Het Women's Hatred of Homo Females or How Radical Feminism Held the Door for the Transgender Movement

I'm sharing this recent comment left on Mrs Dirt's blog post Everyday Homophobia and How It Harms Homo Females Every Day, that articulates harsh inner turmoil Homo Females-young and old feel/deal with, in our vast unavoidable experiences with STRAIGHTBIANS/Straight females.
And it is precisely the conclusion drawn (the ONLY conclusion that can be drawn) that has lead myself and a growing number of Homo Females to conclude If you are not Us (Homo Female) then you are against Us!

When I first began blogging nearly 10 years ago now, writing about the many problematics with Transgender/transition I was quickly taken up (up NOT in) by the RadFems. And for a brief moment (an eye blink) I felt hopeful, like there were other females questioning/writing and working to halt/change the deadly Heterosexually driven homophobic solution to all things deemed queer/sexually deviant. I say hopeful because since the mid 1990s I personally witnessed a tide of transition drown core numbers of STRAIGHTBIANS, much in the way AIDS swallowed Gay men in the 80's.

Only this disease wasnt spread by love/lust or contaminated blood, (although both AIDS and Transgender share the same foundation-Homophobia) instead the Lesbian plague was/is supported/spread because of the minority status of Lesbians/Heterocentrism/narcissistic selfishness of privileged (het) Women, who for varying reasons CHOOSE to call/define themselves as Lesbian! A deadly amalgam indeed!

One can only witness the step by step process of
  • (het) Women hunting in  believed Lesbian communities
  • (het) Women preying on vulnerable women believed to be Lesbian.
  • Homo Females with full hearts believing they met Miss Right (rather than Miss Right Now!)
  • STRAIGHTBIANS/Homo Females then changing their names and pronouns to match ones more comfortable (less Lesbian) for Miss Right Now
  • (het) Women using Heterocentric tropes to convince women they believe are Lesbian how much like men they REALLY are
  • (het) Women supporting women they believe are Lesbian through medical transition drug changes/surgeries with glee
  • (het) Women going back to men when all was said and done
I'm not speaking of merely STRAIGHTBIANS and Homo Females on a computer screen, but known flesh and blood! Many of whom because they transitioned decades ago are now dead or ill from transition drugs/surgeries.

So to find (what I thought) were other females fighting the good fight, I was hopeful together we could really bring these issues to the forefront of the Lesbian community/Lesbian leaders (since many of these Women claimed to be Lesbians themselves or Lesbian/ allies) and once again common sense would be put in its rightful place.

What I found instead was a collection of sterile/ineffective/infertile circular verbiage that went 'round and 'round like a not-so-merry merry-go-round, accompanied by a butt load of Women nearly breaking their own arms to pat themselves on their proverbial backs! At first it seemed as though they werent hearing the harrowing words/stories I was telling. I distinctly remember being reminded of stories I had read where a Jew would escaped a death camp and make their way to a nearby village warning other Jews that down the road a few miles Germans are mass exterminating Jews, only to be met with pure disbelief/uninterest.

What I soon realized was the disinterest didnt stem from disbelief, but disinterest since those being slowly murdered werent the RadFems who called themselves lesbian, but Homo Females themselves-who were undesired/unwanted. Therefore it wasnt exactly a shocker to realize I was the ONLY Homo Female specifically writing about STRAIGHTBIANS and Homo Females transitioning and the circumstances that made Lesbian transition ripe. RadFems then/now were very much like 70's RadFems, having fun playing at a Homophobic Hetsplained IDEA of Lesbian (hairy armpits/legs, Paul Bunyan outfit, Moe Howard hairdo with a HEAVY focus on Men...Men men men-patriarchy patriarchy patriarchy-MRA MRA MRA)!

And very much like the Homo Female experience with RadFems/Feminists 40 years ago, if a Homo Female dared to suggest a course or plan of action for combating the Men/Patriarchy/MRAs who RadFems claimed were a problem, we were soon dismissed and put on RadFem/Feminist shit lists. If a Homo Female dared to even try to inject some Homo Female reality into RadFem/Feminists warped watered down notion of us, we were/are told we were/are acting like men! For me personally, putting Homo Females first, I knew I would fall out of favour quickly with the RadFem/Feminists, whom I  quickly realized were/are as Radical as they were/are Feminist, which is to say they were/are neither.

RadFems/Feminists past (RadFem/Feminists today ignore these facts) jumped on the John Money-brains-have-no-sex bandwagon because they passively were handed an explanation-gender-(FROM MEN) on why men run the world and not them-SOCIALIZATION not Biology! They didnt care this info came from known MALE pedophiles whose "studies" consisted of boy twins being forced to act out Heterosexual male/female sex roles and pedophiles masturbating infants to see how long it took them to get an erection! Studies that as quick as they were published were soon found to have been fudged by said pedophiles. RadFems/Feminists then, like now didnt give a flying fuck, they heard what they wanted to hear and damn anyone/everyone saying anything different!

