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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dirt is a Failed Transman-The Urban Myth

As not simply someone who has written about Lesbians and transition for more than a decade, BUT as a Lesbian writing about Lesbians and transition, to assuage transgender fears and prejudices, in transgender circles the world over it has become urban myth that I myself have "tried to transition" but sadly "failed". I'm not quite sure how one would fail, apparently the myth making never got beyond fail, but there you have it. Dirt is a failed transman.

A little something about myths:

As there is ZERO facts/truths to me having transitioned/detransitioned/tried transitioning/tried and failed transition, what would be the analogy which motivates these falsehoods? Outside of the zillions of petty little self soothing needs/motivations that spring from the individual, there are two prime reasons for the Dirt is a Failed Transman Myth:
"Myth doesn’t hide things, it distorts them." 
Prior to Transgender ideology being commonplace, Lesbians like myself were often viewed/called and bashed with phases like mannish lesbians, lesbians who want to be men, lesbians who really are men, lesbians who act like men, masculine lesbians to list a few. Insults all couched in the swaddling cozy comfort of Heterosexuality.

But also prior to Trans Trending, even prior to the DSM III, Gays and Lesbians found comfort in finding other Gays and Lesbians. We didnt feel threatened by other Gays and Lesbians, instead for many of us we felt for the first time what it felt like to BE normal! To KNOW we were normal. NORMAL Homosexuals! NOT freaks of nature! NOT sick mother fuckers who shall burn in hell! NOT Gender Non Conforming! And most certainly NOT Transgender!

How do myths get created?
Between un-signifying Lesbian and inventing signifiers for Transgender from the ashes of Lesbian, Transgender has suddenly ALWAYS existed in human history. So much so, the once Lesbian tropes used by Lesbians (and Gays) as both survival instincts and mating instincts alike, are being used to back label historical Gays and Lesbians as Transgenders of history!

In my case, Heterocentric qualifiers/traits like mannish looking, acts like a man, masculine, handsome (rather than cute or beautiful), wears mens clothes, keeps a short or cropped hair cut, passes as a man etc, with Lesbian removed from history and with me being qualified as man/nish BUT also being a biological female---queers special snowflakes/Transgenders of both sexes/Trans cohorts and allies of both sexes conclude that I'm a transgender who failed at transitioning because I remain calling myself by my sex (female)/and my sex's proper (she/her) pronouns. And from thence, myth!

I'm not a failed transman because I am, I'm a failed transman because some people need me to be.




  1. OH the irony! Lesbians have no right hold their heads up in pride; therefore, we must be failed Transman. We get credit because (they assume) we at least tried. Transmen are failed Lesbians. Too cowardly to live proudly as what they are.

    1. ^5 Claudia,

      from California....

  2. Many people would seem to think that this presents as a classic 'reaction formation,' or a defense mechanism in which one acts or expresses the polar opposite of a subconscious desire. People think that you are a "failed transman" because you seem to be spending a lot of time researching them for material for your blog.

    1. Those "many people" would be mistaken. While the "thou dost protest too much" trope is sometimes true, it is definitely NOT true in Dirt's case. Instead, it is her grave concern for what is happening to Lesbians that drives Dirt to speak out. This fact is very clear from everything she writes, so those "many people" are part of the problem behind this urban myth. They are twisting the facts to interpret Dirt in a way that makes sense to them ("she must be a 'failed transman' because she writes about it a lot"), but they are wrong, because they are ignoring what she is actually saying.


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