Why STRAIGHTBIAN Victoria Brownworth Gives Lesbian a Bad Name & a Bad Taste in Our Collective Lesbian Mouth

While Victoria Brownworth is on a future list of unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian, some tweets from her that crossed my timeline today angered me enough to do a quick post now, lets call it a PRE unSTRAIGHTening Lesbian featuring Victoria Brownworth.

If you arent familiar with VB or VAB as she's often sited:
Celebrated as an out Lesbian journalist despite being fully HETEROSEXUAL. Brownworth has even criticized Lesbian co-opters like herself:
That being said, the reason for this mini-post involves VAB recently yammering on her Twitter timeline regarding the #MeToo Uma Thurman thing, which she quickly (per usual) redirected toward herself (Munchhausen much?):
I have permanent scars too, but not from any sexual assault, but from reading VAB's Lesbian STRAIGHTBIAN smut she once pimped out like a common whore to titillate other warped fucked up STRAIGHTBIANS like herself:
Pretty funny VAB wasnt so traumatized she couldnt think up/write sick fucked up shit like this (tip of the iceberg or cock? I assure you)! What traumatized rape victim do you know dreaming about the SEXY WET TIP OF A MAN'S COCK who is about to rape her? Fucking NONE thats how many! And most certainly NO FUCKING LESBIAN UNDER ANY FUCKING CIRCUMSTANCE THINKS ABOUT A MAN'S WET TIPPED COCK, EVER! Yet Brownworth's erotic fiction/fantasy life is filled with Hetero rape fantasy shit!

There is nothing erotic about being raped, and there is NOTHING LESBIAN (erotic or otherwise) about Hetero(anything)sexual rape "scenes"! Victoria Brownworth isnt a Lesbian and there is NOTHING Lesbian in ANYTHING she has ever done or written! VAB is another STRAIGHTBIAN in a LONG line of STRAIGHTBIANS damaging/convoluting EVERYTHING society knows about Lesbians, including what Lesbians/Lesbian youth think/know about ourselves.

Till now that is.


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