Top Ten Truths About Lesbian Adults

1) All Lesbian adults have either been pursued/dated or had a relationship with a STRAIGHTBIAN.

2) All Lesbian adults have been emotionally/sexually/financially (for some all three) raped by a STRAIGHTBIAN in name or body.

3) In all Lesbian adults, Heterosexual Dysphoria drastically subsides or disappears altogether. (Largely due to meeting other Dykes/Dyke friendships whereby solidifying we actually are mentally/emotionally and physically vastly different from Het females)

4) Along with finding other Lesbian adults/making Lesbian friends; in all adult Lesbians the long held feelings of alienation also gradually subside.

5) All Lesbian adults partnered with a STRAIGHTBIAN have difficult/complicated/relationships that heavily mirror Het couplings. Difficulties will be blamed by both the Lesbian and the STRAIGHTBIAN on Het male/female stereotypes. STRAIGHTBIANS early in the relationship often use/play up the differences in light/flirty ways.

6) All Lesbian adults if/when they partner with another Lesbian realize quickly through their shared biology that if the coupling is not compatible, they separate and move on and/or remain friends (often lifelong). And if compatible embark on a long-term relationship.

7) All Lesbian adults (regardless of lifestyle/health) drastically age better than Het females of a similar age (including STRAIGHTBIANS).

8) All Lesbian adults over the age of 30, sleep blissfully unaware of any "biological clocks".

9) All Lesbian adults either watch sports, participate in sports (organized or other), or exercise.

10) All Lesbian adults have encountered some form of Lezbophobia; such as housing discrimination, employment discrimination, pet adoption discrimination, blatant comments/dirty looks/stares from general public etc. Lesbian biological make up exposes most Lesbians to potential Lezbophobia. Fortunately since Lesbians deal with some form of this from our most formative years, by adulthood we are emotionally and physically able handle it.

dirt and Mrs. Dirt


  1. I am curious about something. You have said that lesbian children are not girls. Do you therefore believe that lesbian adults are not women?

    1. It was explained by Dirt and Saye already numerous times. They don't use 'girls' and 'women' as 'female child' and 'adult female' in this context. You can switch 'girls' in Dirt's posts to 'straight girls' without really changing the meaning, but I think Dirt prefers to use 'girls' to show that lesbian children tend to feel alienated from all girls, because they almost never have a occasion to meet another lesbian in similiar age in their childhood, so they have no idea, that a female child like them could exist.
      Well, I hope I get it right. Sorry for my English.

    2. Thank you, Bartek! Yes, to reiterate what Bartek said above, this topic has been explained many times. The point is that Lesbians are different than heterosexual girls/women. Since the terms "girl" and "woman" are used to describe heterosexual girls/women, and since Lesbians are a very small minority of females, Lesbians can't relate to those terms/concepts being used for/about/as us. Yes, LESBIANS ARE BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE and neither Dirt nor I have said otherwise. But Lesbians are different from STRAIGHT females, which is the point. Everyone should beware that some people have either "intentionally misunderstood" OR else they are simply too stupid to understand the actual point, and are trying to spread misinformation by stating that we have said that Lesbians aren't female. Please ignore the ignorant asshats and the drama queens who are spreading such nonsense.

  2. Why do all lesbians have to enjoy sports?


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