The foolish thinking was if sex (biology) could be removed from discourse and replaced with gender (socialization) then the unfair advantages males have utilized over females would level out and eventually Women would be equal with Men. Feminist leaders like Bella Abzug even took this thinking to the larger stage of  UN conference/s:
"The concept of gender is embedded in contemporary social, political and legal discourse. ….The meaning of the word gender has evolved as differentiated from the word sex to express the reality that women’s and men’s roles and status are socially constructed and subject to change…The current attempt by several Member States to expunge the word gender from the Platform for Action and to replace it with the word sex is an insulting and demeaning attempt to reverse the gains made by women, to intimidate us, and to block further progress. We urge the small number of male and female delegates seeking to side-track and sabotage the empowerment of women to cease this diversionary tactic. They will not succeed. They will only waste precious time. We will not go back to subordinate inferior roles."
Twenty GENDER-NOT-SEX years later and grown men are using the Ladies, a Man is woMAN of the year, business's are being sued for using CORRECT pronoun usage and Female biology/biological functions are up for grabs or forbidden to use altogether. The ever growing patronage surrounding Transgender medically/socially/legally proliferated beyond the hallways of John Hopkins and the like because Radical Feminist/Feminist simultaneously Green lighted Gender while road blocking Sex.
Its horrifically obvious Radical Feminists/Feminists were/are as versed in the rules of Chess, in as much as Hitler was the game Risk. Perhap Hitlerian too, Radical Feminist/Feminist's dont care about the fallout, dont care about any damages their nonsense creates for Biological Homosexual Females, and dont care the war has been long lost.
  • Gender didnt open doors for Women, men did (mannered ones still do so today).
  • Gender didnt level any playing field, unless you count the Girls sports fields now dominated by male players.
  • Gender didnt change who has babies and who is still the primary caretakers of children.
  • Gender didnt change male's unabated lusts. Although technologies (created/lead mostly by males) made temporary satiating those lusts easier.
  • Gender didnt make Women any more powerful. Although technologies have highlighted globally how collectively impuissant Het Women are. 
  • Gender didnt stop males from raping/abusing animals/children/adults/the earth.
  • Gender hasnt in fact provided Het Women with anything in the form of a positive, past or present.
Forty plus years of RadFems/Feminists (Het Women) using Gender to change the world to their mercurial whims and nada. Less than ten years of Het Males using Gender and they're woMen of the year! Thats not hyperbole, thats biology!

A few days ago this was said about me by two RadFem/Feminists:
If we set aside their narrow Hetsplaining of Dyke, coupled with their obvious Homophobia, by their own heterocentric logic, their invalidation of me as female (eschewing all (Het) female/feminine tropes equals not female) they validate any male who does likewise (expunge all male/masculine tropes equals woMAN). This example, in a nutshell, assisted in how Radical Feminism/Feminism gentlemanly held the door open for Trans Males to clumsily Kitten Heel over the corpses (living and dead) of Lesbians and Gays, and continue doing so today.

Radical Feminism's/Feminism's entire warped anti-biology tenet says at once that Lesbian is behavioural/choice (behaviour that involves a sexual relationship between two females) and that biological males can in fact be women since biology is irrelevant to brain non sexed plasticity. When males took the Gender ball from them and ran for a touchdown, RadFems/Feminists screamed from their lung tops TRANS WOMEN ARE NOT WOMEN. So RadFems/Feminists had to change their tune of anti essentialism/anti-biology to include the lived experience of woman in flimsy effort to stop trans males from using RadFems/Feminists ideas to beat them at their own game, which by the way they have. And by calling trans males even some part of woman legitimated that these men were in fact to some extent-woMEN. This lead some RadFems/Feminists to use MTT-male-to-trans in a too late in the game last ditch effort to stop Trans males from scoring the ultimate touchdown. Obviously by assigning (in social media only) trans males to a nebulous gender spectrum, trans males could still retain their bought and paid for womanness because MTT rants from passive/aggressive Het Women fell on deaf ears.

There are a shit ton more of Het Women than there are Homo Females, and it is they who primarily give birth to the world of humans, not us. It is THEY who have the power (were they able to think/process beyond their Heterosexually driven brains/bodies) to make the future a better place for people, animals and earth. Five thousand plus years of wash/rinse/repeat suggests to me they cannot function beyond their Heterosexuality and therefore are not only NOT a friend/ally of Homo Females, they arent to anyone, including themselves.

