Lesbian Adults are NOT Women-How Hetero-Sociology Ignores Lesbians (part 3 of 3)

The first two posts of this series dealt specifically with how the heterosexual category Girl inadequately describes and fails Lesbian children and Lesbian teens; fails to represent Lesbian children/teenager's thinking processes/emotional processes and behaviours and how those processes drastically differ from heterosexual Girls. This post will delve into how the heterosexual category Woman and Lesbian differ and how the category Woman has for centuries and continues today to harm Lesbians.

As uncomfortable a fit Girl is to Lesbian children and Lesbian teens, it doesnt hold the sheer horror of Woman when applied to Lesbians. Girl, even teen Girl, while clearly heterosexual, the sexual in heterosexual between the ages of say 0 to mid/late teens usually is non existent. Meaning dykes, with minimal effort, can usually ignore being qualified Girl, since sexual feelings (toward another) at young ages is often absent. When the category Woman is applied to Lesbians later on, Dykes can no longer ignore their discomfort or their revulsion, because they are not merely ignoring differences in thought processes, emotions, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses, they now have to ignore the SEX in Woman which translates ONLY to heteroSEXUAL!

Because Lesbian youths do not often have the freedom nor the number of potential partners Girls have growing up, Lesbian adults usually use their 20's as relationship experience. It isnt that Lesbians are less mature than Girls/Women, we simply do not get to practice our relationships at school/school functions, dating etc. It is usually only when Lesbians reach young adulthood and we have control over our destinies that we can (more or less) freely begin meeting others like ourselves. It is unclear whether our lack of dating in youth, our Lesbian biology or our lack of being around large numbers of Lesbians (or all three) affects why Lesbian adults partner differently than heterosexual couples. Its rare to find a Lesbian couple that did the "dating thing" that is so common among heterosexuals. While we meet/find each other in a variety of ways, dating in the straight sense rarely factors in and when it does there is usually a STRAIGHTBIAN in the mix.

Another HUGE difference between Lesbian adults and Women is the BIOLOGICAL urge to procreate and the BIOLOGICAL changes that occur from giving birth. While there is clearly some sociological pressure for (hetero) females to procreate, the gist comes from heterosexual female brain functions. Obviously something evolutionary in order to propagate the species. Whatever it is that triggers that base need/desire among straight female brains, clearly does not exist in Lesbian brains. In the same token, that biological urge to bear children in most straight Women, doesnt come with a guarantee for maternal instincts. There was a minute in the 90's when Lesbians seemed to be popping out babies like puppies, but looking back with a discerning eye, what we actually find were STRAIGHTBIAN couples claiming to be Lesbians or a STRAIGHTBIAN coupled with a Dyke giving birth, not Lesbians themselves. There are clearly more Lesbian pet parents than there are Lesbian people parents, thats not to say that we dislike children, it is to say birthing/raising children isnt a BIOLOGICAL need/desire of Lesbians. And in fact when we do choose to parent either by our loins or adoption, we usually make BETTER parents than heterosexuals.

