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The more things change, the more things stay the same-a truer saying couldnt be made about the Transgender experience.

The sister (Maura Liebman) of a 17 year old trans female (David Liebman) posted in the F-M newsletter Metamorphosis in 1982 lovingly writes:
David writes in the same newsletter to the newsletter's editor Rupert Raj:
David, like so many of todays Lesbian teens, sexually abused Het teen Girls and various emotionally needy/socially awkward/wayward Girls, hoped/believed transition would soothe/smooth and fix her troubled young life.

What became of 17 year old David Liebman? Did she find the comfortableness, happiness and spiritual joy she so desperately desired, and most certainly deserved, at the end of a needle filled with testosterone or a surgeon's scalpel? Is David living all her dreams somewhere with a husband or a wife, with children and a pet dog?

After a little digging, I found the answer to those questions in a recent Transgender anthology put together by the same Trans activist (Rupert Raj) who created Metamorphosis:

Looking further into the anthology, Rupert Raj confirms David's cause of death just a year and a half after she first contacted Rupert Raj in a poem Raj wrote:

Stories like David Liebman's are tragically more the norm than the exception, and even where suicide is not outright accomplished, it is often tried or thought deeply about and not before transition begins, but after! Unfortunately because Transgender transition is based in covering/hiding whats real, the suicide attempts, suicides, depressions and health scares that go hand in hand with being Transgender go hidden as well. Unlike David Liebman who thanks to Rupert Raj and David's sister, a tiny tragic footprint remains of her, or rather the her buried with transition. Maura Lieman also wrote this poem for her sister David:
Regrettably I'm sure, Maura realised too late, all the love in the world cannot save someone in the throws of transition and someone in the throws of transition cannot truly feel loved.



  1. this blog man its so disrespectful

  2. fuck you. just fuck you. he took his own life because of people like you. fuck you.

  3. As for the fate of David, the world was far more unkind and alienating to transfolk back in the 80s. Even back in the early 2000's, it was a different story than it is today, so I can only imagine the pain that this poor man had to go through in his short life.
    How glad I am to say that the world seems to be growing, changing and accepting people from all walks of life, and what a pity it is that David is not here to be a part of it, as he seems to have been a brilliant young man. It's going at a snail's pace, as per usual with radical social change and acceptance, but more and more there is acceptance and love. I hope that it continues to grow this way.

  4. This blog is delusional. Plenty of dykes kill themselves too. Why don't you get back in your own little bubble and stay the fuck out of the trans community? No one wants your unsolicited opinions. Shaming the dead is a fucked up level of low. If you really think that people who are transitioning are just lesbians who are uncomfortable being lesbians, why don't you talk about the basis for your logic? Probably because you can't find any.

  5. Dirt. Your overwhelming hatred of the trans community is why that poor man took his life. He wasn't a "she" and for christsakes, the fact that you Continue to Insist won't ever make it so. I know it's hard for narrow-minded abusers like yourself to comprehend Transfolk, but would you just finally shut up once and for all? Sincerely, A Gorgeous Transman who doesn't feel like giving in to your disgusting hatred so that I may hate myself as much as you do. Fuck off

  6. Dirt doesn't hate the trans community. We hate ourselves. Besides she has the right to free speech. You don't have to read it if it offends you so much.
    Dirt' s blog used to trigger me when I was in the midst of my transition, but now I see what she is trying to say. I'm not sure medical transition is the proper solution to the desperation of being a misunderstood girl, a lesbian or a gender non-conforming person. I tried it. I believe it made my life worse. I was no longer able to function at school or work and even dating became more complicated. I actually attempted suicide a few times *after* beginning transition. She doesn't hate us. She is trying to prevent such tragedies from happening..

  7. I think a lot of y'all are misinformed. There are trans people who live stealth (like myself) who have been living as the gender they identify as since they were able to comprehend the fundamental difference. I never felt like a woman, I don't identify as a woman and I am technically more on the intersex scale according to doctors, but I was assigned female by everyone.

    I transitioned with hormones and I look relatively the same I did five years ago as I already had a high testosterone level to begin with. I recently got top surgery and I think it's really caused my depression to dissipate. I don't feel uncomfortable around people anymore, I feel confident and like I'm in a life worth living. I never once thought I was making a mistake and it never felt like I was, but living as a female would have killed me a long time ago if that was the only option.

    I am primarily bisexual, so I'm not a misguided lesbian. This whole topic is something that needs to be looked at further, there's no reason to trash trans men who feel the way they do, let them live their lives. You're not some kind of lesbian martyr

  8. If you're getting tired of stalking guys on the usual spots, why not try searching for "FTM" on PornHub. Lol, get that p***y, dirt.

  9. you are a disgraceful human being. shame on you. shame on this disrespect. its people like you that cause this kind of thing, just remember that.


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