Lesbian Tools for Identifying a STRAIGHTBIAN

In recent posts Mrs Dirt and I have written individually and written together, slowly chipping away at centuries of Lesbian inaccuracies, revealing a dual picture of the oblique perception of Lesbian and the Women who have forged that skewed perception by co-opting Lesbian. By injecting biology back into the paint, each post is a brush stroke laying bare the vast differences in Lesbian behaviour vs the behaviour of Girls/Women. These differences are KEY to understanding ourselves, our unique behaviour and our place (or lack thereof) in Hetero society and perhaps more importantly possessing the tools to recognize the overwhelming number of (STRAIGHTBIAN) Women hetsplaining their distorted approximations of Lesbian that has gone to make many STRAIGHTBIANS wealthy, fortified many more academic careers and generated an impotent political movement (Radical Feminism), carving a treacherous landscape that threatens the safety of every Lesbian alive least we mention every Lesbian dead!

The more tools we have in our Lesbian arsenal, the better equipped we are to fight the egregious lies STRAIGHTBIANS/RadFems have lead society and worse Lesbians ourselves into believing. Below are some core behaviours that should raise a Lesbian red flag or two:
  • Regardless of age, declaring they're a Lesbian is constant, excessive and over the top. Lesbian youth obviously are allowed a honeymoon period when they first come out, but once acquainted with other Lesbians/Lesbian community that shout-it-from-the-rooftop-I'm-a-Dyke fades. If said Lesbian is 40 something and still acting like they just came out-BEWARE!
  • If heavily involved in abortion rights/rape issues/prostitution/domestic violence and other Heterosexually focused topics/groups/activism-BEWARE!
  • If arguing with men/MRAs/men calling themselves women/transwomen etc factors heavily in their life/day to day-BEWARE!
  • If sexually abused between the ages of 0 to 18, particularly 0-12 straight females have either an aversion to males or a pathological need to be sexual with men. For sexually abused straight females who developed an aversion to males, the hypersexual pathology still persists. This may present itself as a seemingly intense sexual newness that can be mistaken for normal Lesbian relationship newness/passion, but instead of a genuine Lesbian passion, the hypersexuality is due to pathology rather than legitimate Lesbian passion. Lesbian passion surely involves sex, but the intimacy developed through sex and passion quickly matures into a Lesbian relationship. Hypersexuality as exhibited by STRAIGHTBIANS/sexually abused straight females never develops beyond the sex stage, and parallels the internal age they were frozen at when the abuse occurred. That isnt to say that a STRAIGHTBIAN and a Lesbian may not form a long term involvement, but that involvement never develops into a fully mature intimate relationship. Lesbians usually find themselves confused in these involvements, often playing out the role (over and over) of a rescuer/saviour/helpmate and if the involvement lasts beyond a year the once hypersexual (straight) partner's interest in sex wanes (Lesbian Bed Death). BEWARE!
  • Repeated claims of victimhood, usually where none exists. Repeated attempts at creating seemingly useless/needless drama. BEWARE!
  • Pathologically (paranoia) thinks everyone is either an enemy and/or makes enemies out of everyone at some point. BEWARE!
  • Can seem younger than their age (child-like/teeny bopperish)-again stuck in time (like the needle on a scratched record)-usually at the age they were sexually abused. BEWARE!
  • Adamant in the belief that any woman can be a Lesbian. REALLY BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Exhibits stalkerish behaviour toward love interests, exes, perceived enemies. BEWARE!
  • Will perseverate on real or imagined slights (Borderline Personality issues) and stop at nothing to get even (time or money no object). BEWARE!
  • While as Lesbian youths we all play around with our look (hair/clothes etc), but where you see this persisting past the age of 30 (excessive piercings/tattoos/shave heads/mohawks/pink/blue/funky hair colours/gothy/clothing usually worn by preteens/teens etc). BEWARE!
  • These Women are often either directly or indirectly involved in versions or variations of the kabbalah, shamanism, witchery, tarot reading, runes, crystals, moon howling, drum circles, art projects involving their period blood, crones, midwifery, before marriage between same sex was legal they were often involved in ceremonial blessings/unions, high priestery, celestial shitola and many other special snowflakeries. STRAIGHTBIANS will have deeply studied or tried any or all in vain efforts to fix their early traumas/themselves. BEWARE!
While Lesbians also suffer from sexual abuse, due to differences in brain function, Lesbians obviously behave differently than Girls/Women who were abused. And because sexual abuse is usually perpetrated by a male, natural attraction isnt problematic for Lesbians in the way it is complicated for sexually abused Women. While we will elaborate these differences and complications in a later post, our point here being is that the behaviours listed above are not displayed in any enormity by sexually abused Lesbians or any Lesbian for that matter, they are however seen in high levels in STRAIGHTBIANS.

