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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Social Construction-How Radical Feminism Blames Women for EVERYTHING!

Radical Feminist/Feminist Theory of Social Construction-brought to you by the same Radical Feminists who theorized any woman can be a Lesbian:
This is a brief photo collage of the general idea/theory/reality Radical Feminism/Feminism holds about the human race and mothers:
In a nutshell women/mothers are the primary caretakers of infants/toddlers/children/teenagers.

Radical Feminist's also hold that patriarchy/male violence is responsible for:
If males rule nearly all areas of human/animal/earth life, if males have/are fucking/fucking up/fucking over all those areas with violence, greed, sex, sexual violence, sexual greed, gun violence, brute violence, gang violence, rape violence, violence against children, lovers, wives, violence against animals, violence against animals for pleasure or profit or both, violence against the earth for the sake of greed etc etc etc, IF Radical Feminists/Feminism truly believes that, then LOGICALLY they shouldnt be pointing fingers at boys/men/and that magical entity patriarchy, they should be looking in the mirror at themselves!

If women are the primary (past/present and future) persons birthing/raising infants/toddlers/children/teens AND if male violence/sexual violence (in its many forms) and female inequalities/weaknesses (in their many forms) are all products/byproducts of fucked up Social Construction, then arent those dictating those social constructions (women) responsible????




  1. Bullshit! The violence of men is his male behavior, learnt from other men, and not the mother.
    And surely not from radical feminists. It's an upside-down argument again. It's his f....testosteron-poisening.

    1. I bet Dirt that someone would immediately comment something like this because they wouldn't get the point, and sure enough...

      Note that Dirt didn't say that SHE blamed women for everything.

      Instead, Dirt is pointing out that the radfem claims that pretty much EVERYTHING is social construction (inadvertently!) blames women. Think about it. If it's ALL social construction, then it all could be changed simply through different social conditioning/parenting. The mothers could just shape that behavior ~ problems solved!

      But despite decades of feminism, male behavior (overall) remains the same. NOT because they "learn it" from social construction, but because biology and testosterone are actually real things.

  2. not all radical feminism posits male violence as a social construct (sonia johnson, mary daly, factcheckme, bev jo, etc are far from social constructionists) but those who do (sheila jeffreys, andrea dworkin, julie bindel) are definitely blaming the mothers and refusing to see males for what they really are.

    1. And in the same token what heterosexually brained females really are! In all the cases you mentioned, damaged, angry hate filled STRAIGHTBIANS who co-opted/Hetsplained Lesbian with heterosexual privilege for both profit and personal gain!


  3. wait you think mary daly is a straightbian? everyone else i can understand but why mary daly?

    Here is a question, i ask knowing a lot of parts to this question can be debated but if we are to acknowledge the nature of males/male violence, and also acknowledge that you either are or aren't gay/lesbian and can't just become it, what should heterosexual women do? what should their solution be? are they just supposed to put up with males and male violence forever because they are biologically het? I'm not saying this to advocate for "political lesbianism" or anything but I'm really curious what you or others might think about that. I read something somewhere else about lesbian socialisation tending to center heterosexual women in a self hating way the way heterosexual females center males in a self hating ways. I don't know if I'm struggling with that but I have trouble figuring out how to contextualize heterosexual women, even when acknowledging their violence.

    1. The ONLY thing Lesbian should do in regards to straight women is keep your effin distance! Dont date them, dont give them your Lesbian time, energy or money! And for fucks sake call them out any chance you can when they use OUR name in THEIR image!


    2. ah sorry, totally missed your comment here before repeating my question below. sorry! I'd delete my repetition but don't think I can. Thank you for answering

  4. thsnk for this post because you're right, when thinking from a homosexual perspective vs a "radical feminist" perspective they don't coincide there is a lot of conflict and contradictions and they aren't very compatible.

  5. i don't think dirt is saying mary daly (an essentialist) is a straightbian. i think dirt is saying that the radical feminists who posit male violence as a social construction are straightbians and are operating with heterosexual minds and perpetuating hetfeminism under the guise of 'lesbian' feminism. heterosexual women who find male violence unappealing can be celibate and lead peaceful lives with other women and can be allies of lesbians. they just shouldn't call themselves lesbians when they operate from a very different perspective.

    1. Daly isnt a dyke! Thats what I'm saying flat out! Her focus is solely heterosentric, right down to the paul bunyan axe, doo and garb Radical Feminists hetsplained was "lesbian"! Its aint and neither was she!


