Less than Classy Classicist Mary Beard believes in Homer but not Homosexuals!

Story about Mary was well to tell
She seemed to scheme for a dream to sell...

In the ongoing work Mrs Dirt, myself and now-other fed up Lesbians are doing to unSTRAIGHTen Lesbian from the historical/present clutches of STRAIGHTBIANS/RadFems/Feminists, the amount of anger/hatred/dismissiveness and outright Homophobia we have/are receiving is staggering. One of the most recent attacks on Lesbian came in what at first seemed a VERY unlikely place-teacher/writer Mary Beard by way of her Twitter account. I say unlikely because what I knew of Mary Beard had to do with her, some years back being viciously (with misogyny aforethought/aforeafter!) attacked on Twitter/social media over her age/looks. And that having been around the time (2013) I had just started using Twitter myself, I didnt read beyond headline tweets/headlines themselves. And given how terribly Mary B. was treated, I didnt think I had to.

But in light of some recent ugly personal exchanges, I took the time to find out EXACTLY why Mary B. was so hatefully attacked, not the classical song and dance Mary B. fiddled to her audience:
To be sure, ‘misogyny’ is one way of describing of what’s going on. (If you go on a television discussion programme and then receive a load of tweets comparing your genitalia to a variety of unpleasantly rotting vegetables, it’s hard to find a more apt word.) But if we want to understand – and do something about – the fact that women, even when they are not silenced, still have to pay a very high price for being heard, we have to recognise that it is a bit more complicated and that there’s a long back-story.
Yes indeed, there is a long back story, but it isnt to found in classical Greece or Rome, it occurred when Miss Mary was on the British TV show Question Time 2013.  On the program Miss Mary had THIS...

...to say regarding a specific British town whose resources have been drained do to mass eastern European immigration. A WOMAN (Rachel-I couldn't just sit there while she said there were no problems-Bull) from the town (Boston) who has seen/experienced first hand the many issues this overflow of immigrants has caused, despite not having a classical education or advanced academic degrees, bravely faced off with the flat dry fixed study Miss Mary raved about/from:

So as it turns out the angry attacks leveled at Mary Beard had less to do with something Odysseus and much more to do with something odious! Sexist/misogynistic comments obviously arent okay, but the emotions/feelings behind those remarks came from the downtrodden hearts of the working class toward someone (in this case Mary Beard) willfully representing the trite elite! Someone who instead of listening to the concerns of real living and breathing town folk, chose instead to make herself (in Het female fashion) a public victim/martyr, except the only steaks the town folk smelt were those sizzling on Mary's plate. 

I say all this to lend clarity by removing the sordid shit stains Miss Mary purposely smeared blotting out our view and to show a pattern of behaviour both of her as a Het female and as an individual.

Earlier this week an online friend/Lesbian compatriot who had been reading various things on an inspiration of hers-Jane Ellen Harrison, had asked a question to Mary Beard on Twitter (who had written one the books our Lesbian compat had been reading) regarding this passage and Jane Ellen Harrison's sexual orientation:
This passage makes clear Mary Beard's flippant Het privileged "own construction" of JEH's sexuality by dismissively likening JEH and other Dykes in her day (and us now) to simply jumping on the latest sex theories bandwagon. In this case Richard von Krafft-Ebing's early theory of inversion, later developed and popularized by Havelock Ellis (were "sexual inversion" actually an influence on JEH it would likely to have been via Ellis and not Krafft-Ebing). What is particularly insulting about this passage regarding inversion is, Mary Beard flatly suggests that had theories of Homosexuality not been made, then the relationships between Lesbians would not have been "prompted" to be LESBIAN (sexual) relationships! Basically, Beard did not/does not want to use historical evidences that would suggest JEH is guilty of being a Dyke. Mary Beard instead chose in her bio on JEH to "transcend" ignore the most core aspect of JEH-her brain. 

Moving on to the Twitter shit storm instigated by the Homosexual denier/Homophobe Mary Beard, using thousands of her Het followers against a few lone Lesbians. There were a good many Homophobic comments from Miss Mary's followers, but I'm not writing about her friends/followers so for the purpose of brevity/clarity (remember that pattern of behaviour I spoke of) I'm focusing on Miss Mary and her anti-Lesbian remarks.

