Trans Trending Who is Transitioning STILL!

Cam-Straight Girl

Az-Straight Girl 

Em-Straight Girl 

Tim-Straight Girl

Evan-Straight Girl

Ess-Straight Girl

Chia Straight Girl

Dan-Straight Girl 

JC-Straight Girl

Lesbians transition for reasons usually associated with fear/discomfort with Hetero-Dysphoria and Homophobia.

The growing number of Het females transitioning are a direct response to transition being used as a cure-all for female mental distress/Het female masochistic emotional default and cries for HELP beyond yesterday's eating disorders, sexual promiscuity or cutting.

And so long as transition has a green light, disturbed Het female youths are going to seek HELP in all the wrong places. Only HELP from a needle merely fills the bloodstream with different ills and HELP from surgeon's knife simply carves greater troubles.


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  1. I am very happy I detransitioned (luckily, I never used hormones!) and I'm not one of them now... but healthy, tomboy FEMALE who don't believe in transgender mysogynistic bullshit. Here in Poland it's difficult to find a blog criticizing transtrending, so your blog helped me a lot.


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