Self Hating Dykes and Why they Date STRAIGHTBIANS

Mrs Dirt and I have written both individually about STRAIGHTBIANS and written jointly about them. We have written about the many dangers STRAIGHTBIANS pose for Lesbians and highlighted different categories of STRAIGHTBIAN Het Women might fall into. So to be fair, this post will discuss Lesbians who actively seek/date/partner with STRAIGHTBIANS, because after all, it takes two to Tango!

Dykes that seek out/prefer/demand a STRAIGHTBIAN, fortunately are NOT the rule of Dyke thumbs, BUT they do aid in harming directly/indirectly all Lesbians to a degree. What sort of Dyke would willingly want to date a Het Woman? Unfortunately due to the combo of growing up in a world that despises Homosexuals, lack of visible Lesbian role models of all Lesbian ranges and accurate Lesbian information, Lesbians that develop a preference for STRAIGHTBIANS isnt completely cut and dry.

That being said, despite all the difficulties in being a Dyke, why would a Dyke prefer a STRAIGHTBIAN over another Dyke?
  • Society is greatly to blame here. As a Dyke, we naturally are attracted to other Dykes, and we usually have a specific type of Dyke that REALLY attracts us. The problem is, nearly ALL and sometimes ALL the females in or around our lives are Straight. We may have a preference for pizza, but if the ONLY thing ever on the menu is Hamburger, we take the burger rather than starve! My point here, lack of visible Lesbians can most definitely confuse some Lesbians into accepting Het Women as the only desirable females available.
  • When Dykes go from simply "crushing" on Girls and begin being interested in dating/relationships our entire repertoire on dating/marriage has been /informed by Heterosexuals! Most Lesbians look to Het Males on how to ACT around Het Women. Dykes who employ male tactics in hopes of getting a girlfriend usually attract a Het female! Most Lesbians figure this stuff out quite early and move on and into real Lesbian love/relationships, but for some insecure Dykes, they never move past Heterosexual play acting. 
  • These particular Dykes psychologically DEPEND on STRAIGHTBIANS to reflect back the (mannish) image they have of themselves. Dating another Lesbian would strip them of the acceptable Heterosexuality they struggle to recreate/create.
  • If one of these Dykes actually winds up dating another Dyke, she will subtly and sometimes outright suggest/demand her Lesbian partner be/act or dress more feminine, ie more Straight.
On a personal level, I have known throughout my adult like various Dykes who date Straight. Dykes who have sought some kind of friendships with me, only to be taken aback when they found I did not share the Het male ideas (bear in mind most males do not share their ideas either) of females that they did. When I've encountered these Dykes who are looking for a Butch buddy of sorts, they have always been left disappointed I did nothing to further their Het fantasies of butch bonding.

Femme friends, including my wife have had similar experiences with the Lesbians discussed above. When telling me about a few particular Dykes Mrs Dirt had known personally, she even used the same word I had when describing h
er own failure to meet the Hetero expectations of said Dykes; disappointed!

So while there are clear and specific reasons STRAIGHTBIANS will claim/date Lesbians, there are a small percentage of Lesbians that willingly seek out STRAIGHTBIANS. Dykes whose entire fabricated image of themselves is dependent on STRAIGHTBIANS. Dykes whose ego for varying reasons, failed to develop and mature beyond the Heterosexualism they aspire.


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