When Muffy Met Sally-STRAIGHTBIAN Times Deux

Professional poker players are HYPER aware of each of their opponent's tells. Tells being minute near imperceptible clues that give away a player's hand. The more perceptive the poke player, the better able to read their opponent's bluffs or good hand. Tells serve different people, at different times, for different reasons, IF you know what you're looking for.

Like any prey species in nature, Homosexuals are born intact with intrinsic defenses to both protect ourselves from Homophobic Hets AND to successfully find each without getting killed. The Industrial Revolution/modern technology has unfortunately watered down our intrinsic Homosexual gifts. Obviously the work Mrs Dirt and I are doing aimed at helping Lesbians reinvigorate dulled Lesbian senses necessary for survival/partnering continue to stir STRAIGHTBIANS/Het women throughout the world wide web. 
STRAIGHTBIANS everywhere are AFRAID! What if their Lesbian girlfriend unSTRAIGHTens them?! What if the career they have built on Hetsplaining Lesbian is called into question? Or worse, what if their weak core, plastered over with lesbian lesbian lesbian no longer has Lesbian pillars with which to hold it/them up?
Below are more recent examples of STRAIGHTBIAN panic/STRAIGHTBIAN lies, clearly festering for sometime-but rather than simply contact Mrs Dirt or myself to resolve perceived issues, they blow up/over emote/manipulate situations that only occurred in their minds-these are all PRIME examples of Het female thinking/over emotionalism-(but remember Lesbians-Het female over emotionalism is THEIR brain's norm-so for them, it isnt over emotional-but it is to Lesbians)...In no particular order, just pay close attention to my comments within each frame, they will help make sense of the Hetsplaining:

The behaviours above clearly arent Lesbian, (and they most certainly are not FEMINIST) by the very nature of the Lesbian brain, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a Dyke to act this STRAIGHT even if she tried! Mean girl syndrome isnt a syndrome you will ever find a Lesbian participating in. Lesbians dont block/hide behind closed doors and bitch and moan about others, women or men. A Lesbian, even shy ones, will confront directly using clarity and intelligence. The shortest distance between two points after all IS a straight line!

Lesbian readers, where and when you see/experience situations with females who seem to flip out over seemingly nothing, who claim situations occurred that didnt exist, who dissect other females based on anything physical and whom start/participate with other females in junior high bitch sessions? You are dealing with a Het brained female-no matter what she's labeled herself!

Beware and be safe. STRAIGHTBIANS may have us out numbered, but our unique Lesbian biology is there to protect us. TRUST it!

Dirt and Mrs Dirt


  1. why do you think all lesbians are like amazing brilliant strong, above certain antics etc. Its like all positive descriptors are for lesbians and anything else is straight women, any if theres anything negative, or even just in disagreement, about you your clearly not lesbian. and how can you think in essentialist terms about straight women but not for males? Lesbians are just as much as a complex group of women as any other, some are unhealthy, unstable, or whatever negative thing you could apply to straight. Sure I think lesbians, in essence could be different too, but I just feel like im missing something from all these posts. I mean saying there are no passive aggressive lesbians or something?? not all lesbians are perfect, or even decent people and in these posts it comes off like you think that's impossible. That they all are strong, have assertive communication, are never manipulated I could go on..
    Even in accordance to biological differences we all still deal with socialization that has a big influence on us too.

    1. I do not think Dykes are the most special people in the world. But I do KNOW we are unique and vastly different from Hets. And THOSE differences MATTER to Lesbian survival/happiness.


    2. As usual, I am very puzzled by this comment. Where have we EVER said that ALL Lesbians are amazing, brilliant, strong, etc.? By saying that Lesbians are different than straight females isn't (even remotely) saying that all Lesbians are amazing, brilliant, strong, etc. Lesbians are human too and, as such, we're not perfect (clearly...that should go without saying, shouldn't it?) and we have never said, nor implied, anything else.

  2. You wrote, "one single time JDR wrote about butch lesbians past which Mrs Dirt corrected in a post." Can you provide more information about this?
    I've followed your series on straightbians and am genuinely trying to understand what type of clues you use to figure it out. Most of them are common sense and obvious. I find this one less clear.
    I see the victim-complex thing, I see the attention-mongering, I see the hysterical exaggeration, I see the accusations that lesbians are like males. But what was it that initially tipped you off (before all of the evidence of this Twitter situation)?

