfromdirt but I mostly post out my cats!



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