Some basic core changes that begin in puberty and stay consistent in Women:
  • The biological obsessive compulsion for Males. What are males doing? What are males thinking? What do males think about me? Does he like me? Does he like her? Can I change him? Will he marry me? Why wont he like me? Does he like my body? Even in Women that claim to be "man haters" or "radfems" it is rare to find a time they are not engaged in some sort of interaction with and/or rumination about males
  • Planning their wedding-enough said!
  • Being a mother-see above. 
  • Competing with/undermining/judging and actively criticizing other Girls/Women.
  • Social climbing seems to begin early for heterosexual females. Whether they desire the best trailer in the park or the costliest palace, money/possessions factor heavily in ALL straight female relationships.  
  • Appearance is like real estate to teen Girls/Women-Appearance Appearance Appearance!
  • A seemingly pathological dissatisfaction with everything! And an equally pathological need to bitch, gripe, moan and complain about it. Male brains have an interesting compatible ability to mostly tune this behaviour from heterosexual females out. Dykes who have partnered with Women, can tune it out to a lesser degree than males. All in all, Teen Girls and Women are never truly happy. 
Some basic core changes that begin in puberty and stay consistent in Lesbians:
  • Lesbians whether partnered or single do not lose who we are in effort to center the universe around our love life or any single part of our life for that matter. As wonderful as being in love feels, Lesbians do not change our personalities to fit someone else's, nor do we scheme to change our love interest's personality/behaviour.
  • Lesbians also do not lose focus on our interests/passions/talents over another Lesbian. In fact in most Lesbian adult relationships, Lesbians heavily support our lover's/wife's interests/passions/talents etc. 
  • Lesbian adults are not driven by childhood fairy tales to create the perfect wedding day! Lesbians are more invested in the relationship than the day it is legally official! 
  • Lesbians in the majority are not social climbers, we do not base our relationships on what job our lover has, the money she makes or doesnt make, where she buys her clothes or who her parents are. Its no coincidence than Lesbians are often listed by heterosexuals as being blue collar. Regardless of whether we are or arent working class, we function on purpose rather than perception. Frankly, we dont give a fuck. 
  • Lesbians also fail to be as impressed or impressed at all with wealth/possessions. An area we vastly differ from both heterosexual Women and Men.
  • Lesbians, regardless of the situation tend to be much more even-keeled temperamentally/emotionally than Girls/Women. Historically it is straight female's (seeming) over emotionalism (think hysteria) that caught the attention of early psychiatrists/psychologists since its inception. And lets be honest, from the point of view of a straight male brain whose emotions with the exception of anger/sex are drastically dulled by testosterone, the straight female brained human must seem like a raving hyena! The only thing that caught the attention of  psychiatrists/psychologists (past/present and future) by Lesbians is our romantic interests. Although presently, all psych tests are heterosexually biased and if a Lesbian child/Teen is tested and her test is measured under Girl, she will score as abnormal. If scored as male, she scores in the normal range. 
  • The discomfort Lesbian youths often feel being labeled in the category Girl persists into Lesbian adulthood with the heterosexual adult female category Woman. Some of us learn to exist past/beyond the Woman category once mature and some are never able to and instead try to ease their discomfort by transitioning. Regardless of where the Lesbian is with being improperly categorized as Woman, we are NEVER at home with the heterosexual term Woman
Like the heterosexual category Girl, Woman also presents a barrage of issues for Lesbians. Woman fails to adequately differentiate between Lesbian adult thought processes, emotions and behaviours from heterosexual Woman, it also fails to distinguish our night and day sexual orientation from Women. Lesbian adults are NOT Women and there is no need for Lesbians to pretend any longer that we are Women. The Femmiest of Lesbians cringe when being called a Woman, Woman is an UNFIT category for Lesbians, rather than the heterosexual assumption that Dykes make UNFIT Women! Lesbians are not Heterosexual, therefore Lesbians are NOT Women period, case closed, stick a fork in her ass, she's done...Lesbians have left the building!



  1. I am a lesbian woman in a relationship who wants to have a baby and feels the urge to procreate. So are you saying I am not a lesbian?

    1. Admitting the truth is the first step toward healing.


    2. What you are saying makes no sense, plenty of lesbians want to have families, this includes my butch girlfriend who wants to have a baby with me. So....Wanting to have a family has little to nothing to do with sexuality. I would assume some lesbians are within the category you speak of but not all. You cannot define my sexuality for me, and I know in my heart I only have an attraction to women. So this will be the last comment from me, good luck on your own journey.

    3. It is not within the frame work of the Butch brain to EVER desire giving birth nor is it a biological imperative for Lesbians. Hetero society and personality (Lesbians can be maternal) may influence wanting a child, but clearly this post is about something else altogether.


  2. If you read French, take a look at this: http://www.tonpetitlook.com/fr/2015/11/15/pourquoi-je-ne-suis-pas-une-femme

  3. So have one. Who's stopping you? Sperm is cheap, free if you go down the dockside. I'm not sure the "urge to procreate" is the best motivation, but no doubt you place greater faith in your family's genes than I ever did in mine.

