Transgender Identity vs STRAIGHTBIAN/Radical Feminist Identity

Dirt and Mrs Dirt


  1. Interesting analogy. Many years from now, I started noticing people who pretend they are somebody they aren't (autistic, lesbian, Black, Asian, child, etc.). The biggest epidemic was a plethora of fake "autistics" (ranging from mild Aspergers/ASD to severe cases of Munchausen people who pretend to be non-verbal). The most notorious and well-known is Amanda (Mel) Baggs, but they are many more... fake auties use the very same tactics as straightbians/transtrenders/transracial etc. I wonder why people spend (waste!) so much energy on pretending. I guess that's something deeper than pathology on individual level, society is to blame... especially "identity" politics. It's a big business to be a minority, and self- proclaimed identities give people protected characteristics, popularity, attention, priviliges and celebration.... :/

    1. It isn’t an analogy.


    2. You are right. Pretenders that I mentioned might be their own phenomenon, something more much like Munchausens or fake indigenous people (people who falsely claim Native America heritage) than straightbians & transgender identity.


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