Boots of Leather Slippers of Gold-Another Chapter in UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian

This post is meant to serve as a precursor to our (Mrs Dirt and myself) next step in our UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian series. Mrs Dirt's precursor post can be found here: Why Most Published “Lesbian Research” Is Completely Unrecognizable to Real Lesbians.

The following excepts come from one of the WORST examples of  Lesbian history, particularly Butch/Femme history, that has ever been recorded, bar NONE! In the next UnSTRAIGHTening Lesbian series we will fully dissect Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community

Remember, what you will see below doesnt even measure a drop in the bucket of ignorance filling this book cover to cover. According to our STRAIGHTBIAN authors and their male and STRAIGHTBIAN subjects Lesbianism consisted solely of roles such as:
Butches and Femmes (fems according to our derisory duo) specifically modeled their behaviour on:
 For example:
The butches found in this piss poor excuse of Lesbian history also:
While Butch Lesbians were rocking their soft everyday blouses, what were Femmes busy doing according to leather slipper boots?:
Those Femmes knew their places back in the day!

All this ROLE PLAYING though was not for naught, Lesbian ROLE PLAYING was REALLY used according to our Hetsplaining half-wits as a tool of RESISTANCE! HUH?
I'm sure the use of the ineffectual STRAIGHTBIAN better known as Simone de Beauvoir helped to sell you that last bit of swamp land! NOT!

There are several things abundantly clear from these few screencaps;


  1. Are you, among other things, "having a go" against Simone de Beauvoi?.I really hope so, that saves me from doing it. There never was a bigger fraud. She was a ruthless prick (I could say cunt, but I choose my words). She very cynically chose among her (female) students those she wanted to have sex with, then having "had her way", passed them on to her male lover J.P. Sartre, of whom they were equally in awe (silly bitches).It irritates the hell out of me that she has become a "feminist icon".

    1. If you want to be real sad, read the letters between her and Nelson Algren. He wanted her to move to the US and start a family. She wanted to stay in France and "be authentic". He didn't understand anything.

      True, for many women becoming a mother still is a career-ender. But there's plenty of men and women who has it both.

  2. "Kindergarten research"? That's just about right. I was drawn back to read this again (like a dog to his vomit?). Every part that you quote read to me like a homework assignment given to a fifth or sixth grader asked to write about "the Lesbians", as they might be about "the Pygmies" or "the Incas".

    Some parts of this utter nonsense made me feel physically sick, and I would like to be generous enough to say "on your behalf", but, in truth, on my own. If the idiots Kennedy and Davis ever wrote a "sequel" about gay men (not implausible) I hope I never see it.

  3. Simply disgusting. Thanks for the post.


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