What does Radical Feminism Want from Transgenders?

This post is a follow up post to Radical Feminists-Transgender Activists and Speakers Corner-a Reflection of RadFem Impotency. The reason for this post is to address a red herring that has been circulated by RadFems/RadFem supporters. The red herring came AFTER accurate accounts/rightful criticism of the Speakers Corner drama was vomited all over social media. You can read my previous post for a full account of the wasteful drama.

The red herring that I'm speaking of can be seen here in this video.

This isolated clip shows an angry male (Mr Ponytail) transgender/trans supporter intimidatingly staring down a female transgender/trans supporter till she moves off and he is further calmed by another male transgender/trans supporter.

This clip has nothing to do with or reveals anything further over the incident concerning Maria M going over into the trans camp taking pictures at first, then physically violating various transgenders/trans supporters personal space second, then swinging one such transgender/trans supporter around like a rag doll after Maria's camera was snatched at, after which another transgender/trans supporter struck at/swiped at Maria M while trying to rescue their friend from Maria's forceful grip.

The above video is being used as a look-here-not-there ploy/redirect to stir up Radical Feminists and other Women. By focusing on this young man's anger, we can forget all about the woman's actions that lead to his getting angry in the first place!

But even if we allow ourselves to fall for swamp land being sold; males are/commit violence (nothing new or shocking there), with relations to transgender transition, what exactly are Radical Feminists and RadFem supporters saying with this example?
  • Anyone with a violent past shouldnt be allowed to transition?
  • Anyone who commits a violent act should have their transition revoked?
  • Transition is acceptable as long as you show no signs of anger or violence?
  • Transition causes violence so it should be banished as a psychiatric treatment?
  • Transition is acceptable as long as you show no signs of anger or violence against women?
  • Male transition is okay so long as they do nothing to piss off RadFems/RadFem supporters?
  • Transitioning children is okay because they're to young to be violent? 
  • Only females should be allowed to transition?
As Radical Feminists/RadFem supporters are so adamant about biology having little to do with human behaviour (non-essentialism), are they upset that biological males (trans males) under the guise of woman have made more legal leaps and bounds within a handful of years than Het Women have made in 5,000 years?

Are Radical Feminists/RadFem supporters upset that the majority of transgender action oriented criticism is being directed and lead by biological males (trans males)?

Are Radical Feminists/RadFem supporters upset that despite Het females being the primary caretakers of children/teens and young adults, that after puberty, male successes far out number female successes? (Meaning according to Radical Feminism, Het females are responsible for what they call-Patriarchy and Patriarchy is according to Radical Feminismwhat stops Het females from succeeding, therefore Het females are responsible for males/male violence/male sexuality and female weakness/ineffectiveness.) 

Okay, before letting the point get away from me, once again going back to the menacing looking transgender male/trans supporter, by calling him out for looking angry or even attributing angry/violence to males (trans or not), what has been accomplished by Radical Feminists/RadFem supporters stating the obvious? Nothing. A waste of time and energy for the sole purpose of garnering attention by a handful of attention whores who arent invested in the mental health/health of those who have transitioned or are seeking it.



  1. The point of that footage is to show that trannies will turn on their handmaidens as well as those they derisively label "TERF". It shows the attitude these men have toward ALL women.

    1. That's a given. So what. Answer the questions, don't state the fucking obvious!


    2. Yes, it does show male violence but that is not the point here.

  2. I like this post because i agree a lot of radfems have all this "analysis" that goes no where. But what would you say to/about radical feminists that are essentialist? I have seen both heterosexual and lesbians be essentialists, and the heterosexual ones usually dont get romantically or personally involved with men(im not talking about political lesbians, just hets that dont date anyone)

    I am not a radical feminist, and im on the fence about being a sympathizer but I definitely think male trans, and trans movement in general is dangerous and bad for all women and especially lesbians. Your whole blog is dedicated to how it affects lesbians, and homosexual children so I wont repeat that but it also imo is so negative because women cant have female only spaces on public. lesbians cant socialize or organize. Even if lesbians try to publicly make any group to meet with each other, yknow build relationships outside of dating, they are all attacked and found out by trans. Like pretty much female only, or lesbian only, as weve seen even debates and discussions, meet ups, if it gets online or seen its all subject to violent attack. attack by invasion, doxxing etc. The sheer amount of public pressure if you dare challenge trans anything. Lesbian business and bars are dwindling, lesbians have a hard time dating already and now autogynephile mtfs demand to be included. it is so pervasive i dont even know how exactly to fight back personally. i mean plenty of us dont buy it but we're seeing what happens when you try to challenge. I mean even mtf prisoners get over on female prisoners. I dont support transition, at the very least im neutral about it but i am definitely opposed to the infringement of womens public spaces, bathrooms, social clubs whatever, and the laws trying to rewrite reality.
    your questions are valid but should be aimed at trans people too. It used to be that you werent allowed to transition unless you had "medical dysphoria" im not saying thats ok but it least there was procedures and inhibitions that didnt lead to its explosion today. one would hope that getting a diagnosis only came by cancelling out extreme mood disorders, anger, or violence, so yes maybe the only ones who should be allowed to transition should be ones that dont show signs of violence[to women].

  3. For mtfs to have gotten so much access to lesbian spaces, somebody had to hold the door open for them. That's why this blog writes so much about straightbians. Both of those problems have to be addressed for us to get anywhere. Also, I think we should be happy to have everybody's hatred and contempt finally out in the open. It was always there, seething under the surface of the happy LGBT "community", but the current state of affairs has shaken a lot of people out of denial. In real life, I've found that apolitical dyke groups are the least poisoned with queer/gender bullshit.

    1. even apolitical lesbian spaces arent safe, neither are lgbt centers which is where so many newly out or young gay people go. To me the safest are like nonwhite lesbian spaces because they havent gotten that bold to be openly racist to challenge and/or care about black lesbians, and only of a certain class.

  4. This analysis from radfems that you think goes nowhere....how do you propose radfems change society? Now Dirt thinks radical feminism is rubbish, she also thinks lesbian separatism is crap. So what's the solution?

    1. @anon 7:40
      It's not the job of dykes to tell radfems how to solve shit. Even if we did, and even if radfems could stop their woe-is-me routine long enough to listen, that still leaves the rest of the women in society. I don't know if you've noticed, but most women seem happy to tolerate being men's doormats until the end of time.

    2. Two things: 1) I'm not a radfem. 2) My question is in answer to all the whinging about how radfems are supposedly useless yet I don't see any solutions from the "dykes".

    3. As the previous Anon (9/21 at 9:03 pm) said, it's not the responsibility of Lesbians to solve radfems'/straight womens' problems. It is not the dykes who are whining, it is radfems/straight women. The solution is in their hands alone and has already been clearly stated here and elsewhere on dirt's blog: for radfems/straight women to take FULL responsibility for themselves, stop blaming men for everything, and stop appropriating lesbian as their only way to feel powerful. Simple.

    4. it doesnt just affect heterosexual women and theyre not the only ones who have a problem with the state of things. so being a healthy lesbian means we're supposed to be happy with the status quo? minus heterosexual discrimination?


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