I dont say all this to make Homo Females feel hopeless. I say this because like the commenter quoted at the beginning of this post, despite the growing number of Homo Females who have realised IF YOU ARE NOT US, YOU ARE AGAINST US is true, there are still far too many Homo Females asleep at the wheel. Homo Females present and future deserve the benefits from knowing/understanding being female alone isnt enough to bond over with Het females or Het females who self ID as lesbian, and that it is biologically IMPOSSIBLE for them (Het Females) to do so.



  1. Can you recommend any books regarding your points? I'd be very interested in becoming educated on the subject. By the way, I recently came across the Youtube channel of a girl who has transitioned, and is now in relationships with men. What is your explanation for this situation? That would mean she was heterosexual before transition and it clashes with the theory that lesbians transition to become "heterosexual". Her name is Leo Matheus. Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Taking cross sex hormones like testosterone causes the brain to think it's the opposite sex, but the wiring of the brain's orientation towards homo or heterosexuality stays intact. that means if she was a homosexual female before taking t, the t will make her brain think its male, but the brain retains its same sex attraction wiring which would make her attracted to men, as a homosexual male would be. lesbians transition not to be hetero girls, but to be with girls, and because they have more in common with boys than girls (except sex drive and violence, but they don't know that part, and that changes under testosterone).

    2. Anon 7/24 at 12:14 already explained it well, I see.

    3. Ok, I understand now. Thank you!

  2. The internet/library/bookstores are your friends. Make friends with them. Also the search function on this blog works beautifully, try it. And from your remarks on the "theory" you mentioned, you might want to lose that theorist and read a realist, cuz thats total ignorance.


    1. It's hard to find something when you don't even know the name of what you're looking for. But thanks.

    2. Anon July 24 at 9:01 a.m.: I am not sure what exact information you are seeking? Can you elaborate?

    3. I would like to read books that reflect your views on transgender issues. I thought that radical feminists were against the transgender movement but I'm not so sure anymore. I would like to read something that's more in tune with my opinion, which is that female identities are being usurped and distorted by men who are interested in wearing heels and makeup but have no idea of what woman means, and that lesbian girls are being led to believe that there is something wrong with them. I hope it's easy to understand, English is not my first language!

  3. I came here because I found an imagem in google about phalloplasty and I thought I would find something good about the surgery. I guess I ended in another transphobic page... I am a transexual myself, a FTM, and I think people just talk about what they don't know for sure. Yeah, try to explain transexuality with science, stop bullshitting people. Transexual are transexual because they DID born in the wrong body, and if you want me to explain that through your fucking science I'll explain it. Well, if you don't know about it (and I actually know because I have biology in my university), people are born as male or female accordingly to their cromossomes, but that's not all. Your brain is programmed accordingly to your cromossomes to correctly correspond to them (XY individuals will have a men's brain and XX individuals will have a women's brain) but there are cases when there are some kind of error in the development of the baby, and no one is yet capable of explaining why this happens, and an individual is born with XY or XX cromossomes but have the brain of the opposite sex (XY individuals have women's brain and XX individuals have men's brain). And this is how some of the transexual individuals are born. This is not because there is a lesbian girl that wants to be with girls and gets confused by society or wtv you're talking about, but because they actually KNOW that they are MEN in reality. And it's so fucking transphobic of you not call them by their correct pronouns, if a AFAB identifies itself as a men, DO TREAT IT AS A MEN, and if a AMAB identifies itself as a women, DO THE SAME FUCKING THING USE THE CORRECT PRONOUNS. Does it harm you anyway that they see themselves whatever gender they identify with? NO. SO STOP BEING TRANSPHOBIC, HOMOPHOBIC OR WHATEVER. And just to make it clear, most transexual people are in fact intersexual people where the parents choose the gender they wanted at birth and then later it is revealed that the gender they choose is the wrong one.
    And don't come with that crap of T making the brain masculine but the sexual orientation is still the same, it will continue the same even if the individual isn't on T or other hormones, unless the individual finds out that they were wrong about their sexual orientation. Transmen don't hate women for god sake, they hate BEING STUCK IN A WOMEN'S BODY because that's not their bodys, and that's why they do the transition, for that it's possible for them to live happy with themselves and actually afford looking in the mirror without feeling awful and not seeing themselves there because they don't feel like it is their bodys. I am a transmen myself and I know about the subject, don't try to speak about what you don't know, it's people like you that makes transexual people and other genders except cis-gender not being able to accept themselves,or even get in extreme behaviour by killing them or hurting them physically or mentally. You should be ashamed of yourself, you all important people that wants respect but you don't respect the other ones. Grow up and if you do want to talk about something, do not try to come with bullshit like scientific researches that probably are done by people that, like you, are ignorants on the subject and are just assholes. Have a nice day


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