Top Ten Truths About Lesbian Children

  1. All Lesbian children know that we are different from Girls from the moment we develop a self concept/the cognizance of "I". 
  2. All Lesbian children when dressed in "Girl's" clothing know/feel a range of uncomfortable to acutely uncomfortable. 
  3. All Lesbian children when confronted by Het adults/peers with Heterocentric norms of later (when we grow up) being married with children, confidently respond with a resounding NO!  
  4. All Lesbian children have better/clearer mutual communications with males of any age than we do with Het females of any age.
  5. All Lesbian children have a difficult time relating to Het fairy-tales/tv shows/movies etc.
  6. All Lesbian children when play acting with Girls are put into male roles BY Girls.
  7. All Lesbian children when play acting with Boys are leaders of Boys or peers (equals) of Boys.
  8. All Lesbian children are read differently and treated differently by adults, including adults (unconsciously) putting Lesbian children into male roles, including assigning Lesbian children chores more associated with Het Boys. 
  9. All Lesbian children when called/categorized as a Girl feel an acute sense of discomfort/wrongness. (Knowing we are female, but also knowing we are not (like) Girls)
  10. All Lesbian children feel a strong affinity toward animals. Many Lesbian children cite their first or closest friends as an animals.

Dirt and Mrs Dirt

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  1. This is pretty silly. These generalizations are completely unsupported by evidence. Clearly, you are describing your own childhoods and perhaps those of some people in your social circle. That's not how determinations are made about populations. Why go out of your way to undermine your credibility?


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