In this screencap you will see the first exchange between our Lesbian compat and Miss Mary:

Miss Mary wrote it was crass to apply homosexuality to JEH, Hekate questions Miss Mary on if there is no judgement on being a Lesbian and there is sufficient evidence to suggest JEH was, why in the hell is it crass to call a Dyke a Dyke??? Moving on...
Miss Mary fully functioning in Het female form tries fruitlessly to toss in a straw wrench by suggesting she just might not be Heterosexual. (In my best faggy impersonation-Oh Mary!) Next!
Miss Mary who has written much about how Women/Women's voices are dismissed by Men, has no qualms whatsoever (with Het privilege securely in hand) about dismissing Lesbian voices/experiences/lives.

Shortly thereafter Mrs Dirt could hold her Lesbian tongue no longer:
After being snowballed by Hetsplaining tom(or is it tam?)foolery, Mrs Dirt wasting her time (hours later) and effort trying to explain Hekate's/hers/mine and Lesbians past/present and future, Lesbian position, watched as her explanations fell on Het ears, did the adult thing and extricated herself by blocking Miss Mary. Clearly Miss Mary was peeved (no fun in poking Lesbians with a stick if they go home):
Dismissing Lesbian to that of just another concept 19th century men came up with, calling Lesbian biology "silly" and unloosing at worst/watching with popcorn in hand at best as her followers who FAR outnumber Dykes, to berate/Hetsplain Lesbian to LESBIANS isnt a "polite disagreement" and there was no "hope for interaction" under such Homophobic conditions!

Mary still couldnt let things go....hmmm:
Bear in mind she was asking a shit ton of Heterosexuals...lol Mary, Mary 'Why ya buggin'?

Interestingly one of Miss Mary's followers more or less calls her out:
 OH, its not Lezzies and Fags Miss Mary has a problem with, its our BIOLOGY! Gotcha!😉 And Miss Mary, the B stands for BEHAVIOUR, not to be confused (as you clearly are) with BIOLOGY! Let me break it down though so hopefully even a Het brained female can get it, BISEXUALS ARE HETEROSEXUALS. Maybe Miss Mary had her hand on a girl's leg once or she kissed a girl and she liked it, but whatever she did/didnt do/dreamed of doing has ZERO to do with having been born with a Homosexual brain. At this point a flustered Miss Mary admits she doesnt think Homosexuals exist beyond some fucked up behaviour:
Mary Beard believes in Homer but not Homosexuals! To every single Gay or Lesbian reading this, Mary Beard's above statement should send pause through every single thing she's written and/or taught. By declaring nature unnatural, Mary Beard isnt simply someone who has studied ancient times, she is someone still actively living there. (And as an aside, Miss Mary utilized a common Het female ploy by calling herself old which suggests her age was negatively brought up when not a single Lesbian brought age into it. All Lesbians involved are either middle aged or older-nice try Mary!)

During her QT debacle Miss Mary said:
Miss Mary, decency whether online or off starts at home. I leave you with more words from Miss Mary:
 Ironically the well-meaning solution often recommended when women are on the receiving end of this stuff turns out to bring about the very result the abusers want: namely, their silence. ‘Don’t call the abusers out. Don’t give them any attention; that’s what they want. Just keep mum,’ you’re told, which amounts to leaving the bullies in unchallenged occupation of the playground.
Consider yourself challenged (pun intended) then Miss Mary.



  1. Mary Beard lost respect from a huge number of people, including me, when she made the 9/11 comment. Even though articles about her make it sound as if she has recovered from her horrible statement about 9/11, the truth is that many people, and not just Americans, still think she is an utter horse's arse.

    She is completely out of touch with the real world outside of her academic bubble.

    These most recent statements prove that she thinks being a lesbian is a choice and that it is "crass" even to talk about it. How insulting, privileged, and arrogant.

    Fuck off, Mary Beard. Seriously, just fuck off.

    1. Many Americans can also see the obvious and overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was a response to US military policy in the Middle East. I seriously question her motives, but that doesn't mean that specific statement is not based on an accurate assessment. That said, I agree with the other points made in dirt's post.

    2. Hi Unknown 7/31 at 10:31 PM: I must disagree with your take on Mary Beard's deplorable comments on 9/11. Regardless of her (or anyone's) opinion on policy, leaders, military, government, etc., to say what she said is reprehensible and completely inexcusable: "However tactfully you dress it up, the United States had it coming." The thousands of innocent CITIZENS who died that day did not "have it coming" and the attack on our country was indefensible, and to say what she said shows an appalling arrogance and lack of empathy and good sense on her part. Shame on her for saying it and shame on anyone who agrees with what she said for any reason whatsoever. I don't agree with a lot of people/things but I would never condone a deadly terrorist attack.

  2. I enjoy how you vehemently criticise Mary Beard for denying that homosexuals exist and then right at the end you.. deny that bisexuals exist?