So to recap, we are not saying your new girlfriend's interest in the kabbalah or astrology should send you running for the hills, we are saying if you can tic multiple checks beside our list above-BEWARE!

Until Lesbian biology takes its rightful place, both Mrs Dirt and I individually and together will continue to give Lesbians the tools needed to see themselves as NORMAL, to see imposters in our dating pools and Lesbian authorities and to gain confidence and accuracy in our Gaydar.



  1. Wow, Mrs. Dirt and I talk about this alll the timeee. Especially the horsehit about midwifery (lesbians giving birth? How very het!) And the obsession with pseudo-witchcraft. And the "funky" outfits. Its predictable and painfully fake and its a sign that they have no personality of their own and they rely on sexual curiosity to make them special.

    1. Yes, indeed! :-) There are definite patterns of behavior that are obvious to anyone who has been around enough of them.

    2. Adrianna,

      Totally agree with everything you said!


    3. Your writing and ideas are the perfect expression of warlike American tough-guy culture. Why waste words or gestures of compassion on the weak and wounded among us, straight or lesbian, who were damaged by the sexual abuse that is endemic-- no, just identify, ostracize and discard.

      You say you're not political, that you hate Radical Feminism, but your uncaring stance is political--and a contribution to a kind of fascist Lesbian identity politics that privileges the strong and those who, by the luck of the draw, weren't sexually abused as children.

    4. Clearly you're straight. A dyke wouldnt liken me to males, period. And sexual abuse does NOT give damaged STRAIGHT females license to co-opt Lesbian, publish and make money off books/films/tv etc as Lesbians, LIE to Lesbians in order to garner a date, financially use Lesbians, pressure Lesbians into transitioning, give the assumption to society that Lesbians are interested in males/dick/fucking men etc. Where you believe it does, as you surely must, you need more than fucking help, you need a fucking lobotomy!


    5. LOL at "Your writing and ideas are the perfect expression of warlike American tough-guy culture."

      Good one, thanks for proving you're straight (and our point about Lesbians communicating differently) with that little gem.

      Nowhere have either I or Dirt said that we don't have compassion for anybody who has been sexually abused.

      We do.

      But being sexually abused, as traumatic as that is, does NOT give a straight woman a free pass to co-opt Lesbian and hurt actual Lesbian lives, which happens ALL THE TIME.

      If you've been sexually abused, by all means, get the help you need. Take your time, figure out your life. Nurture yourself, learn to love yourself.

      But don't ruin other people's lives in the process. THAT is inexcusable.

      And the fact that you seem to be saying that we are being "fascist" by protecting Lesbian lives from confused Straightbians shows that you don't give a shit about Lesbian lives.

  2. (I sent to both you and Mrs. Dirt because I'm not sure who wrote this)
    I was just wondering why is rape(a crime that affects all women) considered a heterosexual concern alongside something like abortion(not entirely but somewhat more related to personal sexuality/activities)? How is prostitution a heterosexual concern as well a large number of prostitutes are trafficked and/or forced into it against their will before they are even fully mature adults? Is it because it sounds feminist-y and feminists are heterosexually oriented?

    1. I meant to say trafficked as children, little girls, sold when they are very young etc. not specifically only minor or young adult.

  3. As discussed in this and other posts, BIOLOGY BIOLOGY BIOLOGY and numbers.

    Interestingly more males are raped than dykes, and there are more male prostitutes at any given time than Lesbians in the history of prostitution yet you didnt ask why isnt rape/prostitution a male activists issue.



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