    2. The problem is that Mary Daly (et al) view "lesbianism" through the lens of "woman-centeredness" and "anti-maleness" ~ which is NOT lesbianism.

      Being a Lesbian has nothing to do with making a conscious choice to "center women" (although we may choose to center women, of course).

      Being a Lesbian also has nothing to do with "rejecting a phallocentric culture" (or any similar nonsense spouted by radfems).

      Daly et al felt that Lesbianism is an "orientation of attention of women who choose to see women and -- importantly -- not to see men, in particular ways".


      Being a Lesbian is something we are BORN as. Lesbianism isn't political, or cerebral, or theoretical, or a choice of ANY sort.

      And that is why we say Mary Daly and her radfem cohorts are NOT Lesbians.

    3. "And that is why we say Mary Daly and her radfem cohorts are NOT Lesbians."

      What are "radfem cohorts", and who gave you the right to say who is and isn't a lesbian? If I'm not a lesbian, then how would you characterize me?

      (1.) From an early age, I was a tomboy. Today, tomboys are quickly shuttled off to the nearest gender clinic to be "transitioned". I thank God, Buddha, the Great Spirit, and all goddesses of the universe both past and present that I was born in a time when young women weren't "transitioned" for being different.
      (2.) I had male friends in high school and college, but I was too busy playing softball to notice boys. I had no interests in dating men at all. I would rather play sports or go on hikes in the woods.
      (3.) In high school, I was teased because of my short hair and "boyish" clothes. I didn't give a rat's ass what people thought of me.
      (4.) I have never had sex with a man in my life. I've had male friends, but I've never been attracted to males sexually.
      (5.) I know what it feels like to be called "dyke" and "lezbo", etc.
      (6.) In college, I had a string of short term affairs with women. I've been in two long term relationships with women. I was with my first long term partner for 10 years, and my last relationship lasted 7 years.

      If I'm not a lesbian, than what the hell am I?

      I don't call myself a radical feminist, but I align with their politics because they have consistently spoken out against the transing of young lesbians into transmen. Say what you will about rad fems, but they have caught hell for speaking truth to power. On most things, they are often more right than not.

      "Being a Lesbian is something we are BORN as. Lesbianism isn't political, or cerebral, or theoretical, or a choice of ANY sort."

      Isn't it possible for a woman to be both BORN lesbian AND align with radical feminist politics? That is, know from an early age that she is different, and come to appreciate Mary Daly?

      As to Mary Daly, her work was revolutionary for its time. In many ways, Mary Daly is still relevant today. For example, take this quote.

      "Women have had the power of naming stolen from us."

      Mary Daly

      This Mary Daly quote surely applies to the colonization and co-opting of the word lesbian by transgender activists who now proclaim that transwomen (biological males) who are attracted to women are "lesbian". The very word lesbian is being stolen from us by people who now claim that males are "lesbian". There is no such thing as "cis lesbians" and "trans lesbians". There are only lesbians, and lesbians aren't born with a penis.

      The first women who spoke out against the slaughter of a lesbian family in Oakland, CA just last November were rad fems and rad fem leaning women. So-called "radfem cohorts" want additional hate crimes charges tacked onto the triple murder charges. The transwoman charged, Dana Rivers, was part of trans groups protesting outside of Michigan Women's Music Festival. Some of that was rather nasty. Transwomen have been making death threats against lesbians and "TERFs" for years. This was cold blooded murder, and the only women who have been on this case from day one were "radfem cohorts". Trans run LGBT organizations and mainstream feminists want to pretend it never happened.

      Perhaps we need rad fems now more than ever.

  6. dirt and mrs dirt, do either of you have thoughts about what a solution for heterosexual women might be? ( i know its not a particular concern but just in respect to the contradictions brought up in this article)?
    Do you agree like what the other anon said that they be celibate and live amongst other non lesbian women?