    "I am a homosexual and it is natural biology. You are bisexual and that is unnatural behavioural deviancy."

    1. Sexual orientation is an ORIENTATION which means people are ORIENTED one way or the other: to either males or females. Clearly, bisexuality, by its very nature, means that a person is not ORIENTED to one sex.

      How many "bisexual" females do you know who end up with a woman forever? Very few --- if any. Amber Heard, Angelina Jolie, Anne Heche, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, and the list goes on and on and on and ON. "Bisexuals" are straight women who are curious. End of story.

      And fuck you for trying to change the subject to draw attention away from the real topic to a NON-ISSUE. Go whine to your other "bisexuals" and maybe all of you can fuck each other because I guarantee you that we dykes don't want your sorry asses.

    2. It seems that Anonymous July 31, 2017 at 11:05 AM wants to play the game of "let's make this post all about ME and/or MY concerns" rather than focusing on the actual topic of the post.



      We are NOT going to get derailed with riDICKculous comments, so run along, dear, and find someone else to complain to...someone who actually gives a shit.

    3. It's quite obvious we are talking about a good deal more that who the hell you are attracted to. Lesbian is based in how information is processed/how we experience the world which is fuck tons different than Het female species.

      Also BYE BI!


    4. why cant bisexuals be oriented to both male and females?

      even if they are not oriented to either, why would that then make them heterosexual as opposed to asexual? If they have no orientation wouldn't they be asexual(and behaviorally heterosexual or bisexual)?

    5. Firstly, this post is about Mary Beard's BLATANT HOMOPHOBIA!

      Secondly, how Heterosexual females who have had SEX with other females does NOT alter how they're brain processes info. It is precisely that it doesnt, that is illustrative of their brain's sexual orientation. Lesbian brains clearly work/function quite differently. Lesbians and Het Women not only react differently to every given situation, we frankly speak completely different languages.

      Which has a great to with why Dykes, even as toddlers develop Het Female Dysphoria, as we are constantly put in the Heterosexual catagory Girl, which Lesbian children clearly are not.


    6. Original anonymous again.

      I don't see how this is some ridiculous tangent - you cannot accuse someone of intolerance and bigotry whilst doing the same things yourselves.

      You say she believes lesbians don't exist then state bisexuals cannot exist and are all liars.
      You say she hetsplains lesbianism before "dykesplaining" bi?

      I'm failing to see how this is anything other than blatant double standards.

      More than that it's such a miserable worldview. Even if orientation was the one part of human biology which is uniquely binary and not a spectrum (I don't accept this) then why assume every single bi is a het who is out to get you?
      Surely the more positive view in that case would be that they are all dykes who just can't admit it yet?

      Of course if you're right about the "lesbian brain" then surely you could just hook them up to a brain scanner and immediately see if they're het or homo. Unless of course it's bullshit with no scientific basis. Do gay men have the lesbian brain? Or do they have their own special brain or do they just have the standard het brain?

      It's fairly clear neither of us will change our minds so to close I'll just wish you a happy life far away from me.


    7. Actually it's clear from this comment alone you're STRAIGHT!

      And you might want to check your "Lesbian" history and those who've DICKtated that history! Obviously that's the fucking issue! No Dyke EVER wrote a fucking book on bi/STRAIGHTBIANS, although if someone had it sure as shit would have save the lives of thousands of Dykes!

      Bisexual/STRAIGHTBIAN function HETEROSEXUAL. Show me proof of one in the history of humans who hasn't!

      Lesbians are made biological. If transitioning has proved anything, it's clearly that!

      Mary Beard is a HOMOPHOBE, and red herrings aren't going to change that! And given thousands of Lesbians a day worldwide read this blog, you can bet your sweet fucking petunias Lesbians WILL fucking know it!


    8. Anonymous: August 1, 2017 at 11:19 AM: I have no actual hope that you can comprehend what we are saying, but I feel the need to try anyway.

      You said: "You say she believes lesbians don't exist then state bisexuals cannot exist and are all liars."

      Answer: Mary Beard has made it clear she does not believe that Lesbians were born this way; therefore, she believes it is all just a choice, which completely denies Lesbian existence. There is no debating what she said/meant. Furthermore, nobody said that bisexual BEHAVIOR doesn't exist; of course it does: you can fuck whoever you want to. But fucking someone is NOT an ORIENTATION. Big motherfucking difference, cupcake.

      You said: "Do gay men have the lesbian brain?"

      Answer: Do you even have a brain? Because statements like that make you look hopelessly moronic.

      You are correct in one thing: We are not going to agree with your copious idiocy. Bye, bi!


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