UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian from Trans STRAIGHTBIANS

In the course of half a century of life experiences, Homosexual biology, years of daily acute discussions, rigorous (ongoing) research, all adjudicating in an amalgam of truths; both Mrs Dirt and I are (in the pursuit of truth) redressing some past presumptions. Presumptions that were made due to general Hetsplainations of Lesbian, centuries past and specifically due to STRAIGHTBIAN Hetsplaining, decades prior (thru current) to now.

STRAIGHTBIANS as we have shown in post after post of UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian, who had the Het privilege/biology to communicate to whole swathes of the public and the ability to be understood/taken seriously by Het public and academic circles. STRAIGHTBIANS who in varying ways DICKtated:
  • what defines a Lesbian
  • what Lesbian was
  • what Lesbians looked like
  • what Lesbians dressed like
  • what Lesbians did in bed/in public toilets
  • what/who Lesbian music/musicians were
  • what Lesbian books to read
  • who Lesbian authors were
  • and who Lesbians were/are
But unfortunately actual Lesbians (which is the ONLY Lesbians) didnt know the above were all prevarications and fallacies we needed to guard against rather than accept or worse embrace, despite the uncomfortableness.

Popular dyke STRAIGHTBIAN culture taught us that every or near every mohawked/Doc Martin wearing/dangly ear ringed/body modified/tattoo sleeved/women's studies professor/drum circle beater/pink-purple-orange-blue haired/pro abortionist/take back the nighter/BDSM scener/I kissed a girl liked it and want to do it againers all went to make the "lesbian community". A STRAIGHTBIAN construct, very much like feminist's patriarchy, it simply does not exist. Granted there are pockets of Dykes in any given area at any given time. But small pockets of Dykes arent exactly DICKtating popular STRAIGHTBIAN prattle, formulating life long careers out of Heterocetric bullshit/thin air or worrying their mind over the rights/wrongs of penis in vagina sex!

STRAIGHTBIAN conceived/driven Queer Theory (a theory of a theory whereby STRAIGHTBIANS put their cart before their horse via signifiers; or simply, the clothes etc make the man/woman/homo/lesbian) was a Radical Feminists offspring that sprang from Radical Feminism's adoption of pedophile/sexologist John Money's Gender Identity Theory (sex is irrelevant/gender is a construct Patriarchy created to keep women down-if women deconstruct/reconstruct Patriarchy's unequal gender constructs and everyone will be equal in all things). Queer Theory brought Radical Feminism/Gender Identity into the 80's entering first through academic ivory doors, later exiting through medical offices/operating rooms and medical incinerators.

If our unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian posts have proved anything it is that only the severely sexually/emotionally damaged/fragile are drawn to and make up Radical Feminism/RadFem scions. Some STRAIGHTBIANS gravitated toward sissified separatism, some toward man hating impotent militancy, some toward circular BDSM scenes, some toward shallow waves that petered out long before land, and some so damaged/wrecked and ruptured they decided instead of hating men, they were men, men trapped in female bodies that is!

Like many O RadFem STRAIGHTBIANS, these warped women also wrongly figured themselves first to be Lesbian, an idea metastasized by decades of Radical Feminist rubbish, queered by Queer Theory twaddle and determined, diagnosed, coerced, conscripted, fooled, flim-flammed and later cheered into transition by a Heterosexual Heterocentric Hetsplaining Homophobic psychiatric community (mirrored by society) that understood/believed/took at face value that all same sex SEX equals Homo/Lezbo (including men who like to spank their monkey in lady garb-talk bout queer!) and all Homos/Lezbos equals born in the wrong body/born wrong period (apparently brains are independent of body parts-who knew!).

If child molested/abused/confused Het women can choose to be lesbians, some of those Het women are going to choose to be men who had called themselves Lesbians! Lesbian being often the road some STRAIGHTBIANS passed through on their way to trans man-hood, their lesbian narratives matched the lesbian narratives first constructed by past STRAIGHTBIANS, matching then past Trans STRAIGHTBIAN narratives.
STRAIGHTBIANS who had claimed lesbian identity (huh?) then later transitioned, (lesbian never feeling right to them) as testosterone floods/affects/morphs their Heterosexual female brain, masculinising it/altering Het female actions/reactions/desires; strongly shifting secret sexual desires they held for males when they were identifying as lesbians, now aligns with the male identity they are now trying to create. (Het female brain on testosterone morphs [morphs superficially-once cross sex hormones are ceased normal brain function swiftly returns] into Het male-ish brains becoming sexually attracted to other females; strengthening misunderstood feelings of same sex attraction prior to transition, i.e. convincing them they never were lesbians merely men trapped in women's bodies.

All this to say, not only have/are STRAIGHTBIANS the visible face of all things Lesbian, they are also the dominant group of females  who transition. And as such, Mrs Dirt and I will be including Trans STRAIGHTBIANS in future unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian posts. Lesbians are not the emotionally weak/damaged/disturbed/warped women psychiatry/society has diagnosed, STRAIGHTBIANS are.

Dirt and Mrs Dirt


  1. To See Wobble:
    It's a fact that the majority of straight women's problems are self-inflicted, especially if we're talking about countries where females have legal equality. They keep coddling and enabling men's shit, and they keep breeding more of them every generation and hoping things will magically change. Why is it a moral imperative for lesbians to pity these women or to save them from the consequences of their own choices and natures?
    If you've read this blog, you will have seen extensive documentation of what radfem politics, and the straightbians created by that ideology, have done to lesbians. Possibly you think this is an acceptable sacrifice in service of the greater good of female liberation.
    Unfortunately, the only things radfems are "doing for women" is helping them make excuses and run away from their problems with concepts like gender and political lesbianism. The more important question is, what is this bullshit "cause" doing for lesbians?

    1. Well said, Anon 5/15 at 2:18. Somehow, the needs (and reality, and lives, etc.) of actual lesbians are completely obliterated by the whims/wants of radfems/Straightbians, who, like See Wobble, just DO NOT CARE.

  2. For anyone following this post, the vast majority of comments were removed due to ignorance, no ability to comment on topic, using multiple accounts to comment under different names as well as stalking my wife.


  3. As an actual lesbian, I do not spend a lot of time thinking about men. But I work in a male-dominated field and see every day that sexism is alive and well. IMHO, most women aren't wired to be as competitive and hierarchical, and male-centric definitions of power and leadership are universally seen as superior. So I identify as a proud feminist, and feel a kinship with many straight women in my professional world. I know this is not the same as Radical Feminism, but I wince a little bit thinking that people might think you are throwing the feminist baby out with the radical feminist bathwater.

  4. I have a question if you care to address it. What are your thoughts on gay trans men? If trans men are simply women who are ashamed to admit their lesbian status, how do you explain trans men who have no sexual or romantic attraction towards women and never have?


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