STRAIGHTBIAN Invisibility-The Platform of a Lifetime

As a child Lesbian, part of FEELING different from Heterosexuals is also being TREATED differently by Heterosexuals. Our Lesbianism is noticed by both adults and peers as early as a year or two old. Any Het family member or friend has readily said of adult Lesbians "she was ALWAYS DIFFERENT"! LONG before Lesbians are coupled with another female, we are  marked "different"!

Lesbians from birth to death literally wear Lesbian, not the man-hating-radical-lesbian-feminist garb (short hair/no or little make up/drab clothes/doc martins or Birkenstocks/dangle earrings etc), but wear it, naked. So that no matter how we dress our Lesbian body, we are read by Heterosexuals as different, even if they cannot put their finger on what the difference is. Often times it is not until we have a girlfriend that the "ah ha" light bulb moment goes off, that our Het family/friends realize minutely just what that difference is. I say minutely because Het biology so strongly colors how Hets define relationships, meaning for Hets, a Lesbian doesnt exist until she licky licks a pussy or has her pussy licky licked by another female (cuz thats what Hets presume Lesbians do sexually whether on not we do).

This is RADICALLY untrue of any and all Radical Feminists "lesbian" experiences or "lesbian lives". The five year old STRAIGHTBIAN isnt expected by a school girl friend to be the boy-to-their-girl anymore than the 15 year old STRAIGHTBIAN is begged by their male peers to be the pitcher on their baseball team or asked by a female peer or two to carry their books and escort them home from school safely. STRAIGHTBIANS, Radical Feminist or otherwise have had to carve out ways of making themselves visible as the Lesbians they claim to be, not because they are Lesbian, but precisely because they are not.

Lesbian Invisibly, including Femme Invisibility, has been a HOT topic of STRAIGHTBIAN discussion for the last 60+ years. Its been one long squall of nobodycantellI'malesbian! Looking like a (Hetsplained) lesbian is soooooo important to STRAIGHTBIANS, because like the Heterosexuals that they are, they need to be seen/visible as women who do NOT have SEX with men first, then women who have SEX with other women second.  

Sex (with other women) is of course the DEFINING lesbian qualifier here. Some of the more sexually abused STRAIGHTBIANS will attempt to shove their (Hetsplained) version of lesbian into the general public's face with aggressive or graphic public displays of affection with female partners/friends in effort to show the world/patriarchy just how lesbian they and their partner is. STRAIGHTBIANS, like Transgenders need constant validation as proof they are lesbians, because they are not. Unlike Lesbians who cannot hide our Lesbian body, who are visibly Lesbian from the moment we awake to the moment we go to sleep and every second in between, without society's gaze, the lesbian STRAIGHTBIANS play, disappears.

Lesbians do not have the Het privileged luxury to hide behind our biology, our biology is VISIBLE, and without doing anything to call attention to ourselves our Lesbianism is in THEIR (Het society's) faces.
  • STRAIGHTBIANS are not kicked out of their family homes as pre teens/young teens for BEING (not doing) a Lesbian, Lesbians ARE!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS do not get into physical scraps with boys in school (and win), Lesbians do!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS are not viewed or treated any different than peers by parents/school kids/school authorities, Lesbians ARE!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS are never queer bashed alone, Lesbians ARE!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS are not reported or removed from using public toilets, Lesbian ARE!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS are only seen as Lesbians by society if kissing/making out with another female, Lesbians are visibly Lesbian ALONE!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS adopt a Hetplained idea of lesbian dress in order to look like a "lesbian", clothes are incidental to Lesbians and do not factor high in Lesbian priorities!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS are not barred from public housing for their lesbianism, Lesbians ARE!
  • STRAIGHTBIANS require a public platform to publicly announce/display their warped inaccurate and fucked up idea of lesbian, Lesbians are Lesbian all by ourselves.
Unlike STRAIGHTBIANS/Het women, Lesbians have never needed a #metoo movement to garner sympathy for being too emotionally feeble, too physically frail, too emotional, too scared, too scared to say no, too afraid to challenge the world on their own, too needy, too whiny, too bitchy, too indirect, too in need of a man to defend and protect them, too too too too too!

Lesbian biology alone is Lesbian personified, clothing and/or platform is optional.


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