    1. Read Mrs Dirt's post back in June! And the post wasnt about JDR, it was about the nonsense that Butch's were/are strippers. And for clarity Mrs Dirt paraphrased, she did not quote-there was nothing worth quoting. But this is the kind of ignorance being perpetuated under the guise of Lesbian. Not anymore.


    2. Hi, it's Mrs. Dirt here. What do you mean, what tipped us off? To what are you referring, please? Sorry I don't understand. Anyway, I didn't do a post about her per se. Instead, I wrote a post about the topic of whether or not Butches would ever strip (answer = no) based upon a Twitter convo I had a while back with her. I did NOT even name her in the post nor go into great detail. Why? BECAUSE I WAS TRYING TO BE NICE. My mistake. As to her claims that we "harassed" or "bullied" her and her wife...both of our blogs and Twitter accounts are PUBLIC. I challenge anyone to go through them with a fine-tooth comb and come up with even a single instance of "harassment" or "bullying" either of them. (Or anyone else for that matter). Yes, we do argue sometimes (well...often) but we have NEVER "harassed" nor "bullied" either of them, nor anyone else.

  3. This is anon@12:10 again. I went back and read saye’s article. I also read the JDR post on afterellen that Saye references, as well as the article on Vice by “lesbian” author Lisa Davis that JDR used as research.
    I am posting this information for any other readers here.
    JDR article:
    Vice article about lesbian bars in the 30s:

    The first thing that's obvious is that Lisa Davis, the source of this so-called research on lesbian drag kings, is herself not a lesbian.

    She writes, “Buddy Kent [another drag king of the era] said the Mafia was very good to the gay girls. They were coming out of the Depression, they had nothing, and being gay—dressing up in your little trousers and suit—you could easily get yourself murdered. The Mafia protected them. The girls mostly worked as wait staff, but sometimes they were stars, like Blackie Dennis, who was a crooner. She was a big number. She also had a strip act, which she did at Jimmy Kelly's and other places. But most of them were waiters, some were drag kings, and some performed as strippers or worked as prostitutes. That was one reason the Mafia liked the girls: They could be moved over into prostitution. But the girls didn't seem to mind that either! I think because there was so much money in it.”
    Lisa Davis obviously lacked the capacity to understand that these Mafia-paid performers were straightbians/bisexuals.

    JDR came along, took a look at photos of women like Blackie Dennis and Buddy Kent dressed up in their drag king outfits, and declared them “butch”.

    She writes, “Butch women were taking real fashion risks and the mafia offered lesbians much-needed protection...While the mafia used their power to pay off the cops, lesbians in the Village found their own brand of power. Many performed as drag kings, dressed to the nines in suits and ties. They put together acts that included a variety of talents.”

    Of course, it doesn't strike JDR as odd that butch lesbians would use their “brand of power” and “variety of talents” to be strippers and prostitutes. Men are still paying (straight) women to play lesbians for their own sick enjoyment to this day, and (as this blog has extensively documented) fucked-up straight women are all too eager to do it.

    1. Hi again, Thanks for doing that background research; which I admittedly didn't take the time to figure out what her sources for that article were at the time, since I was so shocked at it even being a topic of conversation to begin with. My point was/is, as you said: sure, some women may have cut their hair short and called themselves lesbian/dyke/butch back in the day, just like they still do now...but lesbian/dyke/butch isn't a choice, nor a costume/identity to be adopted at will. So, just because someone claimed/s to be a lesbian/dyke/butch doesn't mean she was/is. And true butches would not...would NEVER....strip. It would be against every fiber of their being, they would literally DIE before it happened, and quite frankly, I found it offensive that such a thing was implied. I really didn't mean to offend her so badly (in retrospect, now that I see what has happened, I realize she must have been angry this whole time; perhaps even incorrectly thought my blog post was "harassing" her; but she never communicated that with me); but I feel I can't let misinformation like that go unquestioned. I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to research it yourself, see what was actually said and WHY it was said, and to comment on it. Thanks.


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