Top Ten Truths About Lesbian Teens

1) In ALL Lesbian teens Heterosexual Dysphoria increases to varying degrees resulting from fears developed during puberty.

2) In ALL Lesbian teens, the development of breasts/hips hasten greater Het Dysphoria due to Lesbian teens fearing physical changes that (feel like they will) align us more with Heterosexual females.

3) In ALL Lesbian teens, because puberty Heterosexually signifies the beginning of adult (Het) relationships (marriage/children/family), Lesbian teens feel angst when family/friends/adult figures presume they will follow into Heterosexual roles.

4) In ALL Lesbian teens, physiological changes from periods heighten Heterosexual Dysphoria, doubling #1. Intellectually feeling/KNOWING this should NOT be happening to us. We strongly suspect these feelings are due to Lesbian evolution being incomplete. Lesbian brains have evolved beyond Heterosexual female procreation, but Lesbian bodies are still functioning to procreate. The many problems Lesbians have with their cycles (including not menstruating) are indicative of our evolution toward complete Lesbian evolution. This is not simply the feeling of I dont like having a period or periods are a nuisance, it is a complete mental disconnect/at odds-ness with periods.

5) In ALL Lesbian teens, unlike Heterosexual teens (who become boy/girl crazy), Lesbian teen intellects/emotions are not hijacked via procreative impulses.

6) In ALL Lesbian teens, due to the unshared procreative drive/coupling by Heterosexual teens (teens Girl concerns change focus/priorities from school/college etc to that of clothes/make up/beauty/friends/boys/Proms/sex/birth control/relationships); Lesbian teens experience feelings of difference and alienation pointing them instead toward academics/sports/college goals/future jobs etc. Depending on the feelings of alienation, some Lesbian teens will experiment with drugs/alcohol as an escape from constant Heterosexuality.

7) In ALL Lesbian teens, Het female school friends use Lesbian teen friends as boy stand ins or go betweens, between them and boys. Confusing/hurting Lesbian teens who often develop Het Girl crushes when Lesbian teens are used to fulfill Het Girls calculated Boy/Girl schemes.

8) In ALL Lesbian teens, as romantic feelings develop, Lesbian teens feel more bombarded by dominant Het culture's biologically driven sex/procreative compulsions:
  • Barraged with Het classmates pairing up 
  • Barraged with Het TV/TV advertisements 
  • Barraged with Het billboards
  • Barraged with Het films
  • Barraged with Het music
  • Barraged with Het books/magazines
  • Barraged with Hetsplained notions of Lesbian via all of the above
  • Barraged with Het public
All conspiring to further Lesbian teens feelings of alienation.

9) In ALL Lesbian teens, Lesbian teens begin realizing our Lesbianism isnt accepted, nor understood by family/society (including Liberals). Procreation (SEX) being the near be all and end all of Hets (for Het females its babies/Het males its sex-both leading to species propagation); attraction being only a minute aspect of Lesbianism, as it becomes obvious to families of Lesbian teens that they are Lesbians, families react in a range from grief [regardless of current changes in law] (I'll never walk her down the aisle or I'll never have grandchildren) to mild acceptance (I dont know why you wouldnt want a boyfriend but I love you anyways or love is love) to hate and disgust (no daughter of mine is going to be a pervert or you will go to hell or what will the neighbors thinks or get out of my house or I'll fucking kill you). In ALL cases, once a Lesbian teen is identified as Lesbian by family/friends, the human totality of each Lesbian is shrank to that of two females (Straight or Lesbian) having sex. 

10) In ALL Lesbian teens, Lesbian teens begin to realise they are like vampires of a sort; Lesbians look out into the mirror of society and do not see (their reflection) their selves reflected back. Even today with so called Homosexual progress, a public/media Lesbian is either a) a STRAIGHTBIAN b) a watered down version of Lesbian (think Ellen) or c) a complete misrepresentation of Lesbian (think OITNB). 