    I'm not a biological parent, but I love my stepson, and could still happily "eat him with a spoon", though he's 22 now and bigger than me, and don't ever tell him I said that.

    Kids are OK, I (cautiously) recommend them.

  4. I am confused. Are you saying there are 3 genders then? Men, women, and lesbians? Are "Fags" a separate entity too?

    This is biological, you are falling into the same thought process "they" are. Calm down.

  5. I find it comical that anyone would think butches are inclined to reproduce. Shouldn't dysphoria, so common in butches, and pseudo-dysphoria in people that *think* they're butch, make that a huge no-no? My experiences with dysphoria made the thought and sight of pregnancy horrifying. This is straightbian-ism for sure.

  6. Thank you for this, Dirt.

    Looking back, I wasted too much time trying to appease the 'lesbian' scene in Los Angeles when I now understand that virtually NONE of these women are true lesbians, but instead snotty, social climbing straightbians. What hell they put me through.

    Being working class and coming from a poor, mixed race background left me friendless and humiliated. Evidently, it was a very grave sin to not be a wealthy, opportunistic and shallow golddigger. My values were never reflected in their social hierarchy, and theirs in mine.

    Almost every woman that shunned me in that world had been married to a man ( and financially benefitted from divorce), sought out partners that came from money, and openly bragged about their material possessions.

    I did not understand how a real 'lesbian' would ever marry a man, let alone discover she was gay in her twenties or thirties.

    Many of these women were somehow affiliated with the vile magazine On Our Backs, either as models or hangers-on. Usually, heavy cocaine use was prominent in these circles as was bulimia/anorexia. Heavy tattooing and/or piercing is rampant.

    Thank you for clarifying this issue, Dirt.

    1. Thank you for the comment Anon. STRAIGHTBIANS have been at the helm of Lesbian representation for FAR too long. Those days are soon over!


  7. I confess that puberty for straight women can be a hurricane of hormones and toxic heterosexuality, but saying that we are hyenas, gold-diggers or hysterical beings is too much. Sorry, but men, specially straight men, are less rational than an average woman and putting them as a measure is a mistake. I'm surrounded by them, I have being in relationships with them and I know this fact first-handed. Straight women are raised in a different way. We are raised to center men in our lives and needs, to see us like they see us -don't do that or boys won't be your friends; don't say that or boys won't respect you; understand them and don't hurt their feelings; with this shitty personality of yours, no man will love you, men have needs, etc-, to apologize every shit they do to us and finally, to think like them. I don't believe we, as straight, are the worst of the worst, sorry.

    1. Straight female brains function differently, period.

      Lesbians are raised in the very same families, the very same societies as straight females, yet we process COMPLETELY differently.

      And for that matter, we can say the same of males (gay or straight), and whereby in nearly every family in the entire world, straight females are the PRIMARY caretakers of ALL children. And yet, here we are. So based on YOUR own notions of social construction, straight women are to blame for all the things you despise about men/society. Hmmm interesting.


  8. I didn't understand this back in February. But rereading this, and the experiences I've had w het women since then, has me agreeing with you.

    Spot on. I am certainly not a man, but non-lesbians are wholly different from me, mentally, emotionally, socially...

    Rock on Dirt!

  9. so you don't believe there are straight women who simply don't play the social ladder climbing game?

    admittedly I do strive for something like success in life, but i don't understand your emphasis of shallow superficiality of heterosexual social interactions... a lot of your so-called "Straightbians" are straightbians because they try to escape the heterosexual game...

    admittedly there are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with that, but I would say, just like some people try to lose weight and not give in to our evolutionary urge to stuff our bodies with tons of sugar and fat that in our society is too abundant for our own good, so do many people try to abstain from a bitchy hen-picking game and just get on with their own lives.

    i believe there are people who choose healthy ways of dealing with who and what they are

    1. Straightbians/Lesbians (damaged Hets females) cannot deal with things in a healthy manner BECAUSE they are damaged. They instead, with Het privilege, write/dick(tate) lesbian with no care or regard for the voices/experiences of Homosexual females.



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