    I guess considering the essentialist arguments presented where that might leave them? or maybe you have another angle to look at this{males being violent heterosexuality being unchangeable(presuming that het women aren't full agents under patriarchy which is open to debate)]
    I see what you mean about daly, there is a lack of lesbian specificity/experience in her work, though I still find it hard to group her in with the other women.
    Hope yall have a nice day

  7. mary daly's haircut was as much about being an ex-nun and academic as anything. she's not some exhet 70s femme who got that haircut to play andro. there's got to be some acknowledgment that essentialists like daly have not blamed women (or harmed lesbians as a group) in the same way that social constructivist exmarriedheterosexuals who openly admit their "lust" for men have. i've got no idea if some lesbians who spout radical feminist politics are actually lesbians or not but it seems rash to paint them all with the same straightbian brush when liberal lesbian politics aren't much of an alternative. liberal lesbians seem to think being "anti-male" is the antithesis of lesbianism. i read daly's reminder not to be afraid to be read as "anti-male" as a reminder that these liberal lesbians are bisexual and that liberalism mandates bisexuality in the name of lesbianism.

    1. Actually, Mary Daly was never a nun and never wanted to be either a nun or a priest.

  8. I'm a trans and German female and Daly is a woman whose face I actually adore - she had sweet loving eyes and a cute face - so no: she was not a straightbian. She was already abt. 35 when feminism started in the 60s. She never hated men and had male friends. She taught all-male classes in the 60s. She was just different by not centering her life around sexuality and romance like most women end to do. Women love emotional drama among women. She was catholic, too and touching a woman was a taboo. I understand that. It's still a taboo for myself and I've never even been a christian. She didn't have a straight woman's brain for sure. Yeah, she was basically an essentialist like myself. I was abused by my mother and in effect dissociated from my emotions (it's called alexithymia and schizoid personality). I think that's why I'm different from lesbians today. I'm not able to identify with women and therefore developed a trans identity. Since I'm homo-born but unable to relate to females I try to be in a heterosexual relationship with a male. When I became immersed in radical feminism in 2012 I was naive and believed all these public feminists were lesbians. I don't know who is and who isn't. We are all shaped by our environment and life experiences and right now there is no neurobiological test to identfy if you were born a lesbian. Thus, I think that any such discussion is pointless and only serves to divide women in ever tinier groups. I'm alone so I can tell you I'm powerless. So further division only makes everyone weaker. Please consider the zeitgeist of that era. They wished that every woman could be lesbian because they wanted to believe in social change and not in biological determinism. I guess a lot of lesbians wanted to believe that hetero females could lead lesbian lives. This era was dominated by a behavioristic view that our environment determines who we are. Radical feminists back then were utopians. They wanted to expand the category lesbian to de-pathologize it and de-sexualize it and they had sound reason to do that. First and foremost they wanted to overcome the division between women and the fear associated with intrasexual emotional bonding, to break free from that taboo. To achieve that they had to redefine what lesbian means. To remove the shame and convert it into pride. That was what I needed. That's why I needed to read the books. For the first time in my life lesbian became something positive to me, something to be proud of. I believe a 50 year-old contemporary Daly would admit that there are ontological differences between bisexuals, straight females and lesbians. Sometimes you've got to go through the trial and error thing to find out what's possible. For you to say in hindsight I told you so lesbians are fundamentally different and straight women used and exploited lesbians and feminism for their personal gain is easy. I think personally what you and your wife lack is the ability of perspective-taking. People who believe there is nothing but one truth and that is their own are fools to me. Nonetheless I appreciate your perspective. It is helpful to me personally. When you described in a previous post in what respect lesbians usually differ from heterosexuals regarding "dating" every point applied to me. I'm sadomasochistic btw. I'm sure I wasn't born that way. Or was I? All I really care about is self-knowledge. I don't care about women anymore because they don't care about me at all and they've hurt me. I've learned to be selfish the hard way and I assume many trans females think like that. They don't want to suffer for your ideology. They want to improve their lives as much as possible. Female solidarity is a myth and you are the best proof and also reveal it via your posts on straightbians. I thank you for disillusioning me further. Now it's just me against the world.

  9. well, personally disagree with dirt on about 50% of things but that's a lot more than i can say for most the writings women willing to put online. and i thank dirt for not disillusioning me because i'm disillusioned when i think every lesbian is in some camp and i have to be 100% in their camp to have an opinion at all. lesbians are diverse, i don't agree with anyone completely and that's the way it should be because we're not a cult. we make terrible cultists because we're freer than most women. i'm a mary daly fan and a radical feminist and dirt's disapproval and arguments against radfeminism are only interesting to me and i try to keep an open mind because there's just some stuff i really don't know about (mary daly's sexual preferences and if they existed or not). i appreciate dirt because she's obviously not towing someone else's line and she's got lesbians prioritized 100% of the time no doubt.


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