Dirt and Mrs Dirt


  1. But how can lesbians evolve if they don't reproduce?

    1. Some lesbians do have children (either because they are "later-in-life lesbians" who have children before coming out; or they choose to have children through artificial insemination etc.).

    2. To evolve separately from other human females lesbian should be isolated and reproduce only with each other (well, it's technically possible to change female cell into something similiar to sperm cell and impregnate a woman with that, but I believe most lesbians aren't mad scientists that want to pass their genes on their partner's offspring for any price). Or if we assume that biological factor that determines sexual orientation is identical for men and women, then they could reproduce with gay men.
      I think that while sexual orientation is determined mostly by biology, genes fo not have absolute impact for that. From studies on homosexuality that I found I concluse it's rather caused by hormonal changes during pregnacy. But the problem is that all these studies were focusing on gay men. It seems that only gender studies researches know that lesbians exist, but I would rather want them to forget about the whole lgbt...

    3. The research about what causes us to be gay/lesbian is biased, flawed, and incomplete (at best). Truthfully, though, I hope that the researchers do NOT find a gene or other specifically identifiable cause of homosexuality, because it is a 100 percent guarantee that we will be aborted/eliminated should that ever happen. But just because a certain genetic sequence hasn't been definitively identified doesn't mean that there isn't some sort of biological basis for homosexuality. And the answer might turn out to be somewhere in the combination of the 2 specific parents procreating (I mean male and female parents, obviously); in other words, 2 lesbians would not have to somehow magically reproduce to create a lesbian child, nor would it need to be a lesbian/gay male-produced child (I know that is not what you meant, but I just wanted to clarify for others who might not understand).

    4. Yeah, the main problem with these researchers I see is that they don't (and probably can't) verify whether they're working with actual homosexual people or people who just claim to be gay or lesbian for whatever reason. But from my general Knowledge of human genetics I guess sexual orientation (especially in the way you're understanding it) is way too complex to be determined only by genes. In my opinion to make a little baby gay or baby lesbian a fetus with genetical predisposition to develop homosexuality must meet certain enviromental requiments. And by enviroment I don't mean the way a child is raised, but rather a specific events during pregnancy. But I guess we'll never know for sure.
      I can understand why you wanted to clarify that, I met morons who believed that gay people are produced by corrupting little children with gayness by adult gays. It's XXI century and some folks still don't realise that great majority of homosexuals is born and raised in conventional families.

  2. I would sooner jump off a cliff than be preggers, even if it was IVF. I've felt this way since early childhood despite the constant "but but grandchildren!" crap .

  3. Even when I was a kid and begrudgingly thought that I'd have to marry a man someday (no lesbians around while growing up in a small Italian city, no lesbians on the telly and romance seemed such a silly and far away concept anyway) I was dead set I didn't want children, and so did my girlfriend. Then we found each other, and the thought of having one together didn't seem so bad after all. Fast forward to four years later and it seems we're not really that keen on being mothers, being an aunt seems much more fun!

  4. I'm an ex-ftm lesbian (started transitioning in my late teens, lived as a trans man for about three years, am now reidentified as female) and this fits too well. My experiences growing up as a lesbian teen in a nutshell.

  5. One thing that makes me wonder: many parents, no matter what daughter's orientation, one day get to know their daughter will be Childfree. Although to many parents it might be shocking, nowadays having babies is rather optional than default. Among my friends (although it is not a very good example, cuz I mainly make friends with women who are obsessed on extreme sports) nearly 98% of 18-40 yo are Childfree by choince and never wanted or felt any instinct to have a baby. Statistically, probably there is more Childfree women in all the population than percentage of Lesbians in all the population.So rather homophobia plays a role in parents'reaction than regret or not having grandchildren.

    1. i would sign that declaration, even many het couples need to adopt, use ivg and other methods etc. to have children at all because they don't actually have the natural assets